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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 14, 1954, Part 4

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Bride to Be Honored
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3

Carolyn Silverman, who will become the bride of Dr. Norman Rubin on June 27, is a very busy young woman.  She’s been working on finals prior to graduation from  U.C.L.A. and attending parties in her honor.

Among the pre-nuptial affairs have been a luncheon for 50 guests at the San Diego Club given by Carolyn’s aunts, Julia Steinman and Dora Eber, and a luncheon at the Town and Country Hotel for which Mrs. Maury Novak was hostess.

Mrs. Louis Bickman and Mrs. Julius Levin are entertaining for Carolyn with a miscellaneous shower in the Bickman patio on May 15.  Thirty guests will attend.

‘Cotton Pickin’ Time’ Fashion Show May 26

Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3

Have you done it? If no, NOW is the time – to call Mona Sharpe at Atwater 4-8129 or Ethel Kolkey at Juniper 2-0527 and make sure of your reservation for “Cotton Pickin’ Time,” Sisterhood’s wonderful Fashion Show and Donor Luncheon, Wednesday, May 26th, in the Terrace Room of the Manor Hotel.

Now for those bonus treats that we just hinted about before.  Celebrities of the Starlight Opera will offer a number of vocal selections accompanied at the piano by Miss Pauline Gleason—and if you are having a winning streak that day you may go home with one of the many valuable door prizes – each one wroth at least ten dollars-so how can you possibly miss.  The newest in fashions, wonderful food, tops in entertainment, and prizes, too. Remember—reservations are necessary, so call those numbers now.

(Hebrew Home)

Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3
Applications for admission to the Hebrew Home for the Aged may be made through the Jewish Social Service Agency, 333 Plaza, BE-2-5172.

Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3

Mr. and Mrs. Niel Himmel became proud grandparents for the fifth time on April 3-.  Judith Helena was born to Mr. and Mrs. Norton Himmel in Chicago and was welcomed by brother Barry, 6, and sister Linda, 2.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Albert (Lora Dean Addleson) of Los Angeles announce the birth of their second child, a daughter, Melinda Caye, born May 5.  The dainty young lady weighted 5 lbs, 4 oz. and according to grandma Bess, at the age of 1 day, Melinda looked like Lora Dean.

Just as thrilled at the arrival of Melinda Caye as grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Addleson, and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Albert of Alhambra, is 2 year old brother, Loren Howard.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert G. Wolff announce the birth of a son, Frederick Geoffrey, weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz. on April 26. Three year old Janet Marilyn is going to enjoy having a little brother around the house.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Platt and Mrs. Neva Wolff of Los Angeles.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kreinberg (Maxine Chenkin) announces the birth of their third child, a daughter, Cynthia Hope, born April 24, in Cleveland.  The young lady is known as Cindy to brother, Marty, and sister, Faye.

Grandparents Saul and Eve Chenkin are deligted as is great grandmother, Mollie Rumpler, of Pawtucket, R.I.


Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3

15th—Israel Independence Day Celebration – Speaker, Gen. E. Ben Hur – Tifereth Israel – eve.

16th –“Magic Carpet Day” – 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

16th –YoMaCo Bowling Tournament – Balboa Park—2 p.m.

19TH –Beth Israel Men’s Club Dinner and Theatre Party.

22nd, 23rd—Beth Jacob Sisterhood Gay 0-‘s Review—B.J. Center—8:15 p.m.

25th—Beth Jacob Sisterhood Mother’s Day Luncheon –B.J. Center – Noon

25th –Song Recital – Cantor Jos. Cysner – Wednesday Club—8:30 p.m.

26th – Beth Israel Sisterhood “Cotton Pickin’ Time” –Fashion Show—11:45 a.m.

27th — Beth Jacob Ladies Aux Shavuoth Dinner—B.J. Center—6 p.m.

30th—B’nai B’rith Spring Dance and card Party – B.J. Center


2nd – Council of Jewish Women Installation Dinner – 12 Noon.

13th – Beth Jacob “Golden Nugget” Nite

To See or not To See
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 4

(by) Berenice Soule

The Best for Less–We dislike disagreeing with Ben Rottman, Campaign Chairman of the Civic Music Association, but according to the mathematical genius of another press representative seated next to me during the Annual Campaign dinner of the C.M.A. the total value of tickets for the concert series averages $13.18 not $13.19.

Heroines—This may be just a good publicity story, since the current Globe show, “Lo and Behold,” deals with ghosts, but knowing the reliability of both Roberta Ridgely and Deborah Szekely, I’ll believe that it is a pure coincidence.  After leaving rehearsal of “L and H” one night last week they almost found an unrehearsed ghost on their hands.

While driving across Cabrillo Bridge (where else) they became alarmed at the sight of a woman acting suspiciously like a potential suicide. They called the police from the nearest phone and policemen, Roberta, Debbie, et al, arrived back in time to prevent a tragedy and one less member in ghostly ranks.

Life Begins—Hear that B. Iden Payne, Shakespearean authority for the past 60  years and known locally as director of the Globe Shakespeare Festival at the University of Michigan, and awaiting the birth of an offspring this summer – I’ve always claimed that seeking after culture keeps one young!

Able Abel – Pleased to learn, too, that Bob Abel will be “doing” costumes at the Globe from now on. Bob is an extremely talented designer.  First met Bob when he designed and executed the costumes for the Footlights production of “Susan and God” – my first experience on the nervous side of the footlights—the costumes were yummy and got a tremendous spread in the local press. 

The gorgeous red number (dress, that is) on the cover of Neil Morgan’s latest “Crosstown” is one of Bob’s creations, too.”

Actors JG—The younger-set actors, particularly, were in a dither during the closing performance of “’Cheaper by the Dozen,” for in the Globe audience that evening was a real, honest to goodness movie and stage actor, Bob Strauss, famous for his portrayal of Stosh on Broadway in the movie, and in La Jolla Playhouse production of “Stalag 17,” dorve down from Hollywood with his charming wife Audrey principally to see their good friends, Jeff and Stevie Lustig, in the roles of Dan and Jackie.

During their four hour stay in San Diego, the Strauss’s called their Hollywood home three times to check with the baby sitter on the welfare of their 2-month old twins.

The third acting member of the Lustig children, Nancy, is playing a principal role in “The Indian Captive,” the current Junior Theatre Production.

Stan Camiel, really out of the jg class, is appearing in the San Diego High school Senior Play, “Arsenic and Old Lace.”

Young Mike Schwartz—stage name Mike Williams – did himself proud last Saturday night. In competition with 54 other acts, he won the Armed Services Y Talent Marathon with his performance of “In the Book.”

That Redhead Again – A pet theory of mine is that performers are better in direct proportion to the enjoyment they derive from performing before an audience. Agnes Moorehead at the Russ last week in her one woman show proved the soundness of my beliefs, for not only is a tremendous amount of courage required to expose oneself on a bare stage for over two hours, but that courage only exists in one who has an over-powering love of acting.  By the same token, only an actress who lives for the voltaic interchange between herself and the audience could create the rapport engendered by her excellent performance.

Drama—The suspenseful “Ladies in Retirement” produced by the Drury Lane Players, comes to La Jolla Community House on May 26, 27, 28, and 29.  Take it from me—Drury has a large following – so I’d recommend making reservations.

He’s Photogenic Too – Craig Noel looked like a real T.V. actor last Saturday when he appeared as a guest on Dr. Frank Baxter’s T.V. Shakespeare class.  He gave viewers the low-down on the coming summer festival, showed photographs of the Globe, and past festival activities, and made it all so tempting that I almost wished I lived out-of-town so I could cover it on my vacation.


Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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