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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, July 23, 1954, Part 3

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Station KFMB Increases Watts

Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 5

Radio Station KFMB this week will move from 550 on your radio dial to 540 on your radio dial and increase its power to 5,000 watts starting Thursday, July 22.

Marking the first time in San Diego broadcasting history that a radio station has moved its facilities to better serve the people of the county, the dial change was necessary to gain the extra power which makes KFMB the most powerful station in the county.

Radio Station KFMB officials point out that now such great Columbia Broadcasting System shows and stars as Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks, Arthur Godfrey, Art Linkletter’s “House Party,” Edward R. Murrow, Lowell Thomas, Bing Crosby Show and many, many others will be heard over KFMB 540 on your radio dial.

Favorite local shows and stars such as Harold Keen, Molly Morse and Ray Wilson and the News will now be heard throughout San Diego County at their usual times.

City of Hope Aux
 Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 5

Our sincerest thanks to all those who helped make our picnic last Sunday such a grand success!

Wish all of you could have attended the dedication of the new Children’s Leukemia Wing at the City of Hope.  After seeing those sick little children we are more determined than ever to do everything within our power to help raise funds which will help eradicate the catastrophic diseases—cancer, leukemia tuberculosis, Hodgkin’s disease and heart ailments amenable to surgery.

Pioneer Women
Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 5

A Family Picnic and Social afternoon will be sponsored by 16 Hostesses, members of Pioneer Women, Negba Club.  Home cooked delicious food will be served all afternoon starting at noon. Members are urged to attend and bring their family and friends to Pepper Grove, Balboa Park, on Sunday, August 1.

There will be no regular meeting in August. The next regular meeting will be on Thursday, Sept. 2.  Another rummage sale is being planned in the very near future and a call to Pres. Jeanette Abrams at AT-1-6736 will be appreciated and pick-up will be arranged.

As the Psychologist Sees You
Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 6

By Irving R. Stone, Psychological Consultant

What Is Success? – In the United States we find many things that are singularly ours and for which we can take much credit. Because ours is a competitive society, we find the need for mastery is something which can be debated for a long time.

The high premium which we place upon success creates this emphasis on competition. From the time the child is very small, he learns that he must not only do well but he must excel. The striving for power and prestige for himself becomes as important as goodness, cleanliness and kindness.  We set up a form of caste system and then do everything to break it down by trying to rise above the standards we have established.

The desire for achievement is seen in many ways, economically, socially, educationally, and the satisfaction of that desire is essential to the maintenance of sound mental health. Success is found in the goals which the individual sets for himself or which often are established for him by others. When success is attainable, when goals can be realized, then satisfaction results; when they are not realizable, frustration results.

Often the individual does not have the capacity to achieve success because his goals are too high and he soon experiences a lack of self-respect because of repeated failures. Without reality, he keeps striving and each time develops more fears and less efficiency.

Too often the individual does not realize that he has attained success or becomes dissatisfied with it because he needs even greater attainment.  He does not recognize success when it is in his grasp or does not enjoy his accomplishment because of the guilt he feels as a result of the cost in attaining it.

Success can be achieved and enjoyed only when he and others about his do not suffer in the mastery process.

Success is not synonymous with wealth and prestige.  If it were, the only happy persons would be rich and the influential.  The happiest individuals are found among those who are doing what they enjoy doing, are accomplishing what they are able to do, and who command the respect of others for their achievements.  They find satisfaction in their activity and not because they bested someone else. Glory can come to the loser as well as to the victor.  Success can come to the one who does for others and not only for himself. Too often people do for others only because it means added prestige and power for themselves. Finally, success does not come to one who has gained prestige, power and wealth by reaping the accomplishments of another.

Sisterhood Plans ‘Summer Tea’ Aug 4.
Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 6

One of the early organizational affairs will be the “Summer Tea” to be given by the Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood on Wednesday, August 4, in the beautiful home and garden of Mrs. Leo Greenbaum, at 4290 Altamarino Way.  At this time, new and prospective members will be greeted by Mrs. Mack Esterson, President.  Mrs. Dora Friedman, former president of (sic, and) one of Sisterhood’s members of long standing, will give a brief resume of its activities.

The membership committee, headed by Mrs. Louis Bickman, includes  Mrs. Morton J. Cohn, Mrs. Dora Friedman, Mrs. George Katz, Mrs. Nathan Schiller, Mrs. Charles Silverman, Mrs. Joseph Silverman, Mrs. George Starr and Mrs. Victor Schulman.

Pouring at the tea tables will be Mrs. Joseph Alweis and Mrs. Edgar Levi.  Musical entertainment will be the high note of the afternoon, which promises to be an enjoyable affair.

The new officers of sisterhood are Mrs. Mack Esterson, Pres; Mrs. Richard Lustig, 1st V-Pres; Mrs. Herbert Eber, 2nd V-Pres; Mrs. Louise Bickman, 3rd V-Pres; Mrs. Mortimer Rosenbaum, 4th V-Pres; MRs. Rob’t Miller, Rec. Sec.; Mrs. Chas. Silverman, Fin. Sec; Mrs. Harold Rosenbaum, Corr. Sec.; Mrs. Nathan Smollar, Treas,; and Mrs. Henry Weinberger, Parliamentarian.

Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 6

It is true that practice makes perfect in most cases, but does not applyu to people who talk too much.

United Success Drive Names Carl Esenoff
Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 6

Carl Esenoff has been named as chairman of a special Campaign Potential Committee for the Second United Success Drive of the San Diego Area Community Chest, according to George A. Scott, Chairman.

Esenoff’s committee will be comprised of six Campaign Cabinet members who will discuss funds raised in last year’s campaign as a basis for estimating the 1955 campaign potential.

Among the major prominent executives serving on the Budget Committee of the Community Chest are Alan Soule and Eli Levenson.

Always Figures
Southwestern Jewish Press, July 23, 1953, Page 6

Pleasure from most vacation trips may not exceed expectations, but expenses always do.
“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history. 

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