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Who’s winning the cyber war between Israel and the Palestinians?

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CORONADO, California (Press Release)–The Agency for Jewish Education continues its Coronado lecture series this month with Professor Chanan Naveh, Sapir College & Hebrew University. Naveh’s lecture will take place in the Winn Room of the Coronado Library (640 Orange Avenue, Coronado) on Feb. 17 at 10:30 am. His lecture is titled, “The Palestinian-Israeli Web War.”

Not only rocks or roadblocks, nor only suicide bombers and rockets, the confrontation between Israelis in Palestinians moved in the recent year also to the cyberspace. Both parties are using websites, mails Youtube, Facebook and other social environments in the internet to promote their causes.

Israel is supposed to be on the upper hand in this field. It is known to be among the 20 most developed countries in Hi-Tech (an Israeli engineer invented the USB, and you pay on the web via Pay-Pal which was also invented by Israelis). But do the Israelis lose the propaganda war also on the web.

Dr. Chanan Naveh is a senior lecturer and academic advisor in the School of Communications, Sapir College (Israel) and a lecturer at the International Relations Department, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. For 18 years he taught International Relations and Communication in the Political Science Department at Tel Aviv University. From 1969-2004 he worked for Kol Israel (Israeli Radio), news division in various positions including Editor-in-Chief and managing editor. Dr. Naveh specializes in research of the Internet and international relations, international media, media and foreign affairs, and the radio in Israel. His recent publications include: Pirate Radio in Israel (2007), awarded the distinguished grant of the Second Authority for Radio and Television (Israel); “The Palestinian-Israeli Web War”, in New Media and the New Middle East. New York: Palgrave Macmillan (2007); The Web as an Israeli Solidarity Environment during The second Lebanon War (2008) & Israeli Radio during the Six-Day War: National Unity Government and Radio of National Unity, (forthcoming).

Future lectures will feature brilliant professors speaking on their own areas of research. In March Professor Risa Levitt Kohn will discuss “The Life and Adventures of a Dead Sea Scrolls Curator.” Other speakers in this series include Professor Ghada Osman.
Preceding provided by the Agency for Jewish Education

The Mandelbaum Family Lecture Series is a program of the Agency for Jewish Education and is free and open to the public.

For more information on this or future talks in the series, contact the Agency for Jewish Education, (858) 268-9200 ext.102 or http://www.ajesd.org.

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