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AJCongress President explains status of his financially troubled organization

By Richard S. Gordon

NEW YORK– There have been a number of questions over the last few days concerning the status of the American Jewish Congress.  Allow me to clarify those questions.

Over the last number of years, and especially after Bernie Madoff stole approximately $21 million from our organization, the AJ Congress, like many Jewish organizations these days, has been dealing with significant financial issues.  With this in mind, it has become apparent to our Governing Council that this is a time for careful reflection and consideration as how to move forward and continue to be a major force in Jewish communal life as we have been for the last 91 years.  We intend to do that. 

During the course of this process, we will be operating with a skeletal staff over the next few months.  However, we fully plan to continue the events that we have scheduled during this time. 

In the interim, in consultation with our board, we will be considering how to move forward.  We will consider several options, including the possibility of reconstituting the American Jewish Congress as a more streamlined, effective and modern organization that will continue to serve the Jewish community in the United States and abroad and supporting the efforts and security of the State of Israel.

Preceding provided by AJ Congress

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