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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 14, 1954, Part 5

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Witty Ghosts Amuse Globe First-Nighters
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 4

The ghosts on the stage of the Globe Theatre this week and probably for weeks to come are the gayest ectoplasmic visitors in history.  This extremely funny comedy resulted in an opening night audience that was equally high spirited and one that continued applauding long after the house lights went on.

The haunters of John Patrick’s “Lo and Behold” move uninvited into a mansion owned by a fellow ghost, a sour, dour fellow who disapproves of marriage for men–“Marriage can furnish you nothing tht can’t be obtained in the open market.”  his unwelcome fellow spirits are much more romantic as they attempt to aid a budding romance between two very alive young people.  As is normal in a comedy, the dyspeptic old eccentric is forced to change his mind about the marital couple because “she’ll bring to marriage that loveliest of all gifts–an empty mind.”

Craig Noel has assembled a truly superior cast. Eleanor Rose as the dead Inidan maid who has been weaving a basket for 50 years in which to collect buffalo dung is hilariously funny, as is Jan Gardner as a caricature of all southern belles.  Joan Minos is in my opinion the best ingenue ever to grace the Globe stage.

As the mind-over-heart author and cause of the ghostly activities, Josh Mosher displays his vast experience to good advantage; and Bob Kuykendall in the role of a crooked bookie is truly villainous.  Gordon Cleator, who with Betty Winston decorated the attractive set, and T. Michael Garvey add thier good preformances for a completely enjoyable evening’s theatre. — B.E.S. (Berenice E. Soule)

La Jolla Playhouse Tells Plans for Season
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 4

Exciting theatre entertainment for less cost was the principal topic of discussion between John Swope, Executive Producer of  La Jolla Playhouse and members of the local sponsoring committees.

Swope detailed the Playhouse’s new policy changes which call for only five productions this summer, each to run two weeks, tickets at reduced prices.

Season tickets go on public sale next Monday, Swope added.

“This year, for the first time, w are offering a financial advantage to season ticket subscribers by giving them a ten percent across-the-board discout,” he said.  “Season tikcets will be on sale for one month only, so now is the time to save money and get the seats you want for each of the five plays.”

The season begins Tuesday, June 29th, and will run through September 5th.

Opens Piano Studio
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 4

Raymond and Della Grayson have opened a piano studio in conjunction with the P.L. Davidson piano store at 4065 El Cajon Blvd.  Both teachers studied at the St. Louis Institute of Music under the internationally (known) Leo Sirota.

Mr. Grayson also studied under Chieko Hara, Japan’s outstanding concert pianist.  Mrs. Grayson has been featured in piano recitals on both radio and TV in Dallas, Texas, and in St. Louis. They will offer courses of instruction in both classical and popular music to students of all age groups.

Civic Music Assn. Offers Best Bargain
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 4

Saturday, May 15th, will be the last day to take advantage of the best bargain in San Diego, the Civic Music Association’s Consert Series.

Those who were fortunate enough to be members and attend last year’s series will agree that any two of the six concerts they attened more than made up for the nominal price of $6.00 covering the entire series.  Outstanding artists who appeared were Isaac Stern, Agnes de Mille Dance Theatre, Glana Baschauer, Jerome Hines, Julian Karolyn and Clara May Turner.

In addiition to Victoria de Los Angeles, who has recently received rave notices, the Association is lining up equally talented artsits for a diversified and entertaining program.

For membership contact the Musicians Club, BE 4-8581 or Palmer Pox Office, BE 4-2294.  Remember-no single tickets are sold for this series.

As the Psychologist Ses You
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 5

By Irving R. Stone, Psychological Consultant

“Destructiveness in Children,” the topic of today’s discussion, is one which parents face with despair, especially because they view it as being unnecessary, wasteful and often costly.  Unlike so many of the other activities of children, this usually is present with every youngster and usually is not a result of some emotional or intellectual difficulty.

Children who destroy may be divied into two main groups, those who do it innocently or unintentionally, and those who do it deliberately with malice.  Fortunately, the former is much more common. For these children, the desire to taste, feel and examine are important and the many “no’s” or slaps on the hand have little effect. They are resorting to their method of learning and unless they have some toys which provide this learning opportunity, they will seek out whatever in the home is available.

Older and more orderly youngsters will dismantle a watch, unscrew door knobs, tear papers into shreds, and later try to reassemble the bits and pieces. They should be helped to fix what they damaged but without scolding.  Giving them old watches or borken objects may provide the opportunity they need to satisfy their inquisitiveness without their causing too much damage.

Some children are clumsy and break whatever they touch. Others bump into things causeing them to be demolished.  Here again, they need the help of parents. The first thing to be done is to have a physician check their coordination, signht, and hearing. Sometimes the only difference is that their development has been slow and the child still has not learned the knack of handling things. Often, itis because the child does not know his own strength and must be shown methods of care in moving about, jumping, or handling things that are not his. He may need to be reminded in a calm but firm manner, without shouting, scolding or derision.

In the relatively infrequent times that destructiveness is deliberate, greater sgtudy must be made of the causes.  Gang destruction of homes, schools or business establishments are seen.  High spirits, boredom, or the desire to attain status in the group are some of the reasons found in studying the problem.  When this happens parents must study the recreational facilities available to see whether there are socially acceptable activities to fill the children’s spare time.  in some cases deliberate destruction takes place in the lone-wolf type and the underlying motives may not be determined, just as with gang destructiveness, except by the professional help of psychiatrists, psychologists, or social workers.

Because it is easier to be destructive than constructive, to be messy, careless and clumsy rather than neat, careful and controlled, it is no wonder that children developthe habit of destructiveness.  it requires the patience and willingness of parents to recognize the reason for the destructiveness and how best to handle the situation.


JWV Auxiliary Post New Meeting Date 
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 5

The egular montly ward parties, sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Jewish War Veterans, in the U.S. Naval Hospital have been changed to the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month.  Therefore the May party will be held Tuesday, May 18th, at 7 p.m.  All members are urged to attend and to participate in this project.

Members please note! Meeting date is now the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Our next meeting will be a social one on Wednesday, May 19th at the Veterans’ War Memorial Bldg., 8 p.m.

A Membership Tea is being planned by Sophie Silberman, membership chairman. The date is Tuesday, June 29th. Watch the Jewish Preess for further details.

Ratners Get Send-Off By Jr. Charity League
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 5

The Junior Charity League postponed its regular May meeting, to hold instead a farewell party for one of their members, Mrs. Nathan Ratner, who with her husband and two sons, is leaving soon for a touur of Europe.  Luncheon was served at the San Diego Club for the Club’s 20 members on May 10th and a gift presented the honoree.  Mrs. Goldhammer and Mrs. Goldman will be hostesses to the club in June, instead of May.

Birdie Stodel News
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 5

Mrs. Morrie Kraus announces that the first meeting of this fiscal year will be held Monday May 17 at 8:00 p.m. at Temple Center.

Members will nominate and elect delegates and alternates to the District Convention which will be held this summer in San Francisco.  An interesting program is planned. Social hour will follow.

Past President, Mrs. Jeremiah Aronoff, has been named recording secretary elect for the Southern California Conference.  This is the first time that San Diego has been so honored.  The installation will be Thursday, June 10 at the sportsman’s Lodge in Los Angeles. For transportation and information regarding the installation, please contact Mrs. Aronoff at Cyprus 6-3225.

Mrs. Ted Brav, Anti-Defamation League Chairman, wishes to remind members of the Second Annual Anti-Defamation League Week-end Seminar. It is to be held at the Wilton Hotel in Long Beach for the weekend of Friday, May 21 (4;00 p.m) through Sunday, May 23rd at noon. For registration or information please contact Mrs. Ted Brav immediately at AT-4-3434.

Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood Installation
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 5

The newly elected officers and board members of Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood will be installed at an impressive ceremony at the Manor Hotel on Wednesday, May 26th.  After the luncheon in the Terrace Room, the following will be installed in office for the year 1954-1955.

Pres, Mrs. Mack Esterson; 1st VP, Mrs. Richard Lustig, 2nd V.P., Mrs. Herbert Eber; 3rd V.P., Mrs. Louis Bickman; 4th V.P, Mrs. Mortimer Rosenbaum; Rec. Sec. Mrs. Robert Miller; Fin. Sec., Mrs. Charles Silverman; Corr. Sec., Mrs. Harold Rosenbaum; Treas., Mrs. Nathan Smollar.

Board of Directors: Mesdames Alfred Brooks, Sol Brown, Alex Cohen, Ossie Ehrlich, Sydney C. Goldstein, J. H. Gruenberg, Irving Hertz, Rodin Horrow, George Katz, Joseph Krone, Donald Pogrell and Alex Wise.

Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.


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