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SDJA’s Sara Frank wins a first at state science fair

California Science Fair winner Sara Frank

SAN DIEGO (Press Release)– San Diego Jewish Academy student Sara Frank and 960 other students from across California, gathered to compete at the California State Science Fair on May 17.

Frank received an invitation to the competition after receiving four professional society awards, first place in the Medicine category and the Sweepstakes Award at the Greater San Diego Science Fair. At the end of the state competition, Frank was awarded first place in the Human Biology category for her project “Do You See What I See,” which is a truly impressive accomplishment for the eighth grader.

Frank’s project hypothesized that individuals see colors differently based on their age and gender.  Frank used an LED light box that employed varying degrees of color to test her hypothesis and found that it was true, especially in men. Frank’s findings have everyday applications in clothing, signage and medicine, especially in pills which often use color for differentiation.

“I have an interest in both biology and engineering, so with this project I was able to combine these two topics,” stated Frank. Next year, Frank will enter ninth grade at SDJA and plans to continue exploring her interests in science.

 “I look to forward to participating in more science research projects in the near future,” concluded Frank. 

Preceding provided by San Diego Jewish Academy

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