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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 14, 1954—Part II

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Editorial Page
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

The Council Unmasked
It is shocking to learn that on the occasion of its annual convention in Philadelphia, the American Council for Judaism has allowed its antagonism towards Israel to bring it to the low point of soliciting and making public messages of Israel and the Jewish people.  Among those who have congratulated the American Council for Judaism are Dr. Charles Malik of Lebanon, spokesman of the Arab bloc at the United Nations in its unremitting campaign of slander and misrepresentation against the State of Israel and its American friends, and Mr. Rashid Murad, Consul General of Egypt in New York.

These and other Arab leaders have repeatedly proclaimed in recent years their determination to destroy a state called into existence by the collective will of the United Nations.

For a long time the vast the vast majority of American Jews have recognized that the American Council for Judaism, a fractional political group masquerading as a religious movement, has by one means or anther sought to hamper the establishment and later the development of the Democracy of Israel.  This is the first time, however, that a body of Americans, professing to be Jews, has publicly aligned itself with enemies of Israel and the Jewish people.  This disgraceful and humiliating spectacle will meet with the contempt it deserves from American Jewry and the great body of the American public which has sympathized with and labored in behalf of the restoration of Israel in its ancient homeland.

Against this background, we deeply regret that a number of distinguished Americans whose friendship and support for Israel have long been a matter of public record, have unwittingly associate themselves with a body f the character of the American Council for Judaism.

American Jewry’s Stake in Israel’s Sixth Anniversary
The sixth anniversary of the State of Israel is an event in which American Jews can participate fully—for it marks not only the close of six years of fulfillment for the new State, but the close of the six most memorable years in the history of American Jewry.  The unprecedented efforts of American Jewry in behalf of Israel’s people—made through the United Jewish Appeal—will live forever as one of the bright chapters in man’s struggle for decency and betterment.
Much has happened since May, 1948, when freedom and independence were once more established on the ancient soil of Palestine.  In those days Israel was fighting for its life against the combined armies of its Arab neighbors.  The D.P. and internment camps were filled with refugees from war and oppression who dreamed of a haven in Israel, yet Israel still had very far to go before it could fully absorb the large number of immigrants who wanted to come.
In six years, from May 1948 to May 1954, the American Jewish community gave the United Jewish Appeal the remarkable total of $569,000,000, of which close to $400,000,000 has gone for Israel-connected activities alone—a sum which financed the rescue and the movement to the New State of 723,000 men, women and children from 70 countries.

Today, as Israel stands on the threshold of its seventh year, great problems still confront her.  These problems are complicated by continuing Arab hostility expressing itself through blockade, border marauding and political harassment.  But the people of Israel are more determined than ever to go on with their main work—the building and strengthening of their democratic freedoms.

Jewish Center News
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

It’s guaranteed fun for a daughter or son, at the Camp Jaycee Day Camp.  All of the activities of a regular camp, with added feature of having your camper home each evening.  The activities will include swimming, horseback riding, hiking, games, and songs to mention a few.

The well trained staff of Murray Schwartz, Les Tokars, Harvey Goodfriend, Sam Sosna, Al Abrams, Sonny Demberg, Ethel Mallinger, Evelyn Herrman, Marjorie Shouse, Elana Barach, Dorothy Hess, Nanette Schwartz, and Phyllis Mollick will be directed by David Anfanger, who is in his fifth year with Camp Jaycee.  For further information call the Jewish Community Center, AT-1-7744.

Junior High Dance
Dance to the sweet music of the Center Juke Box.  Our class has grown into two sections and to celebrate this there will be dancing and refreshments.  All interested in joining the classes are invited.  Time:  7:00 to 9:30; Place:  Jewish Community Center; Date:  May 17.

Leadership Class
The second session of our leadership series will be Wednesday May 19th.  Registration is still open and the focus is on your own questions of what goes into leadership.

‘Music Hath Charms’ for Juveniles Too
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

As a balance for all the headlines on juvenile delinquents, it is recommended that you attend some of the S.D. Youth Symphonies.  Conductor Walter Peterson has done a magnificent job in assembling and conducting young people in symphony work.  The long hours of practice were evident in the playing of these talented young boys and girls. Mary Kay Emery, ten year old piano soloist, held herself like a veteran of many years and played the tricky Mozart Piano Concerto in F Major; displaying understanding and talent.  Standing on the sidelines and being justifiably proud was her teacher, Miss Vivian Brown.

Hadassah Will Hear Book Review May 19
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

A book review by Mrs. A.P. Nasatir will highlight the luncheon meeting of Hadassah, on Wednesday, May 19 at Temple Center at 12 noon. The book, “Foolish Immortals” by Paul Gallico, was a 1953 best seller.

The evening group of Hadassah will be in complete charge of the meeting.  Cooking up a delightful menu will be Chairman Mrs. Wallace Hirsch and her committee:  Mesdames Frank Janowsky, David Askenaizer, Sidney Chemnick, and Leo Silvers.  Mrs. Frank Janowsky is program chairman.  In charge of decorations are Mrs. Earl Richmond and Mrs. Maynard Hurwitz.  To serve you will be Mesdames David Proctor, Chairman of Waitresses Committee, Steven Weisbrod, Herbert Bartel, Norwin Rosner, and Jerome Greenstein.  Mrs. Norwin Rosner is in charge of luncheon hostesses.  Mrs. A. Rosen is publicity chairman.  Luncheon tickets may be purchased at the door.  Reservations may be made by calling Mrs. Walter Parker, JU-2-7941.

Pioneer Women
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

Plans are going forward for Pioneer Women’s Donor Dinner to be held at Manor Hotel on June 20th.  A fine musical program and speaker is being planned for this event which culminates the year’s work to raise our quota for projects in Israel.

New officers of Negba Club for the coming year are Jeannette Abrams, President for a second term; Rose Weitzman, 1st Vice Pres.; Goldie Kitaen, 2nd Vice Pres.; Bess Segal, 3rd Vice Pres; Bertha Gaberman, Rec. Sec.; Florence Lebb, Financial Sec.; Lillie Gordon, Treas.; and Dora Berner, Corr. Sec.  Board members will be announced later.
Friends and members are being reminded to support our Rummage Sale by calling AT-1-8236 if they have clothes to donate.

Jewish Center Gets Aid From Women
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

There is something new in town!  An organization with no dues and no officers.  It is the Women’s League of the Jewish Community Center.  Their purpose is to work, play and build together for their children and themselves.

On June 10th the group will hold its first get-together by spending an afternoon over Java-Cake-Cookies and enjoy an interesting program.  If you are affiliated with the Community Center or interested in any way plan to attend and learn, by meeting other volunteers, how you can serve and have fun both at the same time.  Telephone the Center for further details, AT-1-7744.

Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Four tutors honored at Beth Am fundraiser

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Honorees Janet Rosenfield, Barbara Pardo, Judy Sperling and Hillary Liber entertain their guests with a song especially written for the evening

SAN DIEGO (Press Release)–Congregation Beth Am celebrated its B’nai Mitzvah year May 16 at its Carmel Valley Campus by honoring four very special people-  B’nai Mitzvah tutors Hillary Liber, Barbara Pardo, Janet Rosenfield and Judy Sperling- at its annual fundraiser.  

Members and friends came together to celebrate with a very special tribute to Hillary, Barbara, Janet & Judy for their joy of teaching and their dedication to hundreds of students over thousands of hours.

Rabbi David Kornberg said “There is nothing quite like enabling someone to achieve a meaningful task, to give them the self confidence and skills required to succeed.  These four women do that every day, and they do it with care, love of Judaism, and a passion for teaching.”

The joyous “B’nai Mitzvah” party for grown-ups featured wonderful food by Shalom Catering, fabulous music With D.J. Craig, Sign-in boards, a photobooth provided by Classy Photo Booths, tattoos provided by Euro Body Design, a candy bar, beautiful décor provided by Blue Petal and Allen’s Flowers and silent and live auctions, with auctioneers- sportscasters, Scott Kaplan and Jim Lampley.

Jan Tuttleman to be installed as UJF San Diego board chair June 10

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 SAN DIEGO (Press Release)–The United Jewish Federation of San Diego County will be electing and installing new officers and directors, including new Board Chair Jan Tuttleman.

Tuttleman is a renowned philanthropist, graduate of LEAD San Diego and holds an MBA and Ph. D.  in microbiology. She is also a leader and prominent member of San Diego’s Jewish Community.   She will succeed Andrea Oster in the top UJF board position.

Federation will also be presenting the “Presidential” and “Foster Young Leadership” awards to other well known members of the Jewish community during the June 10 meeting that will occur between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. at the Lawrence Family JCC, Jacobs Family Campus, 4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla.

Preceding provided by United Jewish Federation of San Diego County

Jewish organizations’ policies on same-sex marriage questioned

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Editor, San Diego Jewish World:

While having lunch this past Sunday at the Grand Del Mar (a Manchester property ) one of the people at the table mentioned that Manchester’s properties were being blacklisted by the UJF and Seacrest (Village Retirement Home) over his support for Proposition 8 (the ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriages in California).

Many Jewish people voted for this proposition which won and remains the current law. To the best of my knowledge the Orthodox community still does not recognize gay marriage; and, even as tortured as the rationale is coming from JTS (Jewish Theological Seminary) was on this matter, it is not common knowledge that local conservative synagogues are conducting gay marriages. Nor was it our personal observation that Seacrest had elderly gay couples living together in its community, but that is ever changing so maybe that is the case now.

So what gives, a Catholic, following his religious convictions supported a position that maintained current law and is now being boycotted by ultra libs in the Jewish community who once again are somehow speaking for all Jews?

Most of the people at our table supported laws that would give gays full rights to civil commitment so that they would have all the rights and benefits, civilly, that a married couple have. When it came to religion sanctifying gay marriage  it we all felt it was up to that religion to work it out within their own groups, but somehow we now have Jewish groups speaking for all Jews on Prop 8 or the Arizona law.  When did we become unified?

Lou Kaplan
San Diego

Toni Robin, spokesperson for the United Jewish Federation, said the UJF has not taken a position on Proposition 8 nor is it boycotting Doug Manchester’s hotel properties.  “When planning community events, The United Jewish Federation of San Diego fully researches local venues and selects the ones that best suit our needs in relation to size, menu, cost and availability,” she said.

Pam Ferris, president and chief executive officer of Seacrest Village, said: ““With great respect for the UJF, our umbrella agency, Seacrest Village Retirement Communities abides by the same practices in the selection of its venues for events as written in their statement.”

Australia expels Israeli diplomat over forgery of Australian passports

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(WJC)–Australia has ordered the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat after an investigation concluded that there was “no doubt” Israel forged four Australian passports used in the assassination of a senior Hamas leader. Stressing that the decision was taken “much more in sorrow than in anger,” Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Monday that he had requested an unnamed diplomat to be withdrawn within one week. “These are not the actions of a friend,” he said. “No government can tolerate the abuse of its passports, especially by a foreign government.” Australia’s punitive reaction follows Britain’s action in March, expelling an Israeli security agent following an investigation that it said offered compelling evidence that Israel was behind the January 20 assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a hotel in Dubai.

Some 33 members of an assassination team widely speculated to have been Mossad agents used forged passports from Britain, Ireland, Australia and Germany to enter and leave Dubai. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied that the Mossad intelligence service was behind the assassination. A spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Canberra expressed “regret” at the decision, adding that it was not “reflective” of the relationship between the two countries. Michael Danby, a Jewish legislator in the Labor government, criticized the decision, but said bilateral relations between Canberra and Jerusalem – which date back to World War I – would remain intact.


Preceding provided by Worod Jewish Congress.

US Judge orders deportation of ex-SS guard from Pennsylvania

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(WJC)–An immigration judge ordered deported a Pennsylvania man who worked as a Nazi concentration camp guard.

Judge Charles M. Honeyman, based in Philadelphia, ordered Anton Geiser, 85, of Sharon, removed to Austria, the country from which he immigrated to the United States, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday.

Geiser admitted under oath that he served during most of 1943 as an armed SS guard at Sachsenhausen near Berlin.

His duties included escorting prisoners to slave labor sites and standing guard in the camp’s guard towers. He said he was under standing orders to shoot any prisoner attempting escape.

“As a Nazi concentration camp guard during World War II, Anton Geiser must be held to account for his role in the persecution of countless men, women and children,” Lanny Breuer, an assistant attorney general, said in a statement.  “The long passage of time will not diminish our resolve to deny refuge to such individuals.”

It was not clear whether Geiser would appeal the order, or when it would be carried out.


Preceding provided by World Jewish Congress

Building work begins on Germany’s first post-war Reform synagogue

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(WJC)–The Reform community of Hameln, Germany has begun building what it says will be Germany’s first post-war Reform synagogue.

Jüdische Gemeinde Hameln broke ground earlier this month for its new synagogue and community center. It will stand on the site of the former Buerenstrasse synagogue, which was destroyed by the Nazis on Kristallnacht in November 1938.

The town’s mayor and other city leaders joined in the groundbreaking ceremony, according to a report from the World Union for Progressive Judaism. A non-Jewish neighbor gave the congregation a stone from the original synagogue, which she rescued from the rubble in 1938 and had kept ever since.

“You surely need bricks to build the new synagogue, so we wanted to give one to you,” she told reporters.

Hameln’s Reform community organized in 1997, and now has more than 200 members, almost of them from the former Soviet Union.

The congregation is raising money by selling CDs of Shabbat melodies performed by volunteer cantor Rebekka Dohme, available on the congregation’s Web site.

The building is scheduled to be completed by February 2011.


Preceding provided by Worold Jewish Congress