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El Al to inaugurate Tel Aviv-Eilat route Aug 1

TEL AVIV (Press Release)–EL AL, the national airline of Israel, is announcing the launch of its newest destination to the popular beach resort of Eilat which is located on the Red Sea in southern Israel. Beginning August 1st, EL AL will offer three daily roundtrip flights every Sunday through Thursday as well as one daily roundtrip flight every Friday morning and Saturday evening.

EL AL passengers have the option to travel to Eilat on the way to Israel, on the way home, or in the middle of their vacation.  A special roundtrip fare of $40 from Ben Gurion Airport to Eilat is available when purchasing the roundtrip EL AL flight from the USA to Israel.  The $40 Eilat fare is subject to availability and certain restrictions apply.

“We are enthusiastic to provide these first-ever EL AL flights so that many more Americans and all international travelers will be able to experience the beauty, relaxation, excellent year-round weather, and many fun attractions that Eilat offers,” said Offer Gat, EL AL Vice President, North and Central America.  “The fact that these flights conveniently depart from Ben Gurion Airport allows our passengers travelling from the USA to easily connect to their nonstop EL AL flight (in either direction) as well as save valuable travel time.”

 The maiden flight, appropriately named “EL AL Red Sea” will depart from Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport, as will all EL AL flights to/from from Eilat. For passengers beginning or ending their trip in Eilat, EL AL allows the same hand luggage and checked baggage allowance as on the flights to/from the United States. To take advantage of the special $40 fare,visit www.elal.com, call EL AL at 800-223-6700 or any travel agent.

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