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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, August 6, 1954, Part 4

These nine great leaders were among the builders of the American Jewish community and of the Jewish Community Center movement. Mr. Jacob H. Schiff, philanthropist and patron of education, helped found the National Jewish Welfare Board. Rabbgi Isaac M. Wise was the founder of the principal institutions of Reform Judaism. Mr. Louis Marshall was a founder of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the JWB, and a president of the American Jewish Committee. Dr. S. Solis-Cohen was a noted educator and scholar. Dr. Cyrus Adler was president of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, eminent scholar and a founder of JWB and other institutions. Miss Henrietta Szold was the founder of Hadassah; Dr. J.L. Magnes was the head of the New York Kehillah and first president of Hebrew University; Mr. Felix M. Warburg, philanthropist, was a founder of the JDC and the JWB; and Mr. Oscar Straus was the first president of the American Jewish Historical Society and first Jew in a President's Cabinet.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, August 6, 1954, Part 4

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Yomaco’s At Beach
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 7

Members of the Yomaco Club are looking forward to a beach party to be held at Mission Beach, Saturday, August 7, at 8:30 p.m.  Arrangements for the affair are under the capable supervision of Jack Fine and his committee. This promises to be one of the highlights of the year.

Hard at work on the plans for the forthcoming Annual Yom Kippur Dance are the committee headed by Al Nadler.

Cottage of Israel Plans Open Meeting
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 7

The Cottage of Israel has scheduled Saturday, September 11 for its Fourth Annual Open Meeting which will take place at Temple Center, at 8 p.m. Elections of officers for 1954-55 and an outstanding program has already been set up under the chairmanship of Mrs. Alwin Feiler.

The annual Moonlight Fiesta of the House of Hospitality will be held on the lawns on Sunday, August 15 at 5:30 p.m.  Those interested in attending should bring their supper refreshments. Coffee and cake will be served by our Cottage.

There are still a number of members who have overlooked sending in their 1954 dues.  Please mail your check to Bess Borushek, financial secretary at 49023 67th St.

Y.J.C. Club Share Pot Luck Supper
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 7

The Young Jewish Couples Club will share a Pot Luck Supper on Saturday, August 21, at 8:00 p.m. at Tifereth Israel Center.  Club members or anyone wishing to participate in a delightful evening gastronomically or otherwise, are expected to bring along a small portion of the nenu. A home cooked meal (at little cost and with no dishes to wash), an opportunity to meet new faces and make new friends, the means to dance, play poker, scrabble, or any other game are yours for the asking.  Just call Jean Finkleman, HO-6-0389, for further details and directions. Remember, all our welcome.

Home for Aged to Hold Installation and Hear Reports on August 29th
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 7

The annual meeting and installation of officers of the Hebrew Home for the Aged will be held Sunday, August 29 at 2 p.m., according to Victor Schulman, pres.

The nominating committee consisting of Henry Price, Chairman, Mrs. Al Neumann, and Louis Karp will present the new slate of officers and board members. Mr. Max Maisel, chairman of the building committee, will give a progress report on the new institution to be built on 54th St.  Pictures and plans will be on display.

Installing officer for members of the bard will be Allan Ferer, president of the Guardians.  Mrs. William Moss, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, will install the officers.

Officers to be installed are Pres. Victor Schulman; V.P. Max Maisel; Fin. Sec. Zelma Goldstein; Sec., Sarah Bystrom; Corr. Sec., Frieda Nestor; Treas., Carl Esenoff; new members of the board to be installed are Sol Price, Louis Karp, Arthur Glickman, David Sapp, Si Rich, Sol Bloom, Dr. Oscar Kaplan, and Dr. Earl Brody.

T.I. Sisterhood Sets Memb. Reception

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 7

Tifereth Israel Sisterhood is planning a Membership Reception on Tuesday evening, August 31, at 8 p.m., in the Tifereth Israel Synagogue Patio.

Mrs. Ben Gordon, Membership Chairman, announced that Mrs. Eddie Cantor will set the theme and Mrs. Daniel Orlansky will present the program.

Mrs. Harry Wax, President, and Mrs. Gordon cordially invite all non-Sisterhood members to call them at AT-4-4352 and CY-5-7243 so that invitations may be sent.

Local Woman Receives Honors

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 8

Mrs. Ted Brav, Birdie Stodel B.B. Anti-Defamation League chairman, was recently presented an award in Los Angeles for outstanding service to the ADL.

Members who are attending the 32nd annual convention in San Francisco are Mmes. Morrie Krause, Jeremiah Aronoff, Sam Rassin, and Edward Breitbard.

Birdie Stodel members have been informed that the donor books for the Donor Luncheon in October are ready for distribution and are asked to sell them as quickly as possible as to better insure a successful affair.

Local Boy Defends Title
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 8

Archie Moore, light heavy weight champion of the world, will attend his title against Harold Johnson of Philadelphia in a 15-round match at Madison Square Garden to be broadcast exclusively over the CBS Television Network Wednesday, August 11.

The Moore-Johnson bout will be the 17th world championship fight televised on  the “Blue Ribbon Bouts” series.  The 200th fight broadcast in the series, it will be carried in 100 cities form coast-to-coast.

Fund Adds Tijuana As Active Member

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 6, 1954, Page 8

Tijuana’s Jewish Community will officially become participating members of the United Jewish Fund of San Diego when their drive begins on August 11, 1954 under the auspices of the Combined Jewish Appeal.

Sol Price and Seymour Rabin, chairmen of the 1954 campaign, announced that the agreement had been entered into with the approval of both the Federation and the Fund.

Principal speaker in Tijuana will be Mrs. Hanna Block Kohner who was presented by Ralph Edwards on the “This Is Your Life” Program.

Campaign officials stated that the 1954 was still behind 1953 figures but that the reopening of the drive in September is expected to bring the results to last year’s total.

Those who have not as yet contributed are invited to do so by mailing their contribution to United Jewish Fund, 333 Plaza, San Diego 1, Calif.


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