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Adventures In San Diego Jewish History, July 23, 1954, Part 2

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Doris Jean Berman Weds Sydney Green Sunday

Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 3

The marriage of Doris Jean Berman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Berman to Martin Sydney Green of Beverly Hills, son of MR. and Mrs. David Green of Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, will be solemnized by Rabbi Morton J. Cohn at 2:00 p.m., July 25 at the Manor Hotel. Theodore Nauman will be soloist. The candlelight ceremony will take place under a canopy of daisies and gardenias.

The bride’s original gown is of embroidered white Swiss organdy featuring a three tiered skirt with a slight train and a portrait neckline.  Her elbow length net veil is scalloped to match the gown and trimmed with pearls.  She will carry a bouquet of white roses and stephanotis. Her only jewelry will be her grandmother’s diamond earrings.

The bride’s attendants in gowns similar in design to the bride’s are of yellow Swiss organdy. They will carry baskets of yellow marguerite daisies, pink elf roses, baby’s breath and blue delphinium.

Charlotte Pearl is maid of honor with Mrs. Richard Berman, sister in law of the bride, acting as a matron of honor.  Bridesmaids are Della Rubin and Barbara LaRue Blakley.

Brother of the bride, Ralph Berman, is acting as best man with brother Richard Berman as lead usher.  Other ushers are Frank Parker of Westwood and Nick Linardos of Los Angeles.

A champagne reception for 200 guests will be held in the Terrace Room of the hotel immediately following the ceremony. The wedding table will be decorated with gardenias and maiden fern surrounding a four-tier column wedding cake.  Of particular interest are the candles which will burn in the gold candelabra at each end of the table.  They were used at the wedding of the bride’s parents, 32 years ago.

Mrs. Harry Berman will receive in pink beaded cotton lace and Mrs. David Green will weak aqua Irish linen with aqua and pink accessories.

When the new Mr. and Mrs. Berman leave for a two week wedding trip to an “undisclosed destination,” she will wear a beaded beige cashmere suit with brown lizard accessories and brown orchids.  Upon their return they will make their home at 442-D North Palm Drive, Beverly Hills.

Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 3

Lincoln Quiz – The Lincoln Quiz article in the last issue was of particular interest to George Grossmayer and its sister. Their father, Nathan Grossmayer, was a close friend of Lincoln.  Original correspondence from General U.S. Grant and other documents showing Mr. Grossmayer’s service to his country were turned over to the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.

We’re happy to welcome to San Diego newcomers including the Harry J. Karkovys and their daughter, formerly of Larchmont, N.Y., the George Swerdlows and their three children, formerly of Columbus, Ohio; and the Al Greasons and their two children of Rochester, N.Y.


Millie and Meyer Snyder have moved into their new home at 5134 Bocaw Place and are anxious to have their friends call.

Milton David (Mickey) Rosenberg, son of MR. and Mrs. Louis Rosenberg, a June graduate of the Boalt School of Law, University of California at Berkeley, has been elected to membership in COIF, the Law Honor Society.  A members of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, Mickey will work as law research this summer on the campus.

Molly and Abe Sackheim wish to thank all their friends for their many kindnesses during Abe’s recent illness.

Travel Topics – Mr. and Mrs. George Wixen flew South this week for an eighteen day tour of Mexico with their daughter, Jackie, and Marcia Ruskin.  They expect to visit all the outstanding and interesting places including Mexico City and Acapulco.

“Our six years in San Diego will be years to remember. We enjoyed our participation in the community’s activities, our social contacts, and our affiliation with the Temple.” Thus did Libby and Albert Krasnow express themselves before they left for their new home at 99 Brewster Road, West Hartford, Conn.  Their San Diego relatives and friends expect the Krasnows to spend many vacations here in the future. Good luck and good health.

Sioux Falls seemed far away to Linda Ackerman as she sang duets with Karen Mallen, one of her close San Diego friends.  Flo Ackerman is staying close to her first grandson, Jeffrey, and stretching out her stay here as long as possible.

Visiting for 10 days from Detroit are Rabbi Morton J. Cohn’s brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Cohn, their four daughters and a son, and Mrs. Cohn’s father, Mr.  Sam Shapero.  The Cohns motored cross country and are staying at the Manor Hotel.

Estelle and Ben Rottman (Ben is President of the Civic Music Association) are attending the Bach Music Festival in Carmel, California.  While there, they will visit with Julian Karolyi, pianist, who will be one of the guest soloists at the Festival.  Mr. Karolyi is also slated to give a concert in san Diego with the Summer Symphony on July 27th.

Mr. and Mrs. James Lesser and their three daughters have just returned from a visit to New York. Their seventeen year old nephew, Kenneth Kadet, returned with them to spend his summer vacation in San Diego.

The Lessers, who motored East, chose routes which enabled them to visit State Parks and historic locales.  They had a grand reunion with members of both sides of the fmily. While in New York, Mrs. Lesser celebrated her birthday and the 48th Wedding Anniversary of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A, Kadet.

Hadassah Sets Tea For Members Aug. 9
Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 3

Hadassah will launch its 1954-55 Membership Tea on August 9, at the Kona Kai Club from 1:30 to 4:00.  Mrs. Harry Felson, newly elected president, cordially invites all non-Hadassah members to be the organization’s guest on that day.  Present members are also warmly welcome and will receive invitations at a nominal charge of $1.55.

Mrs. Edward Kitaen, membership chairman, assisted by Mrs. Manuel Hafner, co-chairman, will preside at the Tea at which time a fashion show will be presented based on a “Holiday in Hawaii.”

Assisting Mrs. Kitaen in planning the unusual event will be Mmes. Elmer Wohl, Rod Horrow, Howard Hoffman, Archie Bushnell, George Wixen, Robert W. Smith, Earl Brody, Arthur Gardner, Sig Stein, Louis Steinman and Manuel Hafner.

Admittance to the Tea will be by invitation only and should be made with Mrs. Edward Kitaen, HO-9-1389, and Mrs. Manuel Hafner, AC-2-3876.

(Future Past)

The more tasks we leave for tomorrow the quicker the future becomes the past.
Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 3

Judy Sharon, aged three, has a live baby doll now that brother Lawrence Marc has joined the Jerome Schwartz family.  Lawrence was born July 9 and weighted 7 lbs, 11 oz.

Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. David Schwartz; maternal grandmother, Mrs. Ethel Schlossberg.  Great grandmother is Mrs. Betsy Solomon.  Rabbi Morton J. Cohn officiated at the brith on Sunday, July 18.

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Sackheim (JoAnne Rosenfeld) welcomed their first child, a daughter, Janet Lynn on July 15.

The 7 lb. 1 oz young miss is the second grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rosenfeld and the third for Mr. and Ms. Abe Sackheim.

Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 3

Room for Rent – Gentleman or lady; quiet, light, clean, airy room; kitchen privileges; garage and use of telephone.  Near Bus No. 2.  Phone BE-4-5624 evenings.

Room for Rent for lady, in very nice private ho9me. Cooking privileges, ½ block from bus. Call before 11:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. AT-4-6586.

For Sale, House, Loma Portal, 3 bedrooms.  Priced to sell with excellent terms.  AC-3-0635.


Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 3

25th—Yo-Ma-Co Picnic –Alpine Park
25th—Tifereth Israel Mens’ Club Boat Ride – 5:30 p.m.
31st—Young Jewish Couples Club Beach Picnic – Pacific Beach –8:30 p.m.

1st—Pioneer Women, Negba Picnic –Pepper Grove.
4th—Beth Israel Sisterhood “Summer Tea” – 4290 Altamirano Way.
9th-Hadassah Membership Tea –1:30 p.m
13th—Jewish War Veterans Aux. Poppy Sale.
15th – Jewish Labor Committee—Pepper Grove – 12 Noon.

They Never Learn—{Editorial}
Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 4

Jew-baiting has already moved into the Oregon political campaign—although election day is still more than three months away.  The intended victim was Richard L. Neuberger, whose byline is nationally known to magazine readers.  Neuberger is one of the best known writers on the Northwest.  He is also a member of the Oregon Senate and his wife Maurine serves in the state’s House of Representatives, a unique family distinction.

Neuberger is a Jew.  He is one of the strongest vote-getters in the state. The Democrats have nominated him to run against Guy Cordon, who is seeking re-election to the U.S. Senate. The Sherman County Journals (published by State Senator Giles French) considered this “ a bad decision”  It ran an editorial that began:

“Up until last week Richard Neuberger had been wise enough to remain primarily a writer and to dabble in politics as a recreation or to provide grist for writing mill. The well-known wisdom of his race in financial matters has been uppermost in this policy.”

The Cordon-for-Senator Committee promptly circulated this item throughout the state with the intention that it be reprinted in other papers. Instead, those editors who did comment, decried the unwholesome smear.  Senator Cordon’s campaign manager denied any knowledge of the incident, blaming it on a publicity man whom he has since removed from the campaign. But he agreed that the wholesale circulation of the editorial was an effort to use religious prejudice.

Medals and Arms
Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 4

The Legion of Merit Award, given by our State Dept., to an Arab General who fought on the side of the Nazis and later against Israel, is in line with the recent decisions of our government to arm Iraq.  Iraq has done more than any other Arab nation to aid the Nazis, to persecute its Jewish inhabitants, to introduce anti-Jewish propaganda into the United States and to avoid an armistice with Israel.

Yet, this Arab State was selected by Secretary of State Dulles as the first to receive free arms.  The Arab general, who joined the Nazis when the Allies seemed on the brink of defeat, has been chosen as the first Arab League officer to be decorated with a U.S. medal. This gesture was made with the approval of the White House “in line with the defense of the vital resources of the free world.” (Oil?)

Hundreds of Jews are still in Iraqi concentration camps. About 125,000 Iraq Jews escaped into Israel since 1949.  The State Department views Iraq as a “bastion of democracy,” although the Iraqi government openly admitted it wants U.S. arms to kill Jews rather than any Soviet invaders.  Israel has applications for similar arms aid but it has been ignored for two years.

Our State Department is playing directly into Communist hands by honoring and backing an unreliable and Nazi-minded Arab State. America can never be sure of the Arabs, who have twice proved to be untrustworthy. 

Consideration of Israel’s requests would help build and sustain a truly “democratic minded” nation, that is oriented toward the free world, and whose people fought on the side of the Allies during the last war. Our State Department could do worse than pin a medal on an Israeli general and send arms to Israel.

Jews In American History—300 Years
Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, page 4

By Dr. Philip L. Seaman, University of Judaism

In previous chapters reference has already been made to Solomon Nunes Carvalho, an artist who accompanied John Charles Fremont on his last and ill fated expedition to the far west in 1853.  This reference was made when we discussed the pioneer Jews of Utah.  However there are instances in the life and service of Carvalho that should be given additional attention.  These facts we also learn from Schappes Documentary History of the United States and other sources.

Carvalho was one of a family of rabbis, teachers, writers and merchants of Spanish-Portuguese descent.  He was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1815 and died in New York City in 1894.  We learn from Dr. Walters’ story of the Pioneer Jews of Utah in the Studies in American Jewish History published by the American Jewish Historical Society that at the age of twenty, he had already achieved a considerable reputation as a portrait painter. Among his best known portraits are those of Thomas Hunter, the founder of Hunter College in New York City and of the Reverend Isaac Lesser of Philadelphia, and that two of his paintings were hung in the interior of the old synagogue in Charleston.

Two of Carvalho’s sons attained distinction in other fields. David Nunes Carvalho was a celebrated handwriting expert whose book Forty Centuries of Ink is a recognized and authoritative work on the detection of forgeries.  His disclosures, Dr. Walters tells us, of the falsity of the documents employed in the conviction of Alfred Dreyfus in France are said to have materially aided in Dreyfus final vindication.

Solomon Nunes Carvalho, when in Utah, was supplied with painting materials and painted the portraits of a number of Mormon dignitaries. He received a good deal of attention from Brigham Young, the Mormon Governor.  He tells us in his journal that he went to a meeting where Apostle Benson preached a sermon on the restoration of Israel to Jerusalem “which would have done honor to a speaker of Hebrew persuasion.”

An interesting observation is made by Anita Libman Lebson in her Pilgrim People when she tells the story of Carvalho.  “There was little what escape the artist’s eye… He found possibilities for industrial development and for colonization.  From San Bernardino to Los Angeles the road lay over one continuous field of wild mustard, covering the whole breath of the valley.  Not a bad idea, he suggested to build a mustard mill.”

In Carvalho’s diary he notes the manners and customs of the Mormons, discusses their vagaries and shows the manifest unfairness of their system to women.  The crudeness of the new communities in California, the lack of morals, the abandonment of all customary restraints, etc.  The San Francisco area was the cesspool of California immorality.  “Alas! For the morals of the people at large… almost every night while I was there, one murder at least was committed.”  In Los Angeles he found opportunity to put his organization ability to work.  He promoted a Hebrew Philanthropic Society.

Carvalho, who made a ‘long journey cross the continent that led to unravelling its mysteries finally returned to his wife and his children in Baltimore and Philadelphia, where he and his wife were active in communal life. (To be continued).

From Where I Sit
Southwestern Jewish News, July 23, 1954, pages 4, 8

By Mel Goldberg

Startling fashion news: … Paris and New York papers please note! … At a recent San Diego wedding, a gay female turned up as a guest during the ceremony in the House of Worship, adorned in what can best be described as a strapless candy-striped T.-shirt. We later conducted a survey at a local department store and were duly informed that the proper nomenclature of the item is an elasticized sun-top.

A hasty interrogation of a store clerk revealed this particular piece of ladies apparel is considered most becoming at a beach or in a patio…. When this reporter asked the saleslady if it might be considered an appropriate item to wear when attending a wedding, she responded with complete dismay—“are you kidding?”

We might add that the lady who wore this  dramatic piece of apparel, further added to the display by criticizing in a stage whisper—(throughout the ceremony)—the outfits worn by the more staid and sensible other lady guests present! … If this keeps up we shall attend all summer weddings in a pair of cool, comfortable B.V.Ds.

The Mexico Travel Service buzzed us last week about the non-stop DC-6 flight from Tijuana to Mexico City … We took a quick gander at this luxury 5-hour flight plane and it was really something. … On the flight, you get cold beer, card games, sandwiches, canapes, refreshments, hot meals, newspapers, coffee and magazines … One wonders how it is possible to use up all the free services in five hours.

As we inspected the plane, we kept thinking of the differences between heading for a vacation in transportation like this as against the limousine service from New York to the Catskill Mountains. … Boy oh boy, those old limousines were something … You’d either leave at 6 a/m. or in the middle of the afternoon heat. … The cars were built to carry 7 passengers, but the driver always managed to squeeze in a couple of extra fares and enough luggage for 2 weeks.  This trip was always referred to as “going to the mountains by machine.” … (As a matter of fact, we recall any number of older folks who never referred to an automobile in any other way than “by machine.” … It was a case of “the children are motoring to Miami by machine,”  or “My son, the doctor, has a big practice, he has two machines.” …) On the limousine trip, the passenger always carried vast assortments of food.

Twenty minutes enroute and the grub parcels were opened… hard boiled eggs made an appearance … who’d think of taking a trip without hard boiled eggs? … Next a chicken polkie .. this was the “fight” signal for the younger passengers … To them, there were no edible parts of a chicken other than the legs … and what a howl they’d put up if they didn’t get to nosh on one of them. … The whole two or three hour ride was a continuous pattern of eating, feeling nauseous, and making countless “rest” stops.

Soneone once heard of a driver who started out with a car full of passengers on the hottest day of summer… Because of the cleaners’ strike, the chauffeur was wearing his only available suit, a heavy wool, itchy tweed number … On that particular day, one of the passengers spilled a bottle of herring in sour cream over the entire back seat, a seven-year-old boy, while eating a half-melted Hershey bar, broke the cranks off the rear windows so that they could not be opened – another passenger was suffering from an attack of intestinal flu combined with a champagne hangover, one small child had the colic, but why go on?….

The point of the story is: the driver arrived at the resort, with a crazed look in his eyes and with just one quiet little passenger… When the circumstances surrounding the case were explained to the court, the jury refused to convict….

The resorts, according to the advertisements, were sensational … The copy-writers stretched their imagination to the breaking point … “Catering to the Discriminating,” “The Last Word in Summer Vaation Luxury,” “Another World,” “Exquisite Cuisine.” … They certainly could toss the adjectives around … We recall one which for purpose of identification, we’ll call Shapiro’s Hawaiian Hacienda.  What a dump! …

The “ad” emphasized recreational facilities … the golf course was 18 miles down the road … the tennis court would have  been terrific if it had a net and if the toadstools growing all over the serving line didn’t trip you up … the rates were always different than what the reservation stated. … This joint featured Broadway entertainment… It was Broadway entertainment all right! .. Broadway in Weekawken, New Jersey… Shapiro was quite a guy… Because of him, we now have labor laws.

He used to recruit college students in the spring-time and lure them with the opportunity of a “vacation with a chance to make some spending money” … What a vacation!  … Work in the kitchen from 5:30 to 7:00 ayem, then wait on tables for breakfast till 11.  Take a half hour vacation! Back to work from noon till 3, waiting on the lunch trade. Take fifteen minute vacation! 3:15 to 5:30 serve the tea and cocktail customers  5:30 to 9:30 wait on the dinner customers.  Help clean up the kitchen and dining room, then play in the orchestra, or dance with the customers and keep ‘em happy till one in the morning.  Pretty good deal.  Besides all this, you get paid $20.00 a month.  … The customers that the college boys had to dance with could have been entered in a race at Caliente—Real dolls—better looking heads you could find on cabbage.

The only way you could beat Shapiro at his own game was to rent a room on the American plan and eat like a horse … One guest checked in and had a midnight snack of three chicken sandwiches and two bottles of ginger ale … For breakfast he ordered tomato and orange juice six eggs, some salami, oatmeal, three bagels and two cups of coffee.  When the waiter asked him if that was his entire order, he said, “Of course not, that for mine large intestine.  Now for me, bring some pancakes and a strawberry waffle and a pitcher of grapefruit juice.”

At noon time, this same chap ate 14 potato blintzes, 9 cheese blintzes, 3 large Idaho baked potatoes, 2 bowls of cottage cheese with chopped vegetables and sour cream.  He topped this off with two bowls of chicken soup and a bowl of borscht… At two in the afternoon, while having a mid-afternoon snack of sturgeon sandwiches, he suffered an attack of acute indigestion and passed out … Shapiro and a few well meaning guests hovered over him with a glass of cold spring water, trying to revive him…. At he came to, he spotted Shapiro with the glass of water and commented: “Shapiro: What is this nonsense with the water! Bring me two malted milks!” …

“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history. 

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