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Gaza flotilla was an intentional provocation, not a peace convoy

By Bruce Kesler

Bruce Kesler

ENCINITAS, California — Let’s cut out the crap from the international sob-sisters and abetters of Gazan Hamas thugs. Let the UN Security Council show this video upon its big screen, and then choke on the hasty lies swallowed by puerile politicians of pusillanimity pontificating from far away, and the media that vomited the lies upon its viewers and readers. Those who say anything Israel did was disproportionate parrot the word on cue, without any sense of what it means, in definition or actuality.

There are only two things disproportionate: 1. Israelis were armed with paintball guns and did not use more force to quickly quell and control those violently prepared upon the Mavi Marmara. Instead, Israel, as usual restrained itself, while no such self-control was planned by or exerted upon those on the ship. 2. The usual crowd of sympathizers to terror and antagonists to self-defense knee-jerk echoing of clearly wrong, inane and antagonistic charges against Israel, even despite the clear evidence to the contrary.

The blockade of Gaza is to prevent war material from entering. It preserves the peace. The convoy was offered but refused to have its cargo inspected and if humanitarian transferred to Gaza.

The convoy was not humanitarian in intent or action.  It was a blatant political propaganda ploy, intentionally belligerent in word and deed, to provoke in order to pressure Israel to commit suicide, opening Gaza’s borders to the type of infusion of deadly weapons and missiles for Hamas to attack Israel that flows unimpeded into Lebanon.

Any who defend the convoy or its passengers are actually furthering avoidable death and war. 

Kesler is a freelance writer based in Encinitas.  This appeared previously on Maggie’s Farm web site.

  1. Rich Norman
    May 31, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    There are numerous places where naval forces are permited to stop and board ships to check what is coming into that country, even in International waters. All countries have the right to stop ships coming in. If the US Coast Guard ordered a ship to stop and it didn’t, I would hope they would board it. If the people on that ship attacked the people boarding them with any objects, I would expect them to shoot!

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