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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, August 20, 1954, Part 4

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Local Men Picked for J.W. V. Staff
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 20, 1954, page 7

In addition to Jerry Krakoff as Jr. Vice Commander of the Dept. of California Jewish War Veterans, Commander Hy Weitzman picked the following Post 18 men for his staff, Dr. Milton Millman, deputy Surgeon, Stanley Yukon, Deputy Chief of Staff, J. David Brooks, deputy Inspector, Marshall Roth, Deputy Service Officer.

Weitzman also named the following San Diego men to serve on state committees, Harry Apelman, Legislative;  Sam Rose, Convention; Jerry Krakoff, Membership & Visitation; Allan Lame, Rules.

Past Commander Harry Apelman has been elected president of the Veterans War Memorial Bldg Corporation, in a recent election.  Apelman has served as vice president for the past two years of the corporation which is under the jurisdiction of the City of San Diego.

Finance Officer Paul Miller entertained the membership and servicemen from the Naval Training Center at the July meeting by showing colored movies of the 1953 Army, Navy football game.

Post 185 will meet at the War Memorial Bldg., Balboa Park, Sept 1 at 8:30 p.m.  Membership applicants should call LeRoy Seckler, BE-4-3321.

(Year-long gift)

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 20, 1954, page 7

A subscription ot the Jewish Press makes a “year-long gift!”

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 20, 1954, page 7

Truth is as clear as a bell but not always tolled.

An Independent Press
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 20, 1954, page 7

A timely warning has been sounded by the journalist Joseph Brainin in a recent issue of the magazine Opinion.  He sees in the free, as opposed to a subsidized Jewish press “the door to the Jewish market” and “the last pillars of freedom of the Jewish press.”

He answers his own question as to how free the Jewish press is by suggesting that it cannot be truly free “as long as business does not recognize its very real effectiveness as a business-getter.  Jewish fund-raising, which boasts a higher per capita income than any other, could never have attained its present heights if our Anglo-Jewish press had not wielded so forceful an influence in the Jewish community – not because of the free publicity published in it, but because of its never-ceasing emphasis on Jewish values. This tremendous educational impact o the Jewish community bespeaks a real purchasing power created by the Jewish press.”

He concludes that “it is high time for Jewish as well as non-Jewish businesses to recognize the rather elementary truth that an independent Jewish press is essential for the free development of democratic Jewish life.”

The Jewish weekly does not ask special consideration because it is Jewish.  It merely asks the dollar-and-cent consideration which its circulation is worth – a circulation built upon service to its readers, its advertisers and its community. The Jewish market is a selective market and a critical market.  The person who is successful in serving it deserves to succeed.

-Reprinted from the American Outlook, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Semi-Annual Meeting for Temple Members
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 20, 1954, page 7

Temple Beth Israel members are urged to attend the Semi-Annual Meeting to be held Thursday evening, August 26 in the Temple Center.

Important business vital to all members will be discussed.

Emergency March of Dimes Begins Drive
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 20, 1954, page 7

More than 213,000 Emergency March of Dimes donation envelopes went out to residents of San Diego County, Jerry Rudrauff, chairman of the Emergency March of Dimes said.

Rudrauff said that the major portion of the Emergency Drive will be aimed at the donation envelopes.  If every resident wuld place a signle dime in the envelope and mail it right back the drive would go way over the top and be over in two days.

Need for the Emergency March of Dimes came about because patient care funds for polio victims in San Diego and in the rest of the country are exhausted. In San Diego alone the local Chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis cares for more than 450 post polio patients at a cost of about $16,000 a month.

These cases run all the way from partially recovered patients who require occasional therapy or a set of braces to extremely expensive kinds where the victim must remain 24 hours a day in an iron lung, and requires constant medical care and round the clock nursing.

We can’t pull a patient out of an iron lung and explain there are no more funds, Rudrauff said.

As the Psychologist Sees You
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 20, 1954, page 8

By Irving R. Stone, Psychological Consultant

What’s New In Print—Too often, as we pick up the morning newspaper and skim through the reports of the previous day’s happenings, we are inclined to concentrate on the events themselves, without thought to the psychological implications behind them. But fortunately, that which is implied is far more important or interesting than the report of what took place.

Let us imagine that we take up our newspaper, settle back in our chairs, and prepare to read page one. This time, though, we do more than just read, we now attempt to analyze the news in terms of psychological principles.  Our glance falls upon the events of greatest importance which may be, this time, of the happening in the Far East. Our first reaction may be one of resentment and anger but is soon followed by one of fear, the fear that in some way we may be involved in another war. The reluctance of the world to conform to general disarmament exemplifies the fact that fear still dominates the civilized mind, just as it did the primitive mind.

Propaganda and group psychology make interesting companions.  Newspaper readers frequently are aroused almost to the point of action by the desires of the editors who headline certain facts, unimportant perhaps, and discard or minimize other and more important news.  Propaganda plays an important part in all news publications.  The truth and accuracy of any news report depends upon three things: the quality of the material accumulated and submitted by the reporter, the censorship or lack of censorship involved in getting the story printed, and the policies and beliefs of the editorial staff.

Perhaps our eyes hit upon the news of some brutal murder, committed by an individual who struck in a moment of desperation, anger, fear or despair.  Here we find ourselves faced with pity, not only for the victim, but sometimes also for the murderer; anger at society for allowing and perhaps developing a condition which might have fostered the cause of this tragedy; and a sense of relief that things such as these are far removed from our doorsteps. The strange thing about criminals is that they usually are not the aggressive type but are more likely quiet and unassuming.  In fact the murderer is likely to be more docile than the average individual.

Even the theatrical page provides psychological interest. Not only do we bask in the glory, achievement, and even private lives of the stars, but at times we emulate them in our mannerisms, taking on both their virtues as well as their less satisfying personality traits.  A review of a play stirs interest, especially if the plot is one that hits home, that is a mirror of our own lives.

Well, we’ve gone through only a part of our newspaper – there’s much more to hold our interest and perhaps stir us to action.  Let’s continue What’s New In Print next time.  After all, we must not forget the comics and the sport section.

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.

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