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San Diego Jewish World headlines~January 24, 2010

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Middle East
Israel/ Palestinian Territories

Has U.S. eliminated Israel’s qualitative edge over possible Arab foes?

Hamas politician hints of possible change in attitude towards Israel

Greek deputy prime minister accuses Israel of practicing Nazi-style mass punishment

University of Haifa creates new hearing research center

Sleepless in Jerusalem over whether Israel is becoming as bad as any other nation … by Rabbi Dow Marmur in Jerusalem
The ominous quiet in the Middle East … by Rabbi Dow Marmur in Jerusalem

OECD mischaracterizes Israel’s economy … by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Arab World

Petraeus says references to biblical verses have no place on rifle scopes

Two Guantanamo detainees transferred to Algeria

United States of America

Tefillin use scares flight crew; plane makes emergency landing in Philadelphia

B’nai B’rith wants airline personnel to be educated about Jewish religious articles

Military drops charges in 9/11 cases to clear way for civilian prosecution

Cardin seeks review of reported plans to hold some Guantanamo detainees indefinitely

Hoekstra calls on Obama to rescind decision to close Guantanamo Bay prison

Napolitano, Europeans discuss airline safety upgrades

Congressman Bilirakis calls for increased U.S. visa screening overseas

ADL: Limbaugh should apologize to Jewish community for stereotyping

In first year, Obama’s promise eclipsed his performance … by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Sexual abuse of children in the Jewish community: difficult but important to face … by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego

Haiti Relief

SDJA collecting material donations for Haiti quake victims

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School Responds to Haiti Crisis

Haiti field hospital demonstrates Israel’s humanitarianism, technical skills … by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal in San Diego

Seattle-based Internet hate-monger spreads ‘organ harvesting’ rumor about Israel in Haiti

Renegade bishop questions Israel’s legitimacy

Muslim police say British anti-terror measures fan Islamophobia

Jewish leadership urges Britain to maintain ban on Muslim Council of Britain

Security guard at Auschwitz dismissed in aftermath of sign theft

Arrests made in Crete synagogue arson case

Muslim forms anti-Zionist party in Sweden


Debate over God’s authorship of the Torah also a debate over meaning in the world … by Rabbi Philip Graubart in La Jolla, California

The blessing that led to a fortune …. by Rabbi Baruch Lederman in San Diego

Looking at who wrote the Bible — from the scribes’ viewpoints … by Fred Reiss, Ed.D, in Winchester, California

San Diego County

Adventures in a Jewish pre-school … by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego

Letter to the Editor: Mikvaot in San Diego … from Nechama Eilfort in Carlsbad

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, March 19, 1954, Part II… Compiled by Gail Umeham
–Jolly Sixteen Sponsors Purim Dinner And Dance For Military
–Local Council Joins Nat’l Advisory Group
–Simon Takes Lead In Oceanside Campaign
–Jews Want To Be Jews (Editorial)
–Chaim Weitzman Branch, Poale Zion
–Cottage of Israel
— Histadrut Council

My Shtetele California: 19th Century proposal to make Baja California the Jewish homeland … Reprint of a 1971 story by Rabbi Will Kramer


Susan Denaker Hits NCR on a High Note (Kind of) … by Carol Davis in San Diego

Book Review: ‘Once Jews, Stories of Caribbean Sephardim’ … Review by Charlene Neely in La Mesa, California

I’m Still Here — Memoirs of Laura Simon, 104
–Blind Wife
–A Rat Is Not A Rose
–Crazy Hair
–Blind Support Group
–Eye Exercises
–The Alarm
–Hearing Secretary
–Indian Casino
–The Refund

Links to Jewish-interest storiesin other publications

European Jewish Congress: Jewish-Muslim understanding; making twins out of synagogues and mosques.

Herb Keinon in Jerusalem Post: Porous Sinai border presents threat

John Marelius in San Diego Union-Tribune: Poizner trailing Whitman in GOP gubernatorial polling

Greg Moran in San Diego Union-Tribune: Dumanis calls off boycott of judge

Hoa Quach on San Diego News Network: Shana Hazan, JFS development associate, named to SDNN’s ’35 under 35′ list

Barry Rubin on Rubin Reports: The decline of the Obama administration in Massachusetts and the Middle East

Jonathan Tobin in Commentary: Muslims attack Christians and the church blames the Jews

U.S. Department of State: Secretary Clinton and Yemen’s Foreign Minister Al-Qirbi tell of joint plans to fight terrorism


To dedicate an issue of San Diego Jewish World to a loved one, contact our advertising director, Nancy Harrison, at 619 265-0808.

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