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Didi’s Magic Keys, a play in Hebrew, to be performed December 10 at SDJA

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SAN DIEGO (Press Release)--Didi’s Magic Keys, a play for children ages 3-8, tells an engaging story while teaching valuable lessons about creative problem solving.  The performance has been touring the United States this year with stops on the East Coast in New Jersey and Chicago, moving on to Las Vegas and landing in California for December performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. The latter performance to be conducted in Hebrew will be at 5:30 p.m.Thursday, December 10, in the Ulam at San Diego Jewish Academy.
This is an ideal way for children who are learning Hebrew to use and enjoy their Hebrew skills outside of the classroom.  The performance is co-sponsored by the Tarbuton, Kef Li San Diego, the Israeli Consulate’s Israel House in San Francisco and San Diego Jewish Academy.

Didi’s Magic Keys is the story of a young boy who wants his mothers’ attention and gets very angry when she’s too busy to play with him. The impatient Didi embarks on an exciting journey to Magic Land with his friends, Giraffe and Jackal where he meets a variety of colorful characters who pile obstacles in his way. With the help of his friends, Didi learns the language of the heart.

Didi’s Magic Keys is a unique children’s story based on a creative problems solving approach called Non Violent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg. This form of communication is also called “giraffe language” or “heart language”. It is represented by a giraffe because of it’s big heart, which is bigger than any other animal, and it’s long neck which enables him to see the big picture.  Didi’s Magic Keys teaches young children effective, honest emphatic communication skills, dealing with emotions and difficult/’negative’ situations.  Some of the situations covered in the book include: patience, accepting ‘no’ for an answer, following rules, caring about someone else’s pain.

The Didi’s Magic Keys book was published in Israel in 2002 and has sold 15,000 copies since. It was produced as a children’s DVD in 2004 and sold over 30,000 copies. Didi’s Magic Keys is also produced as a musical play and has performed 700 times a year since 2005.  For more information: http://s-giraffe.co.il/content/didis-magic-kyes

Tickets for the performance of Didi’s Magic Keys in San Diego can be purchased for $10 on the Tarbuton web site in advance.  http://www.tarbuton.org Email receipts serve as e-tickets and should be printed and brought for admission at the door.  San Diego Jewish Academy students can obtain discounted tickets from Teshy Wellman in the lower school office.  The performance is on December 10, 2009 at 5:30 pm in the Ulam in the Jewish Academy.

Preceding provided by Jennie Starr of The Tarbuton

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