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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 28, 1954, Part 5

Chaim Weizmann Branch Paole Zion
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 9

The recent monthly meeting was devoted to a commemoration of our late beloved member, Sol Goodman.  His friends and members of the Labor Zionist organization to which he was so especially devote have decided that a living tribute to his memory be made by planting a garden of one hundred trees in Israel.  Mr. M.S Berlin is in charge of this project and will be pleased to hear from anyone interested in contributing to this memorial garden.

Gay Nineties Revue Pleases Large Crowd
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 9

Beth Jacob Sisterhood’s “Gay Nineties Revue” presented last week at the Center attracted and kept laughing large attendances for both nights. Tastefully directed by Alice Solomon assistend by Esther Bricker, the show was well cast and costumed.

Outstanding were the singing waiter, the old time melodrama, the can-can girls, the men’s ballet, and several specialty numbers.  Those who missed the show failed to see some unusual local talent. We need more of the same.

Al Kaye Joins Kettner-Packard
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 9

Al Kaye, well-known sports commentator, has joined the Kettner-Packard Sales Organization and will work with such top-notch auto men as Carl Whittenton, Sr., and G.A. Deshon, sales manager. Al will be with the new car division of Kettner-Packard and invites all his friends to come down and see him.

Al Kaye, who was formerly with a distribution house in San Diego, has for the past 6 years been assisting Al Schuss with the Padre Baseball broadcasts. Well known in the Jewish community, Al promises all his friends personal attention at the Kettner Packard salesroom located at Kettner and Ash.

United Success Drive Set for Campaigns
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 9

Top level organization for the Second United Success Drive of the San Diego Area Community Chest has been completed with the announcement of 12 civic leaders as vice-chairmen and committee chairmen

Under leadership of George A. Scott, general chairman, the 12 are now mapping plans for the campaign to raise funds for nearly 40 Red Feather health and welfare services joined together in the Chest to conserve community time and money.

Named as vice chairmen were Chester Dorman, Dorman’s Inc., for Pace Setter and Commerce and Industry Relations; William Elser, San Diego Elevator Co., for Military Professional and Education, and Public Employees;  Mrs. Marion Milner, 4880 West Alder Drive, for Geographic Divisions; and Burton I. Jones, theatre owner, for Associated Towns and Associated Cities.

Backing up the soliciting division of the campaign will be eight special committees including: Loan Executives, William Shea, publisher;  Corporate Yardstick, La Motte T. Cohu, General Dynamics; Credits, Graydon Hoffman, Bank of America; Women’s Cabinet, Mrs. Neville Waite, 907 Copurt Way. 

More than 15,000 volunteer campaigners will be needed in the fall effort, Scott said, emphasizing the need for repeating last year’s over the top campaign, the first since 1944.

Noted Editor Speaks At Jewish War Vets Convention Banquet
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 28, 1954, Page 9

H.M. “Hank” Greenspun, editor and owner of the Las Vegas Sun, will be the principal speaker at the Jewish War Veterans convention Saturday evening, June 5.  Greenspun’s daily column “Where I Stand” has many times received national publicity because of his stand on important national issues.  His banquet subject is “J.W.V. and the Fight for Democracy.”

Best known for his fight on behalf of Zionism and against bigotry, Greenspun has been outspoken in his attitude on many facets of American life that affect all of us. As a “Fighting American” he is an outstanding voice for fair play and democratic ideals on the American scene.

Jewish Center News
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 10

“Lucky” Night – Let your fun be your contribution!  This is the thought behind “Lucky” Night. Cards and games, drinks and food, will all be leading to the happiest mood. The date to circle is Sunday, June 27th.  The time is 8:00 p.m. and the place is the Beth Jacob Center. Remember, your fun can be your contribution to the San Diego Jewish Community Center.

Good Times Around the Corner – Our Junior High Dance Class enjoyed a well deserved break with a party on Monday night, May 17th.  Richard Solomon and Rona Price were chosen king and queen. Entertainment from the group added much to the dancing and refreshments.

City of Hope
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 10

President Ethel Berwin expresses her thanks to everyone who helped make our May 19th Card Party such a huge success.  Proceeds from this affair go to the new Children’s Leukemia Wing at the City of Hope Medical Center.

It costs $377.00 for a diagnostic workup for leukemic child (blood chemistry) at the City8 of Hope. Care for one day is $40.00 for a leukemic child.  Goldie Schusterman was chairman of the Card Party with Cookie Bloomfield as her co-chairman.

Schneider Active Councilman
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 10

Chester A. Schneider, City Councilman, who is the Republican candidate for Assembly in the 79th District, has served as an active member for 4 years on the Board of Race Relations. This group has provided a working approach to inuring justice for people of all racial groups and is seeking employment for many Southeastern San Diegans.

Schneider, has served five years on the City Council in a full time capacity and has been recognized as one of the hardest-working and sincere men serving San Diego.  He has resided in San Diego since 1933 and is a veteran of 33 years naval service.

Jolly 16 News
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 28, 1954, Page 10

The meeting for May was held at the home of Jule Steinman.  Luncheon was served before the regular meeting.  The Jolly 16 $100 scholarship will be awarded this year to Alice Aufright, a San Diego High School student, who will attend State College this fall.

President Julia Steinman and her board were re-elected to guide the Jolly 16 through their birthday year.  1954 marks the 40th year of activity for this energetic group.  To celebrate this auspicious occasion, an elegant dinner dance will be given in November.  Mrs. George Neumann and Mrs. Maxwell Kaufman are in charge of the affair.

Cook Books are still for sale from members. They make a lovely gift item for a friend or bride.

A bon voyage dinner party honoring Nate and Sally Ratner was held on Saturday, May 22nd, at the home of Bernice and Carl Esenoff.

(Hebrew Home)
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 28, 1954, Page 10

Application for admission to the Hebrew Home for the Aged may be made through the Jewish Social Service Agency, 333 Plaza, BE 2-5172.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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