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Shaare Zedek medical team in Haiti

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JERUSALEM (Press Release)– Shaare Zedek Medical Center announced that four of its senior medical personnel have been dispatched to Haiti as part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s search and rescue mission to the earthquake ravaged region. 

Dr. Ofer Merin, recently named Deputy Director General at Shaare Zedek and Director of the hospital’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Program, has been charged with directing surgical activities in the Israeli field hospital in Port-au-Prince.  Dr. Merin is a Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF’s Medical Corps where he runs field hospital operations.  He is being accompanied by Gali Weiss, Head of Nursing Services at Shaare Zedek and a former career officer in the IDF’s Homefront Command who will also be involved with directing nursing activities in the field hospital.

In addition, Dr. Doron Goldberg, a senior Physician in the Wilf Woman and Infant Center and an accomplished OBGYN will be involved with rescue operations in his field.  Dr. Ehud Lebel, Director of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery will similarly be responding to the desperate need for experts in pediatrics.

Shaare Zedek Director General Professor Jonathan Halevy saluted the four saying, “This tragic disaster requires a massive response from people all over the world and we are proud that our doctors and nurses will be among those able to help the people of Haiti,” he said. 

Dr. Merin is charged with designing all emergency preparedness protocols for the hospital.  A highly accomplished and nationally recognized trauma surgeon, he is also responsible for running Shaare Zedek’s Trauma Unit.  As Jerusalem’s most centrally located major hospital, Shaare Zedek plays an integral role in the area’s emergency management and regularly drills for a wide variety of potential disasters. 

The hospital has recently launched a major project to develop the Dr. Jack Matloff Family Disaster and Emergency Response Center.  This ambitious project will create a comprehensive emergency preparedness and disaster management center.  It is designed to act both as an urgent care facility for mass casualty incidents, conventional, chemical and biological and an educational resource for medical professionals and first aid responders to train them in optimal approaches for emergency preparedness.

“The fact that our senior medical professionals have been chosen for this mission in Haiti is an important indicator of the central role played by Shaare Zedek in the realm of emergency management.” Professor Halevy said. “We wish them all the greatest of success in this mission and look forward to their safe return as soon as possible.”

Preceding provided by Shaare Zadek Medical Center

  1. January 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    In addition to Samantha’s points, there is no credible evidence (i.e., other than Hamas propaganda, which is as reliable as a comic book) that anyone died due to security checks, or even that ambulances were *unnecessarily* delayed. The IDF operated with the same (i.e., splendid) efficiency as it has in Haiti, which is not surprising since it is the same people. It amazes me that many decent and otherwise thoughtful people accept Hamas propaganda as fact, even though Hamas has shown time and again that it has zero concern for truth. (Ditto the PLO, which, as you may recall, equated the tiny operation in Jenin, in which about 50 people on all sides died, to Stalingrad, calling it Jeningrad.) The worship of any thug who fraudulently cloaks himself in a flag of National Liberation – no matter how hypocritical – introduced to the world by my generation (’60s) has terribly distorted people’s ability to think. (As Mr. Brecht said, about another time, if only people could use their ears, they would know who does what and to whom.)

  2. January 22, 2010 at 10:15 am

    That “Israel delayed allowing ambulances to help the victims in Gaza during the Israeli attacks of December 2008; as a result many of these victims died or ended up with more serious injuries” is an unfounded allegation, or, to call things by their names, a patent lie.

    True is that Palestinian terrorists have been using ambulances to transport arms and explosives, to hide and be transported themselves, to launch terror attacks against Israel’s civilians.

    This is not a recent phenomenon. For example, the first female suicide bomber, Wafa Idris, who, armed with more than 10 kilos of explosives, killed one person and wounded over 150 on Jan. 27, 2002 in Jerusalem, was an ambulance driver, and left the West Bank by way of an ambulance. And this was not an isolated case.

    This is why Israel has to check ambulances.

    During the last IDF operation in Gaza, Hamas kept using medical facilities, ambulances AND HOSPITALS, for their terror attacks.

    I suggest that you read two news report from January 2009:
    — “Così i ragazzini di Hamas ci hanno utilizzato come bersagli,” Corriere della Sera, at http://snipurl.com/u5qnv
    — “Hamas tried to hijack ambulances during Gaza war,” The Sydney Morning Herald, at http://snipurl.com/u5qo5

    You might also want to check Camera’s rebuttal of the Goldstone Report at http://snipurl.com/u5qow

  3. Roma Levy
    January 22, 2010 at 12:15 am

    Carol, I don’t know why Israel delayed sending in ambulances, IF that is really the truth. Perhaps it had something to do with security. That not withstanding, if the Palestinians hadn’t been barraging Israeli civilian areas with rockets for years, breaking an agreed upon cease fire, then Israel wouldn’t have had to go into Gaza to protect her citizens. Sorry — I have a hard time seeing the Palestinians as victims when they’re the ones who refuse to negotiate, and they’re the ones who continuously break agreements. Oh, and by the way, I don’t see any arab countries coming to the aid of Haiti. I think that speaks volumes about the value Islam puts on human life.

  4. carol ann goldstein
    January 20, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    The article says
    “Shaare Zedek Medical Center announced that four of its senior medical personnel have been dispatched to Haiti as part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s search and rescue mission to the earthquake ravaged region.”

    I think it is wonderful that Israel is doing so much to help Haiti. I have to ask why Israel delayed allowing ambulances to help the victims in Gaza during the Israeli attacks of December 2008; as a result many of these victims died or ended up with more serious injuries.

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