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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, June 11, 1954, Part 2

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

As the Psychologist Sees You
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 121, 1954, page 2

By Irving R. Stone, Psychological Consultant

“Escapes from Reality”

I believe everyone looks at himself in the mirror at least once a day and views the environment about him from his home or office several times a day. Each time he forms an opinion, often not expressed aloud to others. Sometimes, these opinions are brushed from our thoughts without further consideration; at other times they represent emotional responses which are quite disturbing.

Reality is like every one of those views and every attempt to escape reality is our way of finding displeasure I what we see. Mental hygiene requires that we face reality and not hide from it; we must not only learn to accept ourselves as we are but must accept the conditions of the external world as they exist. True, it may be difficult but if we struggle to escape reality we court a mental breakdown.

Realism allows a person to operate on a level of aspiration that will be a reasonable one for him. He will seek attainment within his capacity; the discrepancy between ability and level of aspiration will be minute or non-existent.  If unrealistic, constant failures will create havoc and lead to a disrupting effect upon emotions.

Escapes from reality, like everything else, may be of different degrees.  The extreme condition, where detachment from reality is complete, is seen in psychotic patients. In a less severe condition, we see the person of dull intelligence attempting to complete or even enter college; the person with an average salary trying to “keep up with the Jones’s,”; or the young man with little athletic ability fighting against the lack instead of accepting it.

Persons with physical handicaps soon must learn that they are limited in their particular condition and adopt a form of compensation which will give them satisfaction. The person who is blind resorts to sound to help him get around; the person who is deaf depends upon sight.

Often one’s interests are out of line with one’s aptitudes and we frequently see someone wanting to engage in an activity for which he is not suited. But, as long as we keep our goals within our reach, we have a chance for success.  Too often we try to emulate someone else, forgetting that no two persons, except identical twins, are ever exactly alike.

In the same way, we must see our fellow human beings as they are and not as we would like them to be. This applies to our parents, our children, our friends, our political leaders, and our neighbors in other countries.

From Where I Sit
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 2

By Mel Goldberg

The Town and Country Club requires that applicants for admission list their religion… Why?… Tempers are flaring over the “confidential list” sent out by the Community Chest to business “chief executives.”  It lists business firms, the number of their employees and amounts of contributions. It also lists those who did not give.  The procedure may or not be okeh, but someone certainly slipped up on cross-checking. In more than one case, people who own several business and gave their contribution through one, were listed as non-givers in the other business. This creates an erroneous impression. Fund-raisers who make up “black-lists” for public consumption, should exercise more care, before releasing them.

Bobby Beck tells about a bopster cannibal, who ate three “squares” a day… David Weissman saw a headline, “Jewish People Seldom are Problem Drinkers.”  Maybe they just can’t mix a problem drink properly.  Or, perhaps, the Jewish problem is stiff enough a potion for them without alcohol. … Many World War II veterans have tossed some vitriolic remarks at the Red Cross because the organization charged for services rendered at clubs overseas. Never publicized, however, was the true story. The Red Cross was compelled to charge because of a directive issued by the U.S. Secretary of War.  Our government took this stand as a “diplomatic measure” to keep certain foreign allies happy, because their troops were being paid much less than ours, and it was felt that this measure would keep other troops from feeling too resentful about the better amenities supplied to the U.S. forces.

Al Perper heard of a fellow who told a faith-healer that his brother was very ill. “Bosh,” said the faith healer, “he only thinks that he is ill.”  A few days later the two met again and the faith healer inquired about the “ill” brother.  “Oh, he’s worse,” said the brother, “now he thinks he’s dead”. … Report from a teacher of the 2nd grade in suburban San Diego school. Session began last September with 34 students, present enrollment is 35. … There are 58 student names on her full year registration and only 6 students present in attendance were registered last September.  How’s that for turnover. … Maybe it helps explain why some children have trouble spelling “cat.” … Mike Soule passes the story along concerning the hen who was gazing at a dish of scrambled eggs and muttering, “Man, dig my poor crazy mixed up kids.”

A local social service agency suggested that one of their unemployed clients, take advantage of his idle time while looking for work, by attending night school. This seemed to be a worthwhile project, since the man in question would probably have had a better chance to secure a job, with some educational background… On his next trip to the unemployment office, h mentioned that he was now attending night school, and they cut off his financial assistance because as they put it—“he was unavailable for work.”

Strange but true: there was a mezuzah on the door at the F St. Rossi headquarters … Pre-viewed the new library… It contains many new innovations in library construction and despite its simplicity and lower than anticipated cost—is definitely a showplace.  Sig Stein mentioned to the chef at the 4-A Roundup that Lawrence Welk was in the dining room enjoying the prime ribs.  In acknowledgment, the chef, a veteran of the kitchens asked, “Yeah, who does he cook for?”

The Navy’s withholding commissions on five Annapolis graduates, needs plenty of explaining. Since when are we responsible for acts committed by relatives. If the actions of a grandfather or an uncle, etc., are to be used as a basis of an individuals character assessment or loyalty background, then we’d better start floating a big bond issue to build bigger and better jails, ‘cause the present pokeys aren’t going to hold all the relations of unfavorable characters… We’d also like to know how it’s possible for a buy to go through 4 years in a service academy, and then suddenly, they find on his graduation, that he is a security risk.

Art Leitch, the East San Diego real estate man, has opened a new office at 6300 El Cajon Blvd….It was refreshing (in the midst of all the political harassing) to note that one of Art’s competitors took it upon himself to insert a welcome salute to Art in the daily paper…That’s real praise!  We might add that we have had occasion to deal with Art for some time now, and only wish that all our business relationships could be as pleasant… He’s the kind of guy, we enjoy seeing successful.

Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 3

Mr. and Mrs. Nate Ratner and their sons, Harry and Larry, are leaving for a tour of Europe on June 25, on the S.S. United States. They will be gone approximately three months. The Ratners have been feted by many of their friends wishing them Godspeed.

Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Newman, MRs. Ben Gordon, Jolly 16 and Mr. and Mrs. Milo Berenson Jr., Charity League, MR. and Mrs. David Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Drogin, Mr. and Mrs. George Martin, MR. and Mrs. Murray Goodrich, Mr. and Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Martco Ratner; Mrs. R.M. Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Newman, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Smith, and Mesdames Sam Smith, Abe Smith, Ray Smith, Isadore Shapiro, and David Horowitz.

Nixie and Roy Kern celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by spending, according to Nixie, “five glorious days” at Big Bear Lake.

Mrs. Jennie Drogin and the Bill Warners left Wednesday on a motor trip to the north. They plan to spend several weeks seeing Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.
Showered—Bride –elect Esther Weitzman was complimented with a miscellaneous shower biven by Mesdames Charles Press, Morton Thaler, Nathan PRager and I Domnitz on June 3. Fifty five guests attended.

On June 19, Mrs. William Schwartz will entertain in her garden with a luncheon and personal shower for Esther. About 40 of Esther’s young friends are expected.
Pre-theatre Cocktails

Several gay cocktail parties were held preceding the J.C.C. Co-operative Nursery School Globe Theatre  Party on June 1q.  Dr. and MRs. Melvin Karzen entertained Messrs and Mesdames Harold Reisman, Mort Lieberman, Sidney Berman, Abe Malkoff, Arthur Rubin and Dr. and Ms. Seymour Okmin.

Mr. and Mrs. Murry Luftig had as guests for cocktails in their home Messrs and Mesdames Frank L. Gegaz, George Lykos, Lester Friedman, and W. D. Smell.

Foreign Note – Writing from Paris, Edie Press Greenberg and her husband, Dean, thank all the people in San Diego for their good wishes and wedding gifts received.  Mr. and Mrs. Zel Greenberg are in Paris spending some time with them. A San Diego get-together was held when Sam and Roanne Krasner visited them from Germany.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Veitzer are understandably delighted at the news that their son, Leonard, will be home from Japan the first part of July.  Leonard will be receiving his Army discharge soon and plans to return to the University of California at Berkeley and his studies in Architecture.
The San Diego contingent in Las Vegas over Memorial Day included the Jack Wyners and Al Teppers; the Harry Spatz’ and Jack Spatz’; and the Ted Naumans and Harry Sugarmans.
Bar Mitzvah -0- Raphael Levens, son of Rabbi and Mrs. Monroe Levewns, was Bar Mitzvah at services at the Tifereth Israel Synagogue Saturday, June 5. Raphael conducted the Sabbath morning services and delivered an address.  A Kiddush and luncheon followed the service.

Jay Lawrence Sugarman, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Sugarman, will become bar mitzvah tonight (June 11) at Temple Beth Israel with Rabbi Morton J. Cohn officiating. A reception will follow the services.
Young Prexy—Congratulations to Phil Brenes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brenes, who has been elected president of Woodrow Wilson Junior High for the 1954-55 term.

Flies to Wedding—Mrs. Betty Cohan is flying to the wedding of her granddaughter, Susan Jane, daughter of  Harold Cohan. The wedding will performed on June 26.

Hostesses at a farewell party in Mrs. Cohan’s home were Mesdames Hyman Rabinowitz, Arthur Block, L. Schlesinger, Edith Segal.

European Jaunt – Ira Fischbein and his parents, MR. and Mrs. David Fischbein, flew to New York June 7 and then by K.L.M Dutch Airlines to Amsterdam, Holland. They will then tour through Israel, Italy, Switzerland and England. They plan to return in about 6 weeks on the S.S. United States.

New Appointment – Irving M. Stone has been appointed to lecture at the College for Men of the University of San Diego. He will teach the courses in Psychology and Education in the fall.
Art Note—Suzanne Hutler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al Hutler, was chosen to hang her picture in the Fine Arts Gallery as a member of the San Diego Art Guild. Susie’s work can be viewed this week.

Birdie Stodel to Hold Membership Luncheon
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 3

Birdie Stodel Chapter 92 of B’nai B’rith Women, will hold a paid up membership luncheon on Monday, June 14, at 12:00 o’clock at the Temple Center.  Lunch will be served free to all members whose dues are paid up for the year.

The following members were elected as delegates to the District Convention to be held in San Francisco: Mrs. Morris Kraus, Mrs. Jeremiah Aronoff, Mrs. Ted Brav, and Mrs. Berwin.

‘Nite at Ball Park’
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 3

Morrie Douglas and Alvin Cushman won season baseball passes at “A NIte at the Ball Park,” sponsored by Temple Beth Israel Men’s Club and Sisterhood on June 2. 

Awards donated by Morrie Douglas, William Erichsen, Milton Roberts and Bill Starr were won by top ticket salesmen: Lillian Rosenbaum, Rose Weinberger, Sid Posin, Sam Sussman, Dick Silberman, Sam Berger and Al Brooks.

Z.B.T. Mothers’ Invite
Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 3

Zeta Beta Tau Mothers’ Club Card Party is Saturday, June 12 at 8 p.m.at the Beth Israel Temple Center.  In addition to cards, they will be entertained by the fraternity members; there will be door prizes and refreshments will be served. Donation is $1.00 per person and a good time is assured all who attend.

Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 3

Cantor and Mrs. Joseph Cysner announce the birth of a daughter, Pamela Rochelle, born May 29 in the Quintard Hospital and weighing 6 lbs, 4 oz.  Big sister, 5 year old Charlotte Susan, is delighted with the new arrival.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. David Nagler of London, England, and Mrs. Chaja Cysner of San Diego.

In honor of naming the baby, a Kiddush is being served after Sabbath morning services, June 12, at Tifereth Israel Synagogue. The community is most cordially invited.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schonfeld and 18 month old daughter, Rochelle Anne of Pomona are happy to announce to all their San Diego friends, the birth of Benjamin Allen, on May 19. The husky young man weighed 7 lbs 7 oz.

San Diego grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. David Hurwitz and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Schonfeld.

A bris was held in the Schonfeld Pomona home on May 26 with MR. and Mrs. Seymour Saltzman acting as godparents.

Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 3

Companionship and home for elderly lady.  HO-9-7358.

Mature woman wanted as baby sitter in College area. References.  JU 2-5364.

Room for Rent in a very nice home. Cooking privileges.  ½ block from bus.  Call before 11:00 a.m. or after 65:00 p.m.  AT-4-6586.

For Sale – Paisley shawl, lace, antique, gold jewelry, fine china.  Phone BE 9-7340.

Woman Will share modern cozy apartment with working woman. Everything furnished.  Near bus lines 1 and 2. AT1-2102; AT-1-7869 after 6 p.m.

Driving to N.Y. about June 20.  New Chev. Will take 1 or 2 riders to share driving aned exp.  JU2-6429 after 5:30 p.m.


Southwestern Jewish Press, June 11, 1954, page 3

12th—ZBT Mothers’ Club Card Party-Temple Center -8:00 p.m.
13th—Beth Jcob Men’s Club “Golden Nugget” Nite – B.J. Center – 6:00 p.m.
13th – Tifisra Men’s Club June Dinner—6:30 p.m.
14th –Birdie Stodel Luncheon – Temple Center -12 noon
14th –Lasker Lodge –Variety Show-Temple Center – 8:00 p.m.
17th—Bay City B.B. – Garden Luncheon Paryt –4525 48th St –12 noon
19th—Fox Lodge Card Party – Beth Jacob Center – 8:00 p.m.
20th—Pioneer Negba Cloub Donor Dinneer—6:00 p.m
26th—Y.J.C. Installation-Admiral Kidd Club
27th—J.C.C. “Lucky Nite”—Beth Jacob Center – 6:30 p.m.
29th – J.W. V. Aux. Membership Tea—4565 Norma Dr. – 1:30 p.m.
30th—City of Hope Aux. –Anna Shelley Memorial Luncheon.

4th – Y.J.C. Picnic—Presidio Park


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

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