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S.D. Library to feature author who focuses on Christian roots of Holocaust

SAN DIEGO (Press Release) – The San Diego Public Library announces an author talk featuring local writer Gabriel Wilensky and his book Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Anti-Semitism Paved the Road to the Holocaust on Wednesday, July 21 at 6:30 in the 3rd floor Auditorium of the Central Library, located at 820 E Street in downtown San Diego. 

Six Million Crucifixions covers the last two thousand years of history, examining the root causes of anti-Semitism in Christianity and how they prepared the soil for the secular anti-Semitism that culminated in the Holocaust.  It also treats the role of the Vatican in setting up escape routes for wanted war criminals after WWII.  The author concludes by making the point that “after the Holocaust the Allies should have set up an international trial and put any and all clergymen who may have had a role in the defamation of and incitement against the Jewish people, as well as those who helped wanted Nazis escape Justice and other charges, on the dock.”

Gabriel Wilensky is a local veteran of the computer software industry.  As a result of a life-long fascination and years of study into the question of why the Holocaust happened, he used his technical background to methodically research and write Six Million Crucifixions.

Preceding provided by the San Diego City Library

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