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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, March 19, 1954, Part IV

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Compiled by Gail Umeham 

Desert Trip Planned By Zionist Group
Southwestern Jewish Press March 19, 1954 Page 6

The spring weather in the offing and the lovely spring flowers it will bring to the desert has led the Ben Zvi  Young  Adult Branch of the Labor Zionist Organization to plan a trip to the desert, Sunday, Mar. 28.  It will include stops along the way for those who are photography fans and a picnic lunch at the destination.  The picnic is open to anyone in the Young Adult category, married or single, and newcomers to San Diego will be very welcome.

For further information about the group, its meetings, its aims and to reserve a place on this trip to the desert, please call Maedelle Richlin, chairman, AT-4-3028 or Victor Weissman, Secretary, at CY-6-0583.


Sisterhood Tells A Secret Wed. Mar. 24
Southwestern Jewish Press March 19, 1954 Page 6

Everybody loves a secret, so come to Sisterhood’s “I’ve Got A Secret” luncheon, Wednesday, March 24th at 11:45.

You’ll hear some things you never knew before about Audrey Brooks, Sally Cohn, Sue Gruenberg, Julia Kaufman, Sylvia Solof, Bertha Starr, and Sidonia Stitzel.  The four clever panelists, Lee Douglas, Joan Jacobs, Roberta Silberman and Nan Schiller, with Sally (Gary Moore) Schissel as moderator, will match wits with the contestants and you will then know it all. 

It is no secret that the luncheon will be delicious.  Knowing that Francis Gordon and Jane Drexler are co-chairman and Min Cohen and Francis Cudney are captains for the day tells us that.

Lillian Novak, chairman of the nominating committee, will present their slate of officers and board members for the coming year.

Be sure to get in on the fun—make reservations early with Min Cohen, Hemlock 4-5530 or Francis Cudney, Hopkins 6-6622.


Yo-Ma-Cos Are Buying A Bus!
Southwestern Jewish Press March 19, 1954 Page 6

The Yo-Ma-Cos have undertaken to defray the cost of a buys used by the Jewish Community Center for the children’s summer camp.

A rummage sale will be held on May 5, 7, and 8, for this purpose.  Chairman Lean Solomon asks all members to cooperate by giving some rummage.  Anything useable is acceptable…clothes, furniture, odds and ends.  Start saving now.  Call AT-1-7744 or BE-3-1714 and your rummage will be picked up.

Lennie Pearl, chairman of the gold tournament, asks all participants to get their average cards in, as tournament takes place next month.

The bowling league dinner party is being held at Michael’s on March 21st.  Chairman Al Nadler says—get those reservations in at once.

Paul Miller announced that a bowling tournament will be held at Cedar Lanes on March 23rd.  Men’s and women’s teams will compete for prizes.  Yo-Ma-Co meetings are held every second and fourth Wednesday evening at Landis St. club room, Landis and Highland.


Beth Jacob Plans For Passover Seder
Southwestern Jewish Press March 19, 1954 Page 6

Make plans now for the traditional annual Passover Seder which will be held at Beth Jacob Center on Saturday, April 17, at 6:30 P.m.  Cost to members will be $3.50 per plate, $1.75 for children under 12.  Cost to non-members will be $5.00 per plate, $2.00 for children under 12.

Reservations must be made before April 9 at AT-2-2676 to insure everyone’s satisfaction at the dinner.  Accommodations are limited and no one can be seated unless reservations are made.

Servicemen will be guests of the Congregation.  Anyone can sponsor a serviceman by contacting Rabbi Stern or the office.


Queen Esther To Be Chosen By Pioneer Women Sunday
Southwestern Jewish Press March 19, 1954 Page 6

Pauline Gleason’s Orchestra will play for dancing at Pioneer Women’s 10th Annual Queen Esther Purim Ball on Sunday evening, March 21, at Beth Jacob Center from 8 to 12 p.m.  Mme. Goldie Kitaen, though it is not known, is a famous Parisian chef imported from France especially for this occasion!  The menu for the buffet style supper can only be described as delicious, delectable, delightful, desirable, and digestible!  Supper will be served from 6 p.m.

The gala Grand March of Candidates to choose “Queen Esther” will be led by Mrs. Ira Gordon, general chairman.  Two winners will be chosen, one for originality of costume and the other for beauty.  Judges for the contest will be Mr. Sidney Posin, Mrs. Mary Fay, and Mr. Edward Kitaen.  Candidate and their sponsoring organizations are:  Adele Cheron, City of Hope Juniors; Louise Gellman, Beth Jacob Youth League; Avia Moorsteen, Shoshana Pioneer Women; Irene Heller, New Life Club; Roberta Wyloge, B’nai B’rith Girls; Beverly Wasserman, Hadassah; Agatha Ehrenfried, City of Hope; Mrs. Lawrence Lassman, Birdie  Stodel B.B.; and Syril Press, Tifereth Israel Sisterhood.  Mrs. Florence Conway will be Mistress of Ceremonies.

Mrs. Philip Abrams, president of the organization, has chosen the following committee members:  Co-Chairman, Florence Barach; Publicity, Phyllis Weisenberg; Social, Mrs. A. Mazel, Elizabeth Meyer, Tillie Adams, Norma Schaffer, Rose Barber, and Mrs. Carl Bohrer; Tickets, Bessie Fink, Bertha Gaberman, Rose Domnitz, Florence Lebb, Lillie Gordon and Mrs. Rose Weitzman; Entertainment, Mrs. Rose Abrams, Pauline Press, Mrs. Dora Brisker, Bessie Gordon, and Mrs. B. Levine.


Eddie Cantor To Speak for Hadassah
Southwestern Jewish Press March 19, 1954 Page 6

Eddie Cantor will be the guest speaker at the Hadassah Regional Conference to be held at the Hotel del Coronado, May 9, according to Mrs. Morton Thaler and Mrs. Leonard Zlotoff, co-chairmen of the Donor Luncheon.  Mr. Cantor will receive the Henrietta Szold Award for his outstanding contribution to Youth Aliyah and Hadassah.  Mrs. Louis Steinman will serve as Conference Chairman.

On March 19 Hadassah will sponsor the Oneg Shabbat at the Tifereth Israel Synagogue at 8:00 p.m.  Mrs. Al Slayen is chairman and will be assisted by Mesdames Emil Wohl, Rudolph Hess, Ben Press, Wallace Hirsch, and Daniel Orlansky.

Mrs. Harry Felson has been proposed for the office of president of Hadassah for the 1954-55 term.  Elections will take place on April 21.


T. I. Men’s Club Host Servicemen At Seder
Southwestern Jewish Press March 19, 1954 Page 6

Donning chef’s aprons and caps, Moe Hershey and Zell Greenberg are heading a Tifereth Israel Men’s Club committee to prepare the 1954 Passover dinner at Tifereth Israel, Saturday evening, April 17th.

Guests of the Men’s Club will be the same forty service men stationed in San Diego who will not be able to go back East to their homes for Passover.  Arrangements have been made by Abraham Friedman,  U. S.O.J.W.B. director in San Diego, to have the Men’s Club sponsor these servicemen at the annual Tifereth Israel Family Seder.

Persons wishing to make reservations are requested to call Simon A. Rich at BE-9-9429.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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