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San Diego Jewish Film Festival preview: ‘Breaking Upwards’

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Dana Greene

LA JOLLA, California—Breaking Upwards is an engaging romantic comedy about a twenty-something New York couple, living in the West Village, who after four years into their couplehood, decide their relationship is at a dead end.  Unfortunately,  they have difficulty being apart.  This semi-autographical film is based on the actual  lives of director/actor Daryl Wein and actress  Zoe Lister-Jones, who also produced the film. 

The opening scene is the two of them having sex and then we see them texting on their cellphones independently while both are sitting the breakfast table.  No wonder they are bored.  Daryl and Zoe decide to start taking “days off” from each other, while exploring other opportunities and people.  The whole idea is to gain independence.

Zoe, an actress, is getting acting jobs, while Daryl, a struggling writer, is babysitting to get by.   Basically, they both need to find out who they are, but Daryl even more.  Between the two of them, Daryl is the much more sympathetic character.  Zoe is really tough.

The comedic relief comes from their two dysfunctional families and reaches a climax during the Passover Seder.  

This movie is perfect for the upcoming San Diego Jewish Film Festival because it’s a movie most singles can relate to…about breaking up.  People who should see it?  Twenties,  thirties, and fortysomethings  who are still searching for “the one” will be interested in this topic.

Breaking Upwards is not only about breaking up, but also about the personal growth that may occur during such a process.  It also refers to the fact that it’s a prolonged breakup taking months to happen.   

For two co-dependents, no matter what happens , breaking up is going to hurt.

Breaking Upwards will screen at 8:15 p.m., Saturday, February 13, at the AMC La Jolla

Greene is a San Diego-based freelancer who specializes in writing about relationships

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