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Israel readies official response to Goldstone Report

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

JERUSALEM (WJC)–The Israeli government has reportedly completed its response to the controversial Goldstone report into its conduct during the Gaza war. The document is expected to be handed over to the United Nations later this week, the ‘Jerusalem Post’ reports, and is to include photographic evidence that contradicts the war crimes charges leveled against Israel.

Diaspora and Information Minister Yuli Edelstein told the Israeli news site’YNet’: “The Goldstone Report … and similar reports, are simply a type of anti-Semitism, adding: “The connection between the Goldstone Report and the international Holocaust memorial day is not an easy thing.”

The report, written by a UN panel headed by former South African Judge Richard Goldstone and published in September 2009, gave Israel six months to investigate alleged war crimes before turning the matter over to international courts. Some of the findings that reportedly refute the Goldstone report include evidence that the one Gaza flour mill was not deliberately attacked by Israel but hit by Hamas, the ‘New York Times’ reports. In addition, a sewage plant that was said to be deliberately targeted by Israel was hit mistakenly during an exchange of fire with Hamas fighters.

Israel’s response was put together by the National Security Council, the Justice Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the Israel Defense Forces prosecutor. Hamas is reportedly also working on a response.

Preceding provided by World Jewish Congress

  1. carol ann goldstein
    January 27, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Instead of complaining, Isreal should have agreed to investigate the allegations of the Goldstone report from the beginning. The images on television of the loss of life and property in Gaza need to be addressed. Israel complains of anti-semitism, but continues to treat Palestinians horribly.

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