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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 2, 1954; Part I

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Compiled by Gail Umeham 
An Open Letter
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

For the purpose of attempting to amicably resolve a disagreement which has been current in our community for some time, and which originally arose as a result of controversial views expressed by myself and Rabbi Monroe Levens some time ago in the Southwestern Jewish Press.  I recently wrote to Rabbi Levens and stated, firstly, that I took full personal responsibility for my publicly expressed views; and, secondly, that I should welcome an opportunity to take any action within good conscience that might further the objective of communal harmony.

Upon receipt of my letter, Rabbi Levens was good enough to call upon me and to engage in a full and open discussion of the entire matter.  Rabbi Levens has given me to understand that certain of his views as expressed were not to be interpreted as casting aspersion upon any of our communal leaders, and, based upon the Rabbi’s statement to this effect, I am most amenable to the retraction of any previous expression of mine to the effect that such aspersions had been cast, and trust that this letter may constitute such a retraction, and may serve as a final settlement of the situation so that Rabbi Levens, as well as myself and all those interested in communal progress may once again devote all of our efforts toward that end.

Victor Schulman


Fund Workers Swing Into Action As Drive Opens
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

Hundreds of United Jewish Fund workers swung into action this week on a wide area ranging from Oceanside to San Ysidro, at the 1954 Combined Jewish Appeal opened its drive for funds to carry on its life-saving and life-building work in the United States, San Diego, Israel and overseas.

Tremendous impetus according to Sol Price and Seymour Rabin, has been given to the Drive by the successful Women’s Division meeting last Wednesday at which civic and communal leaders gathered on behalf of the Appeal.

Sparked by the enthusiasm and dedication of the chairman and co-chairman, workers of the Men’s Division met last Sunday to receive their assignments at a breakfast at Bohemian Bakery.

On other fronts the campaign took on added speed by appointment to leadership positions of outstanding Jewish workers in the community.  Those named by Price and Rabin are Samuel A. Sussman and Ben Carnot, Chairmen of the La Jolla-Pacific Beach area; Irving Sonnabaum, Chairman of the Coronado section, assisted by Lewis Kipperman, co-chairman, with a team of Arthur L. Cohen, Mrs. Milton Silverman, Colonel Merrit Adelman and William Penn.

The drive in Oceanside will be sparked by the North County Jewish Community Center group with Jerry Apelby, Chairman, and Harold Simon of Vista, Paul Lott, Jerry Freedman, Mrs. Sol Collen, Phillip Saxe of Vista, Maurice Levy of Carlsbad, Mrs. A. Gardner and Howard Gladstone.  Assisting in the Oceanside campaign are Elmer Glaser and Irwin Sklar, members of the United Jewish Fund Board, and Sam Finkel and Walter Krane, Oceanside merchants.

The South-bay area, including San Ysidro and Chula Vista, will be led by Sam Bennett, while Dr. George Herrmann will be the Chairman for National City.

Price and Rabin reported that two other areas will be organized this week when La Mesa, El Cajon and the Lemon Grove area get under way.

Also announced was the appointment of Alan Mishne and Ronald Greenberg, both active leaders on the San Diego State College campus and members of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, as leaders of the Young People’s Division which will be organized at a meeting of key young people on April 7.

Women’s Division To Hear Outstanding Speaker At El Cortez on Monday, April 5
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

Mrs. Victor Schulman, General Chairman of the Women’s Division of the United Jewish Fund, and her committees are busily engaged in planning a delightful and emotionally stirring afternoon for San Diegans who will attend the $25.00 minimum, luncheon to be held on April 5 in the Don Room of El Cortez at noon.

Miss Jean Damon of Berkeley, a Roman Catholic school teacher from Brussels, Belgium, will be the guest speaker and a heart-warming message from this gracious lady is promised to all who attend.  Miss Damon spoke at the Advanced Gifts luncheon for the Women’s Division on March 23rd and the enthusiastic audience was insistent in their demands that she return to San Diego on April 5th in order that the anticipated larger audience could hear her moving story.

Hostesses for this luncheon include the following women:  Mmes. Edward Baranov, A. J. Bard, Leo Beck, Gabriel Berg, Sam Berger, Louis Bickman, David Block, Alfred Bobrof, Ted Brav, Edward Breitbartd, William Breitbard, Earle Brodie, Sol Brown, George Burnett, William Burnett, William Carter, Sam Cohen, Paul Cudney, I. L. Domnitz, Morris Douglas, Herbert Eber, Harold Elden, Carl Esenoff, Barry Felson, Jim Feurstein,, Jack Goodman, M.D. Goodrich, Herbert Gordon, Sol Gotkin, Jack Horrow, Lewis Kipperman, Harris Lipinsky, William Moss, Max Nelson, Paul Nestor, Al Neumann, Sol Price, Seymour Rabin, Sam Rassin, Abe Ratner, Nate Ratner, Herbert Reder, Joe Richlin, Milton Roberts, John Ruskin, Sanford Sack, Norman Schulman, Victor Schulman, William Schwartz, james Shannon, Henry Silver, Sidney Smith, William Solof, Sam Sosna, Robert Stone, Robert Straus, Ben Urbach, Harry Wax, Alex Wise, George Wixen, Jack Zlotoff, Leonard Zlotoff.

Queens Crowned At Pioneer Women’s Ball
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

Pioneer Women’s Annual Rummage sale is being planned and time and place will be announced soon.  Meanwhile, Chairmen, Goldie Kitaen, Rose Domnitz, Florence Barach and Pauline Press are asking that anyone having usable rummage call the following numbers for prompt pick-up:  AT-2-7029, AT-1-8236, CY-6-2020 or AT-1-5449.

The Queens crowned for originality and beauty at Pioneer Women’s Queen Esther Ball were Adele Cheron representing City of Hope Jrs., and Roberta Wyloge, B’nai B’rith Girls.  We want to thank all those who had a part in making our Ball a great success.

The next regular meeting will be held on Thursday, April 1st at Beth Jacob Center with luncheon served at 12 noon.

Yo-Ma-Co’s Hold Rummage Sale

Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

Old clothes, household wares, furniture—in fact, anything that has some value is needed by the Yo-Ma-Co Club for their Rummage Sale, May 6, 7, and 8.

The sale is held to raise funds for the Bus to transport children of the Jewish Community Center.  Just call AT-4-2798 and pick-ups will be made.

New Subscribers

Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

Mrs. Sigmund Blumenfeld, Dan Cheron, G. Lazard, Lillian B. Thomas, Richard Berman, Irving N. Cohen, LeRoy Seckle, Bernard Urbach, Raymond S. Toole, Arthur Shapery, Mrs. Benjamin Baraze.

AZA Elects
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

AZA installed the following new officers last week:  Stanley Breitbartd, Pres.; Eddie Naiman, V.P.; Stephen Goldfarb, Sec.; Allan Friedman, Treas.; Arthur Pogrell, Parl.; Larry Zlotoff, Sgt. at Arms; Gary Naiman, Asst. Sgt. at Arms.

Hadassah Gets Set For Regional Conference; Eddie Cantor to be Honored
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 1

Mrs. Albert Galston, President of the Southern Pacific Coast Region of Hadassah announces the appointment of Mrs. Leo Hirsch of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of Hadassah as Chairman for the Ninth Annual Conference to be held at the Hotel Del Coronado, on May 9th through May 12th.  The San Diego Chapter will act as hostesses to more than three hundred delegates and guests expected to attend with Mrs. Louis Steinman heading the San Diego Chapter Committee.

Mrs. Hirsch has appointed the following chairmen to assist her:  Mrs. Carl Volk, Santa Monica, Reservations; Mrs. Harold Davidson, Los Angeles, Transportation; Mrs. Myer Silverman, Publicity; Mrs. Joseph Scholl, San Fernando, Secretary; Mrs. Gerald Florence, Beverly Hills, Visual Aids; Miss Sarah Glassman, San Fernando, Printing; and Mrs. Leonard Weisbard, Bulletin.

The Southern Pacific Coast Region of Hadassah comprising fifteen chapters, is made up of California chapters from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and also includes chapters in El Paso, Texas, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

Mrs. Robert S. Strauss, local President, is issuing a cordial invitation for all interested friends of Hadassah to mark the Conference dates, May 9, 10, 11 and 12, and attend the opening banquet at which time Mr. Eddie Cantor will be honored by Hadassah.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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