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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, August 6, 1954, part 2

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 3

Succumbing to the lure of our neighbor to the south are Zelma and Sid Goldstein who left for a seven day plane trip through Mexico. Among the interesting places they will visit are Cuernavaca, Taxco and Mexico City.

Rabbi and Mrs. Morton J. Cohn with Jane and Morton Jr. left Saturday for the Camp of Living Judaism at Saratoga for a regular session of the Jewish Youth Conference.  Rabbi Cohn will be the dean of the conference.

Also attending the camp which attracts about 350 high school and college age students are Rochelle Goodrich, Brenda Heiman and Leani Leichtag.

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Schneider had as their houseguest for a week, her cousin Miss Arlene Brinn of New York.  Miss Brinn combined business with pleasure on her trip to San Francisco and Canada. While in San Diego she was entertained by members of her family, Mrs. Jennie Siner, Mrs. Sophie Garber, and MRs. Sam Shapov.

In Los Angeles, Miss Brinn was feted by Rabbi and Mrs. N.I. Addleson and their daughter and son-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kholos.

Sid Sonnabaum, son of Mrs. Rosalie Sonnabaum, has returned home from Pars where he served with the Armed Forces for two years and is enjoying the rest of the summer becoming reacquainted with his friends. Sid will be enrolled at State College in the fall.

Mannie and Betty Adler and son, Louis, used almost every means of travel, including plane, train, boat and taxi to reach a resort on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  They spent a week at Shawnigan Lake, several days in Victoria and San Francisco, and a day each in Portland and Seattle.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Garber left this week to visit their children in Duluth, Minn., Milwaukee, Wisc., and New York. The two big moments of the trip will be the introduction to two new grandchildren, one 2 weeks old and one 4 weeks old.

Mrs. Elsie Meyer has as her guest for the summer, her aunt, Mrs. Ines Schwartz of New York, whom she hasn’t seen since they parted 17 years ago in a small German town.  Mrs. Schwartz lived for a time in Mexico City, but this is her first visit to California.

The only disappointment of Mrs. Schwartz’ visit is the fact that she hasn’t seen Mrs. Meyer’s son, Horace, who is stationed in Korea with the Air Corps.

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Friedman and family are taking a week’s motor tour to Northern California.  Irv will do a little business on the side, of course.

Mrs. Etta Bilgray of New York is visiting for a month with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Addleson.  Her any cousins in San Diego have rolled out the red carpet and are keeping her occupied.  She accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wax to San Francisco this week for the B’nai B’rith Convention.

Rabbi and Mrs. N.I. Addleson of Hollywood were vacationing in La Jolla last week. They spent the time visiting with their children and sisters and brothers. Rabbi Addleson will rejoin his congregation in time for the High Holy Days.

Morris Breitbard, daughter Sylvia, and son in law Babe Bard, will leave on a six-week trip back East.  Picking up a new car in Detroit, they will drive through Canada, Niagara Falls, New York City, Washington, and Virgina and visit relatives en route.

Mrs. Harry Goodwin has returned from a trip that was to have taken two months, but due to transportation difficulties that turned into a blessing, lasted for six months. After visiting her sister and family in New Zealand, Mrs. Goodwin spent some time in Australia and returned to the States via France and England.  While in England she stopped in her native Leeds.

Unquestionably, Harry is delighted to have the traveler home.

Mrs. Ida Addis and family wish to thank their friends for their kindnesses during their recent bereavement.

Mr. George Neumann wishes to thank his friends for all their kindness during his recent illness.

Is Our Face Red Dept – Don’t know when we’ve been as happy to reprint a retraction: Our report that the S.Z. Greenbergs are moving to El Centro couldn’t have been wronger. As a matter of fact, they’re still in Europe and having a wonderful time.

Boner No 2: Mickey Rosenberg was given the wrong parents in our last issue… his real mother an father are Mr. and Mrs. Sol Rosenberg.

Council of Jewish Women Holds Membership Tea
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 3

The National Council of Jewish Women will hold its annual garden membership tea on Tuesday, August 17, 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Sol Price, 2345 Juan St.  President Mrs. Milton Roberts and members of the Board will be hostesses.

A musical theme, “Sunflower,” identified with the invitations will introduce the musical program featuring Council’s Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Ed Merkin.  Glee Club members are Mrs. Robert Beitscher, Leo Sarfan, Harry Furgatch and Sid Smith accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Sidney Silverman. An “Oklahoma “musical parody will present Council’s program in a melodious manner.  Star attraction will be the guest appearance of Betty Hall Jones, popular song stylist.

Membership chairman in charge of this event is Mrs. E. Morris Sims and her co-chairman is Mrs. William Gerelick. Program chairman is Mrs. Robert Drexler. Reservations are being taken by Mrs. Milton Effron, AC-2-1859, and Mrs. Lester Himmel, JU-2-8432.

“Magic of Hawaii” Theme of Hadassah
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 3

Hadassah will present Mrs. Leo Hirsch of Los Angeles at a Membership Tea on August 9, at the Kona Kai Club. As vice president of the Southern Pacific Coast Region, Mrs. Hirsch will outline the many varied projects of the organization which comprises a national membership of 350,000 women.

Coupled with this gracious speaker will be a fashion showing  of imports directly from the shores of the Islands, which will capture “The Magic of Hawaii.”

Mrs. Edward Kitaen, membership chairman, is confident that the 500 (or over) membership mark will be accomplished after this pleasurable afternoon.  Joining Mrs. Kitaen is Mrs. Manuel Hafner, co-chairman, in extending this invitation to all no-Hadassah members to meet the new officers and members as guests of the chapter.  Invitations are being sent to members at a cost of $1.55.
Invitations must be obtained in order to attend the Tea. The following women will be glad to accept your request and offer any in formatijon: Mmes Edward Kitaen, HO-9-1389; Archie Bushnell, AT-2-9136; Fred Leonard, CO-4-4524; and Manuel Hafner, AC-2-2876.

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 3

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Meyers are rejoicing over “three of a kind” since 7 lb, 8 oz Steven Mark joined brothers Philip Brent and David Lee on July 14.  Equally pleased is grandmother, Mrs. Ida Addis.

Seven pound young Miss Marti Ilene was born to Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Penter on July 20.  Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Max Greenberg and Mr. and Mrs. Its Penter, will have the time of their lives spoiling the  newest member of the family.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weitzen, Jr., and 15 month old Steven welcomed ito their home Harold Frederick, born July 31.  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Glickman and MR. and Mrs. Fred Weitzen are the happy grandparents.


Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 3

ROOM FOR RENT – Gentleman or lady; quiet, light, clean airy room; kitchen privileges; garage and use of telephone.  Near Bus No. 2.  Phone BE-4-5624 evenings.

ROOM FOR RENT  for lady, in very nice private home. Cooking privileges. ½ block from the bus. Call before 11:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m., aT-4-6586.

LARGE BEDROOM with adjoining bath in widow’s home for employhed lady.  ½ block to 3 buses. Very reasonable.  Phone CY-5-4309.


Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 3

7th-Yomaco Beach Party –Mission Beach –8:30 p.m.
9th-Hadassah Membership Tea – 1:30
13th—Jewish War Veterans Aux. Poppy Sale
15th—Jewish Labor Committee Picnic – Pepper Grove – 12 noon
17th—Council of Jewish Women Membership Tea – 2345 Juan St.
21st – Y.J.C. Club Pot Luck Supper –Tifereth Israel Center – 8:00 p.m.
26th—Temple Beth Israel Semi-Annual Meeting
29th—Hebrew Home for the Aged Annual Meeting and Installation—2:00 p.m

Becomes Problem
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 3

The man who insists on telling you all his troubles eventually becomes one of yours.

Double Talk
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 4

By Janet & Susan Solof

Summertime is in full blast,
School times are in the past.
Just loads of fun for one and ll,
And getting ready for next fall.

The Kona Kai Club was taken over by the younger set for the purpose of celebrating David Gordon’s 7th birthday.  Taking it over were Mark Solomon, Barbi Addleson, Allan Breitbard, Jeffrey Hollander, Vickie and Terri Marsh, David Cohen, Steve Horrow, Richie Selton, John Ruden, Susan Kahn, Jim Krause.  Lunch and swimming made the party perfect. David agrees birthdays are wonderful.  Happy birthday.

Julian Frank ‘n Linda Douglas, Bernie Sosna ‘n Beverly Kitaen, Shearn Plann ‘n Lois Liff, Burt Sharpe ‘n Lucy Recht, Don Byrnes ‘n Jane Cohn, Don Kobernick ‘n Faggie Krasner, Joe Winicki ‘n Natalie Veitzer, were trying hard to keep the surprise of Herb Wenig’s party a secret. It was given by and at the home of Sharlene Stone.  Happy Birthday, Herb.

A “schmaltzy” party can best describe the fun everyone had at Paul Levine’s 8th birthday party. A large group of Paul’s friends helped make the celebration complete with many games, ice cream cake and favors.  This was the “moistest” part which is really the “bestest.”

Susie Hutler and Sandy Byrock were the hostesses at a terrific bar-b-que and dancing party. Everyone in the gang was there and everyone said “fun was floating around.” A wonderful time was had by all.

Handing out a good time to all her friends was Roslind Steffel when she gave a craz-zy party. All the kids joined in and had loads of fun.

Adrienne and Elliott Polland from Gary, Indiana, were entertained by their cousin Zena Fuerzieg at a get-together.  Those who rated it tops were Roger Brenes, Janice Klaskin, Gary Naiman, Susan Solof, David Levens, Shirley Kaufman, Sheldon Golden, Janet Solof, Gary Cantor and Zena.  Adrienne and Elliott agree that San Diego is a pretty terrific city.

Bye now from Yours Truly—CY05-0679.

Trooper Doopers

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 4

Boy Scout Troop No. 99 meets at Tifereth Israel Synagogue at 7:30 p.m. every Monday night under the able leadership of Scoutmaster Reuben Aved. Boys 11 to 14 are invited to join and have a whale of a good time.

Troop 99 went out on an overnight camp=out over the 17th and 18th of July.  They pitched camp in pup tents in Torrey Pines, cooked their own meals, went swimming on Sunday and came home determined to do the following:

1.  Have a daylight hike on August 1st.

2.  Have another overnight campout August 22nd.

Come on, you would be Scouters, and find out how life is really worth living!

Del Mar Track Breaking Records
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 4 

DEL MAR, Calif., August 6 –From a near record list of 15 nominations a field of at least a dozen top sprinters will trek postward here Saturday in the $10,000 added Bing Crosby Handicap at six furlongs as Del Mar Turf Club winds up its first full week of thoroughbred racing.

The Bing Crosby, named in honor of Del Mar’s founder and first president, has had eight previous runnings, and has been captured by such campaigners as Prevaricator, Cover Up, Blue Reading, Gustaf and Ode. Winner of this stake generally comes in for recognition as the spring champion of the 41-day meeting.

(Money Advice)
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 4

Many people advise others to save money—but very few give advice on how to do it.

Lasker Lodge News
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 4

By Lou Levitt

At the last regular meeting Dr. Milton Millman was unanimously elected to the post of second vice president.  Marshall Zucker announces the fall drive for new members is now under way.  One of the prizes being offered to a lucky winner who brings in new members will be a free trip to Las Vegas. This  is certainly something worth working for.

At the next meeting there will be the presentation of the Americanism Award to Millie Berman who recently figured in the San Diego hearings on Communism.  There will also be a report of the progress made at the convention in San Francisco.


Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.

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