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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, March 8, 1954, Part I

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By Gail Umeham

Mayor Butler To Speak March 8
Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 1

Mayor John Butler will be the speaker at the Lasker Lodge meeting Monday, March 8.  The mayor will discuss some of the problems facing San Diego which will be of interest to all members of the community.  Members are urged to attend as a question and answer period will follow his talk.

Harry Zall has been appointed chairman for the forthcoming Father and Child Night to be held on March 23.

S.D. Borrows $75,000—Its Share of UJA Loan
Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 1

San Diego’s Jewish community joined 160 others throughout the United States in helping to provide a $75,000,000 loan to the State of Israel, according Harry Snyder, treasurer of the United Jewish Fund.

In making the announcement, Mr. Snyder said, “Israel has a pressing problem in meeting immediate foreign exchange debts.  This situation has arisen because despite generous giving to the United Jewish Appeal campaigns in the past five years, the cost for absorbing nearly 700,000 immigrants by far exceeded our gift dollars.”

“Because we realize the serious situation involved and the fact that with this loan, Israel may well be on the way to self-sufficiency,” Snyder continued, “our committee decided to participate in this funding project.”

Known as the “Funding Project of the United Jewish Appeal,” the plan was proposed by the UJA to help meet Israel’s financial crisis by normalizing the payment of obligations of Israel over a period of five years.  United Jewish Appeal has guaranteed repayment of the loan over the same period of time.

After a great deal of investigation and discussion in which Mr. Leo Gallin, formerly director of the Jewish Welfare Fund of Los Angeles and now the director of the Funding Project for the UJA, was present and told the need, the board of the United Jewish Fund agreed to borrow $75,000 as its share of the $75,000,000 loan.

San Diego again joins with other communities to help meet a crisis which can only be alleviated through contributions to the United Jewish Fund in 1954.


Helen Schulman Heads Woman’s Division For United Jewish Fund Drive
Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 1

Organization of the 1954 campaign is now well under way following the selection of Mrs. Victor Schulman as Women’s Division Chairman of this year’s Combined Jewish Appeal.

Scheduled for the months of April and May, the annual drive for Jewish needs locally, nationally and overseas will seek to raise a minimum of 20% more than last year’s campaign, according to Louis Moorsteen, president of the Fund.

Mrs. Schulman will be assisted by co-chairmen, Mrs. Leo Beck, Mrs. Harry Wax, Mrs. Harry Felson, Mrs. Abe Bard; Mrs. William Carter will be in charge of Young Matrons Section of Women’s Division; Mrs. Morton Thaler in charge of Publicity and Entertainment.

Selected as the outstanding volunteer of the year in the Jewish community for 1953, Mrs. Schulman has been extremely active in Women’s Division work for many years.  A former Women’s Division co-chairman, she has done a magnificent job of organization in every campaign in which she has participated.

Her vice-chairmen are women who have been active in almost every women’s Jewish organization in San Diego.  They have received their training not only in fund activities but in such organizations as Hadassah, Sisterhoods, B’nai B’rith, National Council of Jewish Women and the various women’s Zionist organizations in our community.

“Though our Combined Jewish Appeal,” Mrs. Schulman said, “includes an appeal for over 42 causes and agencies, all of them depending upon our support and assistance, the cause of Israel is of paramount importance in our campaign.  There are definite indications that Israel is on the road to economic stability and self-sufficiency but the problem of providing for emergency needs of the newcomers and strengthening the gains achieved in the past five years, is a most acute one.”

“I know that the women of San Diego will once again respond with outpouring generosity so that we may all speed the day of complete rehabilitation of the immigrants in Israel and strengthen her economic position as well as do the very best that we possibly can for the national health and welfare, religious, educational, cultural, community service and community relations agencies and the agencies which do so much good in our own community,” Mrs. Schulman concluded.


Betrothal Announced (Weitzman-Segal)
Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 2

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Weitzman announce the engagement of their daughter, Esther, to Andrew Segal, son of Mrs. Helen Segel and of Morris Segal, both of New York City.

Miss Weitzman, well known for her community activities, is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles and a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, a music fraternity.  She is teaching in the Santee School.

Mr. Segal is a graduate of the City College of New York City and a member of Pi Tau Sigma, national honorary mechanical fraternity and of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

The wedding is planned for July and the young couple plan to make their home in San Diego.

Betrothal Told (Leson-Haimsohn)
Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 2

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schwam announce the betrothal of their niece, Shirley Leson, to Edward Haimsohn, son of Mrs. Herman Haimsohn.

Miss Leson attended San Diego State College and Mr. Haimsohn calls the University of Southern California “alma mater.”  While there he was affiliated with Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

The young people plan to make San Diego their home after their marriage April 4.


Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 2

The Islands Call
Mrs. Roberts Downing Hudson, Jr. (Sandra Cole) of Albuquerque, visited here with her mother, Mrs. Lee Cole, prior to their departure for San Francisco on Feb. 23.

Sandra and Lee spent time with relatives and friends in S.F. until Lee sailed for Hawaii on the Lurline on March 3.  Her Headquarters during her stay on the Islands will be the Moana Hotel.  Sandra will wait for her mother in San Francisco and both will return to San Diego about March 25 where they will be joined by Mr. Hudson, on leave from the Air Force.

Visiting with the Harry Wax’s is Uncle Max Wax of Brooklyn, who belies his 78 years by doing a lot of traveling.

“Home From The Wars”
Welcome home to Stuart Ferer, out of uniform and back from Germany.  Parents,
Dave and Essie, and sister, Joyce Gerelick are overjoyed at having him back.

Popular Bride
Shirley Leson was the recipient of good wishes and bridal linens on March 3 when Mrs. Louis Weiss and Mrs. George Solomon entertained in her honor.  About twenty-five guests are expected to attend the linen shower to be held at Valle’s.

On March 27 the groom-to-be’s sister, Mrs. Herbert Haimsohn, has planned a dinner party in her home for Shirley and Edward Haimsohn.

We know that the many friends of Mrs. Harry Goodwin will enjoy the letter we received from her from “down under” so we are sharing part of it:

Auckland, N.Z.
Feb. 25, 1954

Dear Mac and Julia,

“This house appears quite similar to our own, inasmuch as it is equipped with electric stove, refrigerator, mixer, toaster, vacuum cleaner, floor waxer, and many other gadgets.

“Their gardens look much as ours do; almost everyone has several varieties of fruits and vegetables growing in them.

“I visited the glow worm caves, considered to be one of the world’s wonders.  The roof of the cave is illuminated by clusters of luminous green glow worms—a fascinating sight.

“The Queen had visited them about two weeks prior to my visit and everything looked spruce and bright.

“The summer has been a hot and dry one resulting in a critical water shortage.  So, you see, I am reminded of San Diego in more ways than one.

Raida K. Goodwin


Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 2

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Baillif and 20 month old Judy Gale are proud to welcome a son and brother, Daniel Peter, born February 25.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Walther Freund and Mr. and Mrs. V. Bailiff, all of San Diego.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Leonard announce the birth of their first child, a daughter, Linda Jo, born March 2, weighing 6lbs., 7oz.  Mr. Leonard is an electrical engineer at Convair.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Leonard of San Diego; and Milo E. Ray of Phoenix.  The young lady is also blessed with great-grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Adler, of Phoenix.

Spring Brings Styles To T.I. Sisterhood
Southwestern Jewish Press March 5, 1954 Page 2

“Springtime Cameo” has been chosen for the theme of Tifereth Israel Sisterhood’s luncheon meeting and Fashion Show, on Tuesday, March 9, at 12:00 noon, at the Tifereth Israel Center.

Mollie Morse, well known in San Diego, will be the commentator.  Mrs. Edward Binder, program chairman, announces the following who will serve as models:  Miss Dorothy Mae Hess; Mesdames Irving Dear, Ida Lipinsky, Manny Hafner, Henry Raymor, Sanford Sack, Harold Lehrer, David Shapiro, and Max Zemen.  Musical accompaniment will be by Betty Blanc.  Door prizes are being donated.

Mrs. Abe Ratner, captain, and Mrs. Milo Berenson, co-captain, extend a cordial invitation for all to attend, and see the latest in spring fashion.  For reservations please call Mrs. Abe Ratner, AT-4-5538, Mrs. Henry Price, AT-2-5505, or office, AT-1-5529.

“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a daily feature until we run out of history.

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