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Jewish organizations’ policies on same-sex marriage questioned

Editor, San Diego Jewish World:

While having lunch this past Sunday at the Grand Del Mar (a Manchester property ) one of the people at the table mentioned that Manchester’s properties were being blacklisted by the UJF and Seacrest (Village Retirement Home) over his support for Proposition 8 (the ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriages in California).

Many Jewish people voted for this proposition which won and remains the current law. To the best of my knowledge the Orthodox community still does not recognize gay marriage; and, even as tortured as the rationale is coming from JTS (Jewish Theological Seminary) was on this matter, it is not common knowledge that local conservative synagogues are conducting gay marriages. Nor was it our personal observation that Seacrest had elderly gay couples living together in its community, but that is ever changing so maybe that is the case now.

So what gives, a Catholic, following his religious convictions supported a position that maintained current law and is now being boycotted by ultra libs in the Jewish community who once again are somehow speaking for all Jews?

Most of the people at our table supported laws that would give gays full rights to civil commitment so that they would have all the rights and benefits, civilly, that a married couple have. When it came to religion sanctifying gay marriage  it we all felt it was up to that religion to work it out within their own groups, but somehow we now have Jewish groups speaking for all Jews on Prop 8 or the Arizona law.  When did we become unified?

Lou Kaplan
San Diego

Toni Robin, spokesperson for the United Jewish Federation, said the UJF has not taken a position on Proposition 8 nor is it boycotting Doug Manchester’s hotel properties.  “When planning community events, The United Jewish Federation of San Diego fully researches local venues and selects the ones that best suit our needs in relation to size, menu, cost and availability,” she said.

Pam Ferris, president and chief executive officer of Seacrest Village, said: ““With great respect for the UJF, our umbrella agency, Seacrest Village Retirement Communities abides by the same practices in the selection of its venues for events as written in their statement.”

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