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San Diego Israel Coalition plans June 17 organizing meeting

SAN DIEGO (Press Release)—An organizing meeting of the San Diego Israel Coalition – described as a “grassroots, passionate, inclusive pro-Israel group focused on powerful and peaceful Israel advocacy”– will be conducted at 7:15 p.m., Thursday, June 17, at Congregation Beth Am, 5050 Del Mar Heights Road in the Carmel Valley area.

Co-chairs Audrey Jacobs and Michael Lurie said the organization will work in partnership with the United Jewish Federation, Anti-Defamation League, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Hillel, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Tritons for Israel, T.E.A.M., Tarbuton, the Zionist Organization of America and all other pro-Israel organizations.

Information about the group and the meeting may be obtained via sdisraelcoalition@gmail.com

Preceding based on information provided by the San Diego Israel Coalition

  1. June 16, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Audrey Jacobs and Michael Lurie sent this communication to San Diego Jewish World:

    On a Thursday night two weeks ago a group of 50 San Diegans gathered at a private home to discuss what individuals could do locally to support Israel. At that meeting we found out about the pro-Palestian rally regarding the Flotilla incident to be held the next day. Without thinking about starting an organization, the group decided to hold a peaceful, proIsrael counter rally. We immediately reached out to many local Jewish proIsrael organizations asking them to help us lead this effort, but none were able to act that quickly, so realized we had to do it ourselves. Basically within 9 hours, with the help and support of Morris Casuto and the ADL, we organized a successful, well attended, peaceful rally that had extensive police presence and was well covered by the media. See our TV news clips

    We took the other side by surprise and motivated hundreds of San Diegans that there was a place for them to stand up and show their support for Israel. Our group was very enthusiastic and (we two) rally organizers, Michael Lurie and Audrey Jacobs were bombarded by requests to help and asked what was next.

    In response, a small group led by Michael and Audrey then met and decided to form the “San Diego Israel Coalition,” a grassroots, passionate, inclusive pro-Israel group focused on powerful and peaceful Israel advocacy in San Diego, working in partnership with all local pro-Israel organizations.

    Our emerging focus is the battle for public opinion in San Diego – the pro-Israel PR / hasbara effort – through three mutually reinforcing initiatives:

    1. Building a substantial grassroots membership in San Diego, and providing our members with the information on how to advocate for Israel.

    2. Leveraging this membership to execute effective, peaceful and newsworthy mass action events (both proactively planned as well as reactive “crisis response” events) that put the case for Israel.

    3. Securing positive coverage for Israel in the local media – TV, radio, online, U-T, local papers, etc – from these mass action events and proactively and use this coverage to attract more members.

    We’re holding our first membership meeting this Thursday night (June 17) at Beth Am at 7:30 p.m. to refine our groups’ mission, mobilize into different action groups and brainstorm future efforts….

    For those who would like to join the San Diego Israel Coalition, they can email sdisraelcoalition@gmail.com to request membership.

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