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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, June 11, 1954, Part 1

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Shavuoth Observed By Confirmation Services at Temple and Synagogue
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

Confirmation Services were held last Sunday at both Temple Beth Israel and Tifereth Israel Synagogue. Known as the Season of the Giving of the Torah and the Festival of the First Fruits, the holiday of Shavuoth, was observed by the entire community at the Synagogues.

Services at Tifereth Israel Synagogue where eight confirmants took part in a program included Presentation of Certificates by Mr. Edward Breitbard, President of the Synagogue and awarding of gifts by Mrs. Harry Wax, President of the Sisterhood.  The ceremony theme was “The Jewish Concept” and was under the direction of Rabbi Monroe Levens assisted by Cantor Joseph Cysner and the Synagogue choir.

Members of the Confirmation class were Nancy Ruth Goodman, Betty Krasnow, Ruth Moskowitz, Philip Sarfan, Gloria Lee Toerner, Carole Toole, Evelyn Witz, and Eve Janet Zwanziger. A recewption was tendered by parents of the confirmants.

At Temple Beth Israel, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn conducted the services assisted by Cantor Julian K. Miller and the Temple Choir. The ceremonial theme was centered around “300 Years in America.”

Mr. Mack Esterson, President of the Temple, and Mrts. Mack Esterson, President of the Sisterhood, presented the Confirmants with Prayer Books and Bibles.  Mr. Irving Friedman, vice president, and Mr. Richard F. Lustig, president of the Men’s Club, also made awards. A violin obligato was played by Mr. Samuel Jaffe.

Members of the Confirmation Class were Sandra Lynne Byrock, Diane Helene Castleton, Alan Kirk Friedman, Fred Ronald Goodman, Bruce Gerald Handwerker, Suzanne Hutler, Merle Joanne Krasnow, Howard Boyd Levinson, Preston Michael Martin, George Thomas Wise, Linda Zuckerman.

Following the services, the confirmants were  honored at a reception given by their parents.

Jobs Sought for School Youths
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

“Your odd jobs give youth an even chance!”  This slogan is spearheading the drive for part-time jobs for the youth of San Diego … a drive now getting under way this week preceding the regular school session finale. The San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce is promoting the “Jobs for Youth” drive with the support of the Parent-Teachers Association.

There are now over 2,000 students, including 12th graders, who have registered for work in the Junior Employment Service Office and who want jobs after school and on Saturdays.

Citizens of San Diego are urged to get behind this drive –to create more jobs so that youth can be busy along constructive lines—earning their way – learning responsibilities and at the same time becoming more independent.  Busy youth will have less time to succumb to the temptations of delinquency. Boys can make deliveries, do gardening, wash cars, attend service stations, mow lawns, serve as bus boys, etc., etc.  Girls can sit with babies, do housework, be waitresses, do secretarial work, sell, run errands, etc., etc.

All boys and girls are carefully screened by the Service to determine what tasks they can best perform.  For a part-time worker, call the Junior Employment Service (CY-8-4681) at the San Diego City Schools Education Center, Park Boulevard and El Cajon Boulevard.

‘Golden Nugget’ Nite Sunday at Beth Jacob
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

Beth Jacob Men’s Club ‘Golden Nugget’ Nite takes place this Sunday, June 13, at 6 p.m. in the Beth Jacob Center.

This is the affair that the whole town will talk about, and one you will not want to miss. The Ladies Auxiliary is preparing a real Jewish home cooked meal that is out of this world and will include gefilte fish, sweet and sour meat balls, brust braten, tzimmis, vegetables, salad, etc., all you can eat for only $1.50 per  person. This also entitles you to a free chance at the big bond door prize.

The drawing for the Las Vegas 5-day all expense vacation or two, including free air transportation, will take place that night.  Donations for this are only $1.00 and can be secured from any member at the door.  Winner need not be present.

The evening will be replete with all kinds of game, cards, bingo, poker, and anything you care to play. There will be many valuable and big prizes, also cash, and a drawing for a terrific prize every 30 minutes.

Give your wife a break this Sunday night and a vacation from the kitchen. Come down and have a great meal, a lot of fun, good luck, and who knows, maybe you can take her to Las Vegas, all on the house. See you Sunday, June 13, at Beth Jacob!

San Diego Honored by Appointment
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

Milton Fredman was appointed vice chairman of the Western Region of the USO-Jewish Welfare Board, it was announced by Henry Weinberger, chairman of the San Diego USO-JWB Armed Services Committee.

The appointment was made on May 23 in Los Angeles at a conference of the Southwestern Section of JWB by Walter D. Heller of San Francisco.  In making the appointment, Mr. Heller said, “Freedman will have a key role in helping to formulate policies of the organization in eleven western states and British Columbia.”  Friedman is also chairman of Military relations of the San Diego Armed Services Committee.

Also in attendance at the Southwestern, USO-JWB Conference were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weinberger, Mrs. Rose Neumann, Mrs. Jennie Turner, Mrs. George Katz, Mrs. Doris Friedman,  Miss Julia Abraham and Abraham Friedman.

The conference was a prelude to the annual meeting of the Western Region of JWB, to be held in San Diego on November 12, 13 and 14.

Pioneer Women Present Raasche At Donor Dinner
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

Pioneer Women, Negba Chapter, will hold its annual Donor Dinner on Sunday, June 20, at 6:00 p.m. at Manor Hotel. Mrs. Charles Press, Chairman, and Mrs. Florence Conway, Co-Chairman, have planned a fast-paced program.  Mrs. Naomi Conn, a recent visitor in Israel, will speak on “Israel Re-Visited.”

The entertainment highlight of the evening will be the appearance of folk singer, Raasche, who has recently returned from a triumphant European tour.

Mrs. Conn will install the following officers: Mesdames Philip Abrams, Pres.; Harry Weitzman, 1st Vice Pres., Goldie Kitaen, 2nd Vice Pres; Ben Segal, 3rd Vice Pres., I. Lebb, Fin. Sec’y; Bob Gaberman, Rec. Sec’y, I. Gordon, Treas.

The annual Donor Dinner celebrates completion of a year of work for Pioneer projects in Israel which covers a wide range of social services and rehabilitation of immigrants to Israel. Awards will be preented to outstanding workers of the past year and certificates to $100.00 donors. The drawing for a set of Rogers Silverware will take place and the winner will be notified and need ont be present.

Sponsors Sought for Refugees from Europe
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

The Émigré Committee of the United Jewish Fund is seeking the cooperation of fifteen Jewish citizens of San Diego to assist in filing agency endorsed assurances for the immigration of Jewish families to the United States.

United Service for New Americans has informed the Émigré Committee that Jewish communities throughout the country are making a concerted effort to settle in our American communities families or individuals who still remain in Europe. They need various kinds of help desperately.

It is hoped that San Diego citizens can participate in this project so that these Jewish persons will have the opportunity to apply for the limited number of visas available under the Refugee Act of 1953.

The documents to be filed are simple forms that do not require financial statements.  Information that the citizen is asked to submit is 1) name, age, birthplace and address, 2) number of people dependent on him for support,  3) number of persons sponsored by him within the last five years for immigration into the United States, 4) number of assurances previously submitted by him under the Refugee Relief Act of 1953.

Persons who wish to volunteer this help should contact the United Jewish Fund, Albert A. Hutler, Exec. Dir., or the Jewish Social Service Agency, Mrs. Henrietta Rubenstein, Exec. Secretary, at BE-2-5172.

Fund Drive Grinds To A Close June 30
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

With 160 pledges reported by workers in the Combined Jewish Appeal, the United Jewish Fund continues to move forward toward it 1954 goal.

With the main portion of the drive to be closed on June 30, Chairman Sol Price and Co-Chairman Seymour Rabin expressed their thanks for the achievement of the Women’s Division which has completed its drive, led by Helen Schulman, with close to  $35,000 raised.

Coverage of prospects in general has been excellent, with an outstanding job being done by county areas through the leadership of Alex Maisel, Escondido; Jerry Appleby, Oceanside; Irwin Sonnebaum, Coronado; Sam Bennett, South Bay Area.

Congratulations to the United Jewish Fund Campaign may be forwarded to the office at 333 Plaza.

Bonds for Israel to Open Drive Soon
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Page 1

Murray D. Goodrich, prominent San Diego business and communal leader, has accepted the chairmanship for 1954 of the San Diego Committee for State of Israel Bonds, with Isaac Domnitz leading Zionist figure as his co-chairman, it was announced by Mr. Samuel Rothberg, National Campaign Chairman. Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Domnitz will direct the campaign for Israel’s second Bond Issue – the Development Issue.

The San Diego committee begins its campaign immediately to organize for the promotion of the sale of the Development Issue, to begin in July, which is expected to provide a total of $75,000,000 in 1954 for the development and expansion of Israel’s agriculture, industry and commerce.

S.D. Fair Will Have Unusual Events June 25th
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, Pages 1-2

“Dancing Waters,” an unusual and colorful combination of water, lights, music, engineering and showmanship, will be a featured attraction of the Southern California Exposition and San Diego County Fair at Del Mar, June 25 through July 5.

Since its debut in Europe at the West Berlin Industrial Exhibition in 1952, “Dancing Waters” has played to more than 10 million persons. The performance at Del Mar will be the second on the Pacific Coast.

“Dancing Waters” has been called a pipe organ ballet of water.  More than 38 tons of water are manipulated in jets by a giant console similar to a pipe organ. The console, one of the most complicated stage props designed, consists of several thousand feet of steel pipe, 19 electric motors, 4,000 jets and 50,000 watts of power.

Red, blue, green and gold lights play on the whirling streams of water creating an effect similar to a full ballet chorus.

“Dancing Waters” is one of several unique attractions offered without cost to patrons of the exhibition. Some of the others include an atomic energy museum, preview of progress, exhibition of Navy combat paintings and demonstrations of armed forces equipment.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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