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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 28, 1954, Part 1

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

Richard Graves, candidate for governor, faces issues

In an interview with the Jewish Press, Richard Graves, Democratic Candidate for Governor, spoke out on issues vital to all Californians.  Speaking about California’s future, Graves said, “In the next four years we must attract a lot of new industry to our state–to provide jobs and prosperity for the millions of families now here and the hundreds of thousands of new families to come.  I propose to establish the Clifornia State Development Agency (which 37 other states have!) to work with government, labor and business–to bring new indutry to California.”

Speaking for freedom and democracy, Graves said, “We must not be afraid of freedom.  We must speak out without fear against those who would impose on us a rigid conformity of thinking and behavior.”  The candidate indicated that he would speak for the traditions of freedom and democracy that made America great.  The candidate also spoke of the hundreds of thousands of families hit by rising unemployment and indicated he was not amused by Knight’s flippant advice to those poor people to “Go pick lemons in Ventura County.”

 In his opinion the administration in Sacramento is short-changing California’s children on education.  he advocates a new, bold, vigorous approach to end the teacher and classroom shortage, the double sessions and overcrowding.

Richard Graves is well equipped to understand the problems of California’s booming cities, having served since 1933 as Executive Director of the League of California Cities.

Graves’ slogan, “Before it’s too late” has atgtracted many people to his side.

Boys Club Has World Premier Pix
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

A major step in the early construction of a much-needed Boys Club in Linda Vista area was taken this week when San Diego was selected as the world-premiere city for a sensational new 20th Cenutry-Fox picture, “Demetrius and the Gladiator,” which will be shown as a benefit for the new clubhouse.

The picture, a Cinemascope, Technicolor production, will be premiered at the Fox Theatre on Thursday night, June 2, with all proceeds going toward the Boy’s Club building.

In the cast are such great stars as Victor Mature, Susan Hayward, Michael Renni and Jay Robinson all of whom are expected at the gala premiere, complete with kleig lights, bands, etc.

Tickets are available at Southern California Music Co., Walker Scott Dept. Store, main floor.  Mr. Irving Friedman, president of the San Diego Boy’s Club, stated that the donations are priced at $2.50 and $5.00 for reserved seats and are tax deductible.

To Lecture in San Diego
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

C. Bezalel Sherman, noted author, sociologist and lecturer now touring the west coast, will speak at Tifereth Israel Center on Wednesday, June 9 at 8 p.m., under the auspices of the Poale Zion Organization.

Mr. Sherman is widely recognized as one of the leading contemporary thinkers on American Jewish affairs and was awarded the La Med Fund prize for his book “Jews and other Etnhic Groups in the United States.”

Equally proficient in both the English and Yiddish languages, his topic for his San Diego lecture will be “American and Israel in the Totalkity of Jewish Life” and will be delivered in English.

The public is cordially invited to attend.  A reception will follow the lecture. Donation is $1.00 at the door.

Magic Carpet’ Day Success Drive Hits 70% of Goal
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

Results of “Magic Carpet” Day brought the United Jewish Fund campaign to 70 percent of the $205,000 necessary to give minimum budgets to local agencies and meet overseas and national needs, Sol Price and Seymour Rabin, Campaign leaders reported. 

“Magic Carpet” Day brought out over 100 workers to a breakfast prepared by the Jolly 16 led by Mrs. Rose Neumann.

Edward Baranov, chairman of the day stated that $6404 was brought in from 269 contributors.  Over 775 prospect cards were assigned.

Organizations providing workers included Histadrut, B’nai B’rith, Jewish War Veterans, Tifereth Israel Men’s Club, Jewish Labor Committee, City of Hope and Beth Israel Men’s Club.

Directors of the campaign predicted that unless minimum requirements are met not only will the United Jewish Appeal and national organizations suffer, but the work of San Diego agencies may have to be curtailed.

“This will affect the job being done,” said Louis Moorsteen, president of the Fund, “right here in San Diego by such fine agencies including the Jewish Social Service, the Hebrew Home for the Aged, Jewish Community Center, and the Community Relations Council.

You may make your contribution now by mailing it in to the United Jewish Fund, 333 Plaza.

Hadassah Donor Luncheon Has Royal Setting June 9
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

“If you will it, it is no dream” … Theodore Herzl.  And with these words Hadassah launches its 13th annual Donor Luncheon on Wednesday, June 9th at El Cortez’ Don Room.

Amidst armored knights, ladies-in-waiting and a Princess Royale guests will be welcomed by Co-chairmen, Mmes Leonard Zlotoff and Morton Thaler.

Mrs. George Wixen and Mrs. Alfred Bobrof are Decorations Co-chairmen and the decor will be based on a “Castle of Dreams” theme.

“Angels” will be seated at a starlit table, with make believe haloed angels hovering over the gayly decorated tables suspended from the ceiling.

An exciting and entertaining personality will be on hand to delight the overflow audience and much merriment is promised.

Mr. Edward Breitbard, outstanding civic personality, will act as Installing Officer at a ceremony that will to an end the successful two year term of office of Mrs. Robert S. Strauss.   Mrs. John Ruskin, Treasurer, is accepting reservations by check only and members are urged to send in their reservations to her as all reservations will be closed by June 2nd.

Admittance is by invitation only and is limited to those interested people in the community who have signified their devotion to Hadassah, “the health arm of Israel, ” by becoming a sponsor at $25,00, or a Guardian at $50,, or and Angel at $100.00 per person.

“Knights of the Round Table” include Messrs M.S. Berlin, H. Handlery, A.J. Kahn, and a secret admirer of the organization.  These gentlemen have underwritten the entire cost of the affair thus insuring a great success for Hadassah.

Twin Movie Nite Set by Local Demos
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

The Point Loma Democratic Club, as part of its pre-primary election activity, has arranged a twin movie night at the Dana Junior High School auditorium at 8 p.m., Friday, June 4, at which time two highly popular light comedy films will be shown and Democratic party candidates will be presented.

The films, especially obtained for this gala showing, will include a recent feature starring Alec Guiness and a hilarious fun-fest titled “Tight Little Island.”

No admission is being charged for the entertainment, and tickets are being given to all those who make a token donation to the club’s campaign fund. Tickets may be obtained from the culb’s representative, Mrs. Manuel Haffner, 803 Tarento Drive, phone ACademy 2-3876.

Kuchel for San Diego
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

Local leaders of the Kuchel for Senator campaign are urging his return to th U.S. Senate because they state that “he has shown a keen interest in San Diego matters as evidenced by his championing of the Mission Bay appropriation, a project of great economic value to this area.”

They add tht “he had been determined to protect the Southland water supply by fighting for a settlement of the Santa Margarita water rights suits.”

Fluoridation Upheld by Local Doctors
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

Dr. J.A. Rittoff and Dr. Mickey Stone today urged a vote agaisnt Proposition A on the June 8th ballot.  Proposition A proposes that the fluoridation of San Diego’s city water be abolished. The flouridation program has been in effect here a year and a half.

Dr. Stone said, “I consider fluoridation very essential. It absolutely prevents tooth decay among children by 50 to 60 percent. It is completely safe, and it’s the cheapest way by far to do the job.  It is recommended by the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association and the U.S. Public Health Service.”

Dr. Rittoff said, “I certainly hope that every voter will make it a point to defeat Propostijon A.  We need fluoridation here.  It has been scientifically proved beneficial to children’s teeth through a program of careful observation.”

McIntire Issues Statement
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

Ross T. McIntire, Demcoratic canddidate for Congress, has announced in a statement to theJewish Press that, “as one who was close to President Roosevelt, and understood his feelings toward Israel, I am in favor of continued aid to that state. Israel  is an anti-communist bulwark, essential in the world-wide fight for freedom.”

McIntire advocates stable, long range air power and atomic power programs integrated with naval and ground forces.

He has stated that the Senators from California are deaf to the needs of San Diego. An energetic responsible representative is needed to further the development of water power, transportation, harbor facilities, and of prime importance–to attract industry. The threat of more naval units, stations and installations being withdrawn demands a plan of immediate action.

As a member of the President’s staff for 12 years, Admiral McIntire, USN (ret.) was closely associated with heads of other governments and was present at all international conferences from 1940 to 1945.  he has a rking knowledge of coutnries in the western hemisphere, China and the Far East.

B’nai B’riths Hold Cotton Ball May 30
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

This Sunday, May 30, all four San Diego B’nai B’rith Lodges and chapters will sponsor the annual Cotton Ball at the Beth Jacob Center.

This year there will be dancing to the music of Eddie Stangler and his popular orchestra plus card playing and refreshments.  This is a highly informal affair and cottons are favored for wear. The public is invited and the admission price is $1.25.  Tickets may be purchased at the door.

Community Invited to S.D. Harbor Days
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 238, 1954, page 1

A huge crowd is expected to attend the 1954 Harbor Days, and the Port and Industrial Exposition which will be presented this weekend, may 23 through May 31. Taking place along San Diego’s harborfront and free to the public, this event is sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Port of San Diego.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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