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B’nei Akiva promotes worldwide reunion for Pesach

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JERUSALEM (Press Release)–As one of the world’s largest religious Zionist organizations with an alumni base numbering in the hundreds of thousands, Bnei Akiva is renowned for its ongoing work on behalf of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. 

In advance of the upcoming Pesach, World Bnei Akiva is inviting the participation of its alumni to join in a historic holiday gathering in Jerusalem in conjunction with Eddie’s Travel, an Israel-based full-service travel provider (www.koshertravelers.com).  While the largest concentration of Bnei Akiva alumni are found in Israel, those who grew up within the organization can be found in countries all over the globe.

“Bnei Akiva is a life-long experience and even while people might stop attending events, one never really graduates from the Bnei Akiva experience,” said  Zeev Schwartz, Director General of World Bnei Akiva.  “This Pesach, we invite everyone who has been a part of Bnei Akiva to come back to Jerusalem and be reminded of the tremendous experiences that define what we’re all about.”

“As someone who grew up with this organization and appreciating how the fact that I made aliya is in large part due to my Bnei Akiva experiences, I am deeply committed to make this an unforgettable holiday for everyone who chooses to spend Pesach with us,” said David Walles, President of Eddie’s Travel.

Based out of the Ramat Rachel Hotel in Jerusalem, the program includes numerous day trips and activities designed both for adults and children.  The partnership between World Bnei Akiva and Eddie’s Travel provides that a portion of the costs for the program will go directly towards supporting the continued work of the organization.  “This is the best of both worlds,” said Walles. “Families will be able to enjoy a luxurious Pesach in Jerusalem amongst friends and the international Bnei Akiva community but also support the work of this incredible organization.”

Preceding provided by World Bnei Akiva

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