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University of Haifa creates new hearing research center

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HAIFA (Press Release)–The University of Haifa has established the Hermina and Franio Steiner Hearing Research Foundation thanks to a NIS 350,000 (or $100,000) donation from Steiner Hearing Instruments Inc. The donation has enabled the –University of Haifa to purchase up-to-date audiological instruments and hearing aids that will assist in carrying out new research in the area.

Switzerland-based Phonak Hearing Systems, the largest and most advanced hearing aids company in the world, represented in Israel by Steiner, also participated in funding the donation, as did the Reuben and Edith Hecht Foundation.

The sense of hearing is the most complex of the human senses, and plays a central role in maintaining a respectable standard of living. Hearing rehabilitation is therefore of immeasurable importance and studies show that people with impaired hearing who are not rehabilitated do not manage to realize their full living potential, and over time they become socially reclusive, become more poorly and have a shorter life expectancy.

“Two years ago, we were approached by the University of Haifa to look into the possibility of establishing a foundation that would advance audiology research. Even though – and perhaps just because – the financial situation is difficult, it was important for us to assume this important undertaking. At a time when education budgets are being cut, especially in higher education, it is up to the business leaders in Israel to allocate the necessary resources that will ensure that this country will be able to continue being a world leader in research, whether in the field of audiology or in other fields,” said Eli Steiner, CEO of Steiner Hearing Instruments Inc.

“I am delighted with the close and fruitful cooperation with the Steiner family and with Steiner Hearing Instruments. It is very fitting that a company established in Haifa, which recently celebrated its 60th year of business in the city, is contributing to the establishment of a research foundation at the University of Haifa,” said Prof. Joseph Attias, Head of the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Haifa, who will head the new foundation.

Preceding provided by the University of Haifa

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