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El Al ticketing will lead to tree being planted in Israel

NEW YORK (Press Release)– EL AL Israel Airlines and Jewish National Fund (JNF), are partnering in a promotion: Anyone who buys a ticket to Israel via www.elal.com  will have a tree planted in Israel by the Jewish National Fund.   Once the purchase is completed, the passenger receives a certificate via mail or email that EL AL and JNF are planting a tree on their behalf.  Every year, tens of thousands of passengers departing from the USA purchase their EL AL tickets online.

“It is appropriate for EL AL and JNF to partner and provide this symbolic and environmentally friendly gesture,” commented Offer Gat, Vice President, EL AL Airlines, North and Central America.  “The planting of these trees further enhances the beauty of Israel and EL AL is proud to play a small part.”

“It is a natural fit for JNF and EL AL to work together,” said Russell F. Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, JNF.  “The mission of JNF has been and always will be to care for the land and people of Israel. Whether it’s planting trees, managing water resources, sustainably developing the Negev desert, promoting tourism, or driving pro-Israel dialogue on college campuses, our hearts, minds, and vision are about Israel.“

An El Al spokesperson said the JNF promotion does not extend to tickets sold through travel agencies. 

Preceding provided by El Al Airlines

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