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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, February 19, 1954, Part III

Compiled by Gail Umeham

San Diegans To Hear Dr. Philip L. Seman March 3
Southwestern Jewish Press February 19, 1954 Page 6

San Diego will have the privilege of hearing Dr. Philip L. Seman, who will speak on “300 Years of American Jewish Life” at the Jewish Community Center—3227 El Cajon Blvd., Wednesday evening, March 3rd—8:00 p.m.

Dr. Seman, now residing in Los Angeles, is an outstanding authority on Jewish Life in the United States and especially, Jewish Social Service.

In addition to the many articles regularly contributed to the Anglo Jewish Press, he has written for the following magazines:  Recreation, Religious Education, National Jewish Monthly, American Hebrew, and is at present Associate Editor of Youth Leader Digest.

His varied activities include past vice president of the National Conference of Social Work; past president, National Conference of Jewish Social Service; member of the White House Conference on Child Health and Protection.  At present he is vice-president of B’nai B’rith Hillel Commission; honorary president of the Chicago Recreation Commission; on the Board of Governors of the West Coast University of Judaism; and chairman of the Audio-Visual Dept of the Los Angeles Bureau of Jewish Education.  Dr. Seman has made a notable contribution in the development of the American Jewish Community during his more than 50 years of service and San Diego will be honored with his appearance.


T.F.I. Men’s Club Party Huge success
Southwestern Jewish Press February 19, 1954 Page 6

The hard times mask party and social given by the Tifereth Israel Men’s club Saturday, Feb. 13th, was well attended and greatly enjoyed by all who braved the weather.

The committee in charge composed of Si Rich, Moe Hershey, Zel Greenberg, Ben Levinson, Les Tokars, Al Young, Herman Tolchinsky, Arnold Goldstein , Barney Korey, Len Jacobs, Ray Toole, Joe Gibson, Rudy Hess, Dave Jacobs, Lew Richards, (Doc) Phomin, John Lobenstein, Bob Cheron, Sam Brenes, Mac Lichter, Jerry Weissman, Max Zemen, Joe Kader, Joe Spatz, Vic Weiss and Ben Mash, did an outstanding job in serving and entertaining the fine crowd.  One of the highlights of the evening was the side show that Bob (Bozo) Cheron put on.


Advertising—Its Role (Editorial)
 San Diego Jewish Press Feb 19, 1954, page 7

Advertising is the magic ingredient of the American way of life—the spark which keeps the U.S. standard of living the highest in the world.

This is the theme of Advertising Recognition Week which will be observed throughout the nation through Saturday to focus attention on the important part advertising plays in stimulating American business.

Advertising saves money.  Because it sells on a mass scale, advertising makes possible mass production, which means lower costs.  Advertising helps you live better; it introduces you to new products and because it makes business more competitive, it stimulates the development of many of these superior products.

Advertising creates jobs.  The increased demand for goods that advertising builds, and the mass production that results, leads to mass employment, faster promotions, higher pay levels.

Advertising helps the farmer sell his crops; the manufacturer sell his factory output, the merchant sell his wares, the technician sell his skill.  And because, with advertising, all these people sell more, each can afford to see his goods or services to you for less and still make a reasonable profit.

Advertising helps to keep the Jewish press a strong, vital force in the community.  Without the support of the business men through advertising a free press is impossible.

A Breath of Fresh Air (Editorial)

The visit of Mr. Philip Klutznick to San Diego should interest more than the relatively few people who heard him speak last week.  As head of the B’nai B’rith, he is in a position to speak with authority on many problems facing the Jewish Community in American.  His position has enable him to get on the inside of important conferences and express his opinion.

Fortunately for us, he is a temperate and thoughtful man who weighs his judgments seriously.  Mr. Klutznick is also a “positive Jew” and represents the young element in Jewry who have swung to Zionism in such large numbers in the past two decades.  He sees support of the state of Israel as a duty for all Jews as Americans.

His statement on the N.C.R.A.C. indicated that the A.D.L. and the American Jewish Committee have no intention of getting together.  This was a disappointment.  Our guess is that vested interests are too strongly entrenched and the two years spent on the McIver report were wasted.

He also took the occasion to denounce the American Council for Judaism in bitter terms but conceded that they had a right to their opinion.  This may come as a surprise to some in our community but several people here have been toying with the idea of forming such a group.

He also indicated that he found the Anglo-Jewish Press across the country in a deplorable state because of lack of community support.  The Jewish Press has not been able to keep the community informed as to the important issues because of financial restrictions.  (Many Jewish business men DO advertise and support the Jewish Press here but a great many do not.  VERY FEW could not spend some advertising money with the Jewish Press and thereby help make it a vital and informative organ n the community.)

Mr. Klutznick’s visit here, although very brief, was a breath of fresh air.  We hope that he will come back again soon and stay longer.

Community Currents

Southwestern Jewish Press February 19, 1954 Page 7

By Albert Hutler, Exec. Director United Jewish Fund

Philip Klutznick, Supreme Lodge President of the B’nai B’rith made a marvelous impression on our Jewish community leadership when he was here to address the leaders of our local B’nai B’rith.  He proved himself to be not only a fine American, but a great Jew.    There can be no doubt in the minds of anyone fortunate enough to attend the luncheon in his honor that he has brought a new, dynamic young leadership to national B’nai B’rith.  He showed a fine interest in many things including the question of immigration and I anticipate, from his questioning about the effects of the McCarren-Walters Bill in San Diego, that B’nai B’rith will take some leadership in the fight against discriminatory immigration laws.

Who’s Changed
Myron Fagan, the frustrated playwright, author and Hollywood script writer, was back in town after a three years lapse.  He spoke under mysterious auspices at a meeting chaired by a Mrs. Jo Poland at the Vasa clubhouse last Sunday.  He mouthed the usual tripe in his talk on Communism over Hollywood.

Three years ago, in December of 1950, when he spoke before less than a hundred people at Russ Auditorium, none of the newspapers in San Diego would give him one word of publicity on the grounds that he was a crackpot, a member of the lunatic fringe, and that when he said amounted to nothing.  This time, one of the newspapers continued that policy but another of our newspapers gave him several thousand dollars worth of publicity in a personal interview which was published on the first page of the second section.  This leads one to wonder whether Fagan has changed his stripes in a period of three years so that he now has become a reputable enough person to be given the kind of publicity he was given, or whether the newspaper has changed its stripes so that it is willing to publish an interview with a Fagan or a Gerald K. Smith or a Wesley Swift?

Center Advances
The Jewish Community Center program has been continually advancing and making excellent progress.  There is no question in the minds of many people in San Diego that the need is there, and that the need for a building that can well represent the Jewish community of San Diego will be met within the next year or two at the very most.  If you go to the Center on Thursday evenings, you will find 50 to 60 college and high school students participating in all kinds of activities under decent supervision.  If you go there three mornings a week, you’ll see one of the best cooperative nurseries in San Diego in operation.  On Wednesday nights, you’ll find a discussion group gathered there to discuss a topic of interest to Jewish people.  Once a month, you’ll find an excellent concert and forum series.  If you live out in Point Loma, you’ll find a program for your children being run on Fridays as an extension of the Community Center.  The Center is not a static program.  It is continually moving and, under the excellent program direction of Sidney Posin, is doing a fine job and gaining tremendous respect in the community.

Equipment for the Center has been added through the generosity of several San Dïegans.  The Center now has a pool table for the use of its membership.

1954 Campaign
Well, the time is with us when the Combined Jewish Appeal begins asking for help for over 42 overseas, Israel, national and local organizations.  You can help the leadership of the campaign by making your contribution when you are called upon and not making the worker come back two or three times.

Periods of crises for Israel are no longer with us—crises in Israel have become the normal thing.  Our Jewish community has made up its mind that besides taking care of its own needs, it is going to help the United Jewish Appeal in every way possible—through purchasing bonds of the Israel government; and through participation in the $75,000,000 loan project of the United Jewish Appeal.  These are the things we must do—these are the things we will do.

Jewish Center News
Southwestern Jewish Press February 19, 1954 Page 7

Bob Dougherty will call the square dances at the Center Hospitality Night to be held Sunday, February 28th, 8:30 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center, 3227 El Cajon Blvd.  For an evening of fun and an opportunity to meet old and new friends—all are welcome to attend.  Refreshments will be served.

All juniors and their parents are invited to attend a special Purim Party to be held at the Jewish Community Center on Wednesday afternoon, Mar. 17th, 4 p.m.  The afternoon Arts and Crafts groups will present a puppet play and the Creative and Ballet Dance groups will perform.  Refreshments will be served to complete an afternoon of fun and enjoyment.

Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a daily feature until we run out of history.

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