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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 28, 1954, Part 3

 Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Double Talk
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 4By Janet & Susan Solof

Hi gang!  Here’s what’s cookin’with the Hop Katz.

On the spotlight for many teenagers was the A.Z.A. dance.  Before the dance Jack Sharpe entertained with a wonderful “Before Party.”  Everyone who attended had a really choice time.

Enjoying the music of Tex Beneke at the Annual Policeman’s Ball were Jane Cohn n’ Don Kobernick, Lois Liff ‘n Lenny Weiss, Sharlene Stone n’ Herb Wenig, Janet Solof n’ Steve Kerschtel, Susan Solof n’ Lawrence Schiller and Beverly Kitaen n’ Shearn Platt.

Being greeted with the traditional words “Surprise” was Bob Meyers for all his many friends. The party was rated “tops.”

Our sincerest congratulations to Judy Yukon who received  a scholarship to U.S.C. and to Danny Schaffer who received a scholarship to Harvard University. Also best of luck and congrats to Harvey Cohen recently elected Prexy of J.C.

T.Y.L. will have a short business meeting on June 5th at 7:00 p.m.  The Cashmere Sweater will be raffled and then there will be dancing.  Attention: All ticket holders please turn in your money or tickets as soon as possible. Come and greet the new officers – Pres. Jane Cohn; VP Terry Kitaen; Corr. Sec. Brenda Heiman; Rec. Sec. Leani Leichtag; Treas. Alan Friedman; Dress-Sporty.

Pete Colt, walked away, we stand corrected.  Marched away with the 1st place award as the best drilled individual among the city’s 1`st year ROTC Cadets.  His school, Pt. Loma Hi won 6 of the 8 awards in the competitive drill on May 12.   See you – CY-5-0672.

June 27 Community Center ‘Lucky’ Nite
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 4

The Jewish Community Center “Lucky” Nite will be held Sunday, June 27, at 6;30 p.m. in Beth Jacob Center, according to Mickey Fredman and Al Solomon, co-chairmen.

This is the event it is hoped will help make up this year’s operating deficit of the JCC.  The affair will be a long evening of fun and frolic, offering wonderful food, drinks, bingo, poker and many other fascinating games of skill and amusement.  Another feature will be a tremendous cake sale .Prizes will be out of this world, according to the committee in charge of this particular phase, and it will shortly be out gathering them in.

Adams Well Qualified
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 4

A positive juvenile delinquency program and plans for long-needed adequate law enforcement service in the county are to main points of the platform of Henry J. (Hanks) Adams, candidate for sheriff. 

Adams, Stanford University graduate, received training in all branches of police work from 1934-1939, was a special agent for the FBI, 1940-41, and captured more bank robbers in the New Jersey area than any other agent in the history of that district. He ahs served as undersheriff twice, from 1941-42 and from Sept. 1945 to Jan. 1950. 

J.W.V. Entertain Veteran Patients at Local Ball Game

San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 4

San Diego Jewish War Veterans Post No. 185 and Auxiliary will entertain 25 hospitalized patients from the U.S. Naval hospital at all Padre home games at Lane Field.  Marshall Roth, Post Commander, and Theresa Furst, Auxiliary President, are in charge of the project. The box which the group occupies is generously donated by Bill Starr, president of the Padres, and refreshments for the guests are served by the Post.

All members of J.W.V. are expected to attend a short business meeting Wednesday, June 2nd, 8 p.m., at War Memorial Bldg., Balboa Park. Final arrangements for the coming department convention will be discussed. Don’t forget to make your reservations for J.W.V. Convention June 4th to 6th at Hotel del Coronado.

Editorial Page~Some Interesting Facts
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5

Compared with the number of employed persons in other large cities and metropolitan areas, the San Diego area is under-represented in two professional and semi-professional job fields, according to an occupation reference guide just published by the National Office of the B’nai B’rith Vocational Service Bureau. The fields are law and undertaking.

The new guide shows that there is only one lawyer in the San Diego area for every 1,390 persons, while the nation as a whole has one practitioner for every 820 persons.

Statistics also indicate possibly more room for funeral directors in the San Diego area, where there is only one undertaker for every 6,250 persons, while the nation as a whole has one for every 3,700.

Such fields as chiropractic and real estate, however, are over-represented in San Diego, in comparison with other cities and areas. The San Diego area has twice the proportion of chiropractors as the rest of the country and two and  one half times the proportion of real estate agents.

In eight fields, the San Diego area closely parallels the national average. These are accounting, architecture, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, medicine, therapy, and veterinarian medicine. For every 10,000 persons in the San Diego area, there are 24 accountants, 2 architects, 5 dentists, 1 optometrist, 6 pharmacists, 13 medical doctors, 2 therapists and 1 veterinarian.

The Directory also reports that the San Diego area has the 61st highest median family income among cities in the country. This means that half of all the family units here earned more than $3,465 a year, according to the U.s. Census for 1950.  For this reason, the San Diego area is a favorable place for those preparing to embark upon their careers.

Editorial Page~’Educator’s’ Anti-Semitism Shows
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5

Unless current campus sentiment flops as a barometer, Southern Methodist University of Dallas, Texas, may get the distinction of becoming the first institution of higher learning to oust a faculty member on charges of anti-Semitism.  The “educator” facing this dubious distinction is Professor John Owen Beatty, head of the English Department. Whose authorship of anti-Semitic tracts has aroused a storm of protests and indignation among students and faculty alike.  His latest pamphlet containing the fantastic charge that powerful non-Christian elements – B’nai B’rith, Muscovites, and friends of Israel – were seeking to seize the university was denounced at a faculty meeting by a vote of 114 to 2.  Beatty has long been mouthing the Hitlerite anti-Semitic thesis, but always claiming he was no Jew-hater but merely an objective reporter of facts.  His infamous books, “The Iron Curtain Over Americaaa””” received the accolade from racist Gerald L. K. Smith as the finest of its kind.

As the Psychologist Sees You
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5

By Irving R. Stone, Psychological Consultant

We do not need to peruse those newspapers which devote themselves to the sexual  exploits of individuals to read about the topic of today, “Sexual Deviants.”  Hardly a day goes by without some account of unusual sexual behavior appearing in our daily paper. To understand the problem a little better, let us consider the why and how of the condition.

Sexual deviation has been called many things, including character neurotics, sex perverts, sex variants, or sexual psychopaths.  It is only recently that any organized programs of study and treatment have been organized so that these people can be understood, treated and their anti-social behavior controlled.

We frequently think of sexual deviation as being confined to homosexuality but this is only one factor in the problem.  The male homosexual and the female lesbian are treated differently in our society, with only the former subject to criminal action. In many cultures, both homosexual groups are accepted without stigma. Freud pointed out there exists in all persons instincts which become perversion if they are permitted expression.  Thus, when we consider sexual deviants, we must consider the situation and the culture in which they are found.

Another type of sexual deviant concerns the exhibitionist. In the main, this is concerned with males, those who derive sexual gratification from the exposure in public of their sexual organs usually in view of the opposite sex.  Here, again, the cultural factor must be considered and some exhibitionism in our   own culture is accepted. Witness, for example, the young child who doffs her clothes, the nudist, or the fan dancer and   strip tease artist. Even our bathing suits show our acceptance of a modified form of exhibitionism.  But the exhibitionistic and compulsive tendency of the male who acts for his own sexual satisfaction is anti-social and punishable.

Other forms of sexual deviation involve incest (sexual relationships between parent and child or between brother and sister); sadism and masochism; fetishism (sexual gratification from the sight or touch of an object); transvestism (wearing in public the clothes of the opposite sex) and many others.

Perhaps the form which disturbs us the most are the attacks upon young children.  Of all the deviations, this more than others finds little acceptance in other cultures as well as our own.

The sexual deviant needs our careful consideration and help for many of them can be cured—if they want to change. They represent people apart from our social life; they are sick people in need of treatment. People are not born sexually deviated; something in their environmental development has caused a need in adult life for the erotic cravings of his childhood.  The sexual deviant is living in the sexual past. All are lonely, unhappy and anxious individuals, no matter how much they attempt to deny it.

Lasker Lodge News
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5

By Lou Levitt

First place   honors in the bowling league went to the Cardinals, captained by Brother Sid Rose. It was a hotly contested league and the suspense was great as the winner wasn’t determined until the last game of the last night of bowling. Sid’s team mates were Gerry Freedman, Jack Harvey, Marshall Zucker, Mack Freedman, Abe Karnes.  The summer bowling league will begin on June 3rd.  Incidentally, 15 San Diego bowlers also beat the Glendale team for a leg on the perpetual trophy.

Our sincerest admiration and thanks to Jack Spatz who is doing such a magnificent job on the membership retention committee. Marshall Zucker and Abe Karnes are also doing an excellent job, having acquired 30 new members since the 1st of the year.

Cysner in Recital
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5

Over 250 San Diegans attended a recital by Joseph Cysner last Tuesday evening. Many in the audience included members of Cantor Cysner’s Congregation Tifereth Israel, while familiar with his work with liturgical song, discovered that his capabilities extend to a wide and varied coverage of the world of music.

Cysner’s fine rendition of Schubert’s “Der Musensohn”, and his introduction of several new Israeli songs highlighted an excellent musical evening. He was accompanied by Robert Macdonald, one of the Southland’s most distinguished pianists.

Absenteeism Unfounded
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5State Sen. Fred Kraft, this week charged his opponent of trying to create “political smog” with unfounded accusations of absenteeism from legislative sessions.

In answer to this charge of absenteeism, the following figures have been verified by the minute clerk of the State Senate. The record shows that in the 1951 and 1953 regular sessions, Senator Kraft’s attendance was better than 78 percent.  This is higher than the average attendance record of members of the Senate.

County Fair to Open At Del Mar June 25
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5The first Southern California Exposition and San Diego County Fair. Formerly the San Diego County Fair, will open an 11-day run at Del mar on June 25.

Every exhibit and event—from atoms to azaleas—will be keyed to the theme, “The World at Your Doorstep.”

The atomic energy exhibit, first and only showing on the Pacific coast, will include 25 separate displays on how the atom affects agriculture, industry, medicine and other activities.

The flower show, always a favorite at past fairs, has been expanded to include varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers from all parts of the world.

Name bands will play to every musical taste.  The exciting modern arrangements of Sauter-Finegan, scheduled for opening day, will be followed June 26 by the consistently popular music of Les Brown and his Band of Renown.  Lawrence Welk and his champagne music will be heard three times—June 28 and 29 and July 5.

Pi Alpha Lambda News
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5

By Carole Simmons

Pi A’s will hold their first rush tea June 6th at the home of Ethel Schwartz, vice president.  Invitations were sent to graduating senior girls who may be attending San Diego State College next fall.

A surprise shower was held in honor of Norma Simmons by sorority sisters.  Norma is soon to be wed to Werner Dreifuss in Chula Vista.

From Where I Sit
San Diego Jewish World, May 28, 1954, page 5

By Mel Goldberg

To fluoridate or not to fluoridate!  It appears that since our health department, medical and dental societies encourages fluoridation and since they have used sane reasoning to evolve their decision; their opinion should be the plan of action to be considered. The major argument, that the anti-fluoridation forces are peddling is: whether civic officials, responsible for our own health, have the right to put a program of this type in force or must the voting citizens decide on it first?  This boils down to sheer nonsense. If our health officials are a bunch of schnooks, they should be removed. We feel that they are intelligent and responsible people and we see no logic in the need for consulting John Q. Public on an issue of this kind.

If this is a voting issue—we predict that some crackpots will get together and demand a vote ach time there is a fire to decide whether and how the fire department should put it out….Come to think about it, let’s have a vote to see if we want our milk pasteurized.  The health department is depriving us of our right to contact undulant fever. And as to food handling in the restaurants when did we have a proposition at the polls concerning dirty fingernails?

The an ti-fluoridation group gripe about the poisonous effects of flourine is ridiculous.  Certainly we know that flouirne in excess is toxic—but so are Vitamin A, chlorine, orange juice, soy beans, bagels,or practically anything you name, if it were humanly possible to consume it in over-abundance. San Diego’s fluoridation program is basically a small fluorine additive to a deficient water supply. The addition brings our water to a fluorine rate that is safe and minimum standard for better health and less tooth decay among children. As yet, we recognize no one with the anti-forces who we consider as an outstanding medical and dental authority….

John Kluchin’s definition of a co-signer: An idiot with a fountain pen … Murray Kaplan says he can hear ‘em waking the G.I.’s at ‘Schine’ … Helen Thomsen, who at one time studied interior decorating is now decorating ‘interiors’ with some of the finest foods available locally. Readers who used to be regulars at her tearoom will be pleased to note that she has taken over Balboa Park’s Café del Rey Moro – thank goodness!  Try the lemon chiffon pie or buttered rum sundae… Story circulating that one witness of the local Congressional hearings has decided for a very good reasons, to notify the committee, he will now name names, that he withheld during the local session…

Israeli counterpart to the U.S. hot dog and English fish and chips is the “falafel,” a concoction of tangy vegetables and spices eaten inside a piece of “pita,” soft, doughy brown bread.  Cost about three cents each… Never underestimate the power of a woman: One local political office seeker who turned up as an eleventh hour candidate is said to be running solely because of the social ambition of his wife.  She has reached as high a position in her set as possible and any rise can only come about through her husband’s election…

One of the most dedicated Jewish anti-Zionists in the U.S. today is a chap named Alfred M. Lilienthal.  His spoutings are so extreme they make even the literature of the American Council for Judaism read like Bonds for Israel campaign publicity. Lilienthal’s latest ravings are expounded in his book, “What Price Israel?” recently published by Regenry. For  some time now, Lilienthal, an ex-State Department employee, has fancies himself as a sage of many subjects. Now, he has the audacity to author a fantastically ideological book and convey the impression that he speaks for even a segment of American Jewry.  This person, Lilienthal, should be about the last likely person to write as a representative of any form of Judaism, Americanism or for our part—human beings.  Though an educated person, a graduate lawyer to boot, his knowledge of Judaism would fit on the head of a pin. As to his range of information regarding Israel, this columnist publicly declares that he will borrow $100 and pay it to any worthwhile charity, if Lilienthal ever spent more than a grand total of 7 days in that country.  One week doesn’t even make John Gunther an authority.

This is not the first time that Alfred M. Lilienthal has overextended himself. During the 1945 San Francisco Conference, as a State Department  employee, he turned up as the “veteran” consultant of veteran affairs, to aid Secretary of State Stettinus.    His understanding   off the affairs of   veterans fell in about the same category of his knowledge of Judaism. When exposed by those who knew him, during his brief unsavory military career, the State Department dropped him like a “hot potato.”  Pvt. Lilienthal’s Army career consisted of a few months junket in Cairo, Egypt, ten times more farcical than the career of Pvt. David Schine. Yes, teacher, even Democracies make errors! During his “holiday” in Cairo, Alfred lived in conditions a level or two below those of Farouk. Lilienthal eventually flipped his lid and was medically discharged back to the States. He has since written much anti-Zionist material, including an article which appeared in that well-known an ti-Communist magazine, “The Reader’s Digest.”

The Harbor House has added a sideline: they’re hawking old abalone shells out in the front yard, 3 for 25 cents… Dr. and Mrs. Harold Elden know that their four boys are active youngsters. But they were hardly prepared for a visit from a sheriff’s deputy who informed  them that son Kenny, aged three and a half. Was “in capping neighborhood sprinklers and flooding the lawns.  Kenny has also earned a reputation for exchanging dogs in various dog houses in the vicinity of his home…

It’s about time the big clothing store near 4th and Broadway repainted the seedy-looking Botany suit sign on the roof of the building. What an eyesore! … Mull this   one   over: most   people tilt their head to the right when they kiss… There’s only one word in the English language that is pronounced differently when capitalized—polish and Polish… Attorney Ed Herman violated the no-swimming rule in Balboa Park, a Sunday ago.  2 ½ year old daughter Gale went bathing in the lily pond and Ed had to jump in and fish her out…


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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