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Howard Wayne endorsed by Donna Frye for her council seat

SAN DIEGO (Press Release)– San Diego District 6 Councilmember Donna Frye and her Chief of Staff, Steve Hadley, a former District 6 candidate, announced on Thursday that they are endorsing Howard Wayne to replace Frye on the council.

“We have a very clear choice in this race,” said Frye.  “Howard is a long-time member of this community, a Deputy Attorney General and a legislator who has already proven his commitment to us.  Lorie Zapf, in contrast, has shown herself to be intolerant and to lack the kind of financial management skills it takes to run a large City.”

Steve Hadley also expressed confidence in Howard Wayne and concern about the direction Zapf might take the City.  “This is a critical time for San Diego,” he said.  “We can’t afford any big mistakes in who we elect.”

Howard Wayne is running on a platform of improving City services through economic improvement, better fiscal management and pension reform.

Howard Wayne has served the public throughout his professional career as a San Diego area California State Assembly Member and as a California Deputy Attorney General.  A San Diegan since early childhood, Howard attended Marvin Elementary School, Lewis Junior High School, Hoover High School, San Diego State University, and University
of San Diego. He has lived in San Diego Council District 6 neighborhoods for 38 years.

Preceding provided by the Wayne for City Council campaign

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