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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, October 15, 1954, Part 3

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Double Talk
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

By Janet & Susan Solof

Elaine Shapery really shot the works with swimming, dinner and dancing at the Kona Kai celebrating her 16th birthday.  Among those shooting the guns of fun were Larry Prager, Ed Rosenthal, Martin Weiner, Sonya Weitzman, Kay Prager, Nancy Goodman, Roger Brenes, Larry Zlotoff, Harry Ratner, Linda Douglas, Bob Bloomer, Don Chadwick, Barbara Kahn, Robin McStroud, Moe Barancik, Bob Glassman, Bob Meyers, Roslyn Steffel, Roberta Wyloge and Ethel Gardner.

Barbara Silverman’s home was really “jumping” the night she gave a swimming, dinner, dancing party.  All of Barbara’s friends had a “cool” time.

Stan Breitbard ‘n Jan Klaskin, Barbara Silverman ‘n Buddy Kader, Diane Fogelman ‘n Alan Friedman, Susan Solof ‘n Gary Cantor, Linda Zuckerman ‘n Phil Kaplan really made a night of it as they celebrated their various birthdays.  First they met at Susan’s for “coketails” and then to a dance. Really fun.

Scoop:  Congrats to Stan Breitbard who won a tennis trophy at the Town and Country Club.

Danny Schaefer (sic, Schaffer) says “hello” to all the kids.  Danny’s having a wonderful time at Harvard Univerity. 

Who was it we saw changing a tire on that lonely road?  It looked like Sonny and Alan.

Bye now – CY 5-0679.

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

Terry Rittoff, a former resident here for 43 years, died on Oct. 2nd in Beverly Hills, L.A.  Burial was in the Home of Peace Cemetery, Rabbi Monroe Levens officiating.

Survivors include three sons, Dr. J.A. and Jack Rittoff of San Diego, Leo, of Tucson, Arizona, and two daughters, MRs. Eta Greenfield and Mrs. Jessie Ponitz, of Los Angeles.

During her residency here Mrs. Rittoff was a member of Tifereth Israel Synagogue. She was also a Charter Member of the Jolly 16 Club.

Democrat States Position on Liquor

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

James M. Edmunds, Democratic Candidate for the State Senate, today pledged that he would further laws for liquor reform to make it impossible for violators to go unpunished.

“Laws that leave room for bribery and corruption taint the entire government,” Edmunds said.  He also expressed support for a school program to end double sessions, development of beach and Park facilities and a highway program in S.D. County that will meet our transportation needs.

The young attorney lives with his wife and son in Chula Vista.

Lasker Lodge News

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

October 25th will be our annual membership meeting. This will be one of the most outstanding of the year … one you must not miss.  We have Marty Drake, prominent movie, TV and radijo star to entertain us in a hilarious one-hour show.  Marty is real top-notch entertainment, having appeared for 28 weeks in “Bagels and Lox” and on several of Al Jolson’s shows.

Past District Grand President Dave (Pasadena) Goldman, will be the guest of honor and Maurice Hamberger, district secretary, will be on hand to give one of his usual inspiring messages. The meeting is designed to attract prospective new members for the lodge, so be certain you bring a guest.

Better start making plans to attend our annual fund-raising affair “San Diego Lasker’s “Boom Nite” to be held at the Veterans War Memorial Building in Balboa Park on Saturday, November 13,  There will be exciting games and many other attractive enticements to make your evening a most enjoyable one.

(The Run Down)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

A right to run down the rest of the world does not go with the purchase of a driver’s license.

Jewish Community Center News

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

The fall schedule of center activities has recently been announced and provisions for all age groups and leisure time activities have been arranged. Those desiring further information can call the center office at AT 1-7744, or see Mr. Posin, center director, at 3277 El Cajon Boulevard.

Mr. Maxwell Kaufman, chairman of the center Personnel committee, announced that the following persons will assist in the pgoram; Arts and Crafts, Miss Ethel Mallinger; Ceramics, Mrs. Cornelio Elias and Fred Kaufman; Painting, MRs. A.I. Dickman; Dance, Mrs. E. Berger, Mrs. J. Timen, Mr. John Tucker and Miss Ethel Mallinger; Drama Mrs. A.H. Bursten; Co—operative Nursery School, Mrs. T. Raun; Bridge, Mrs. Hazel M. Brunn; Group Leaders, Dave Bannister, Barbara Sanders, Reitha Stokes and Tom Waters.

Mr. Posin invites the participation of interested individuals who desire to volunteer their time and talent to enrich the program and to assist people in achieving a happy and healthy group experience.

J.C.C. Prexy Offers Thanks to Volunteers
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

Mr. Edward A. Breitbard, President of the Jewish Community Center wishes to express his thanks and appreciation to the large number of individuals who volunteered their time to participate in the Jewish Community Center self-study.  The results pof their interest and efforts will enable the center to provide the San Diego community with the best planned recreational facility serving the largest number of participants in their social, cultural, and leisure-time activities.

Additional thanks to the following volunteers whose clerical help provided the work books for the 20 study committees: Mrs. Jack Fine, Mrs. Hyman Kitaen, Mrs. Al Pechman, Mrs. Sidney Weiss, and Mrs. Ruth Yates.

(Hebrew Home)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

Application for admission to the Hebrew Home for the Aged may be made through the Jewish Social Service Agency, 333 Plaza, BE-2-5172.

Candidates To Speak At Temple Dinner

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

The Temple Beth Israel Men’s Club will have its annual Political Dinner October 26 at 6:30 in the Temple Center.

Democratic and republican candidates will speak giving their party’s views on the issues of the day. Among the well known speakers will be: Dr. Ross T. McIntire, James M. Edmunds, Fred Kraft and Bob Wilson.

Members will have an opportunity to question the speakers after the talks.

For further information and reservations contact the Program Chairman Don Pogrell at AC-3-7529.

Will Speak for Bonds
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 6

The Jan Peerce dinner will mark the occasion of the organization of the San Diego Chapter of Guardians of Israel. Those who purchase Bonds in the amount of at least $1,000, establishing themselves as leading investors in the future of Israel become Guardians who will receive official recognition from the State of Israel in the form of lapel pins, and by having their names entered in official records of the Knesset (Parliament) in Israel.

With the community galvanized by news of the Jan Peerce gathering, pre-dinner preparations took on added pace and luster this week with the announcement that His Excellency Dr. Joseph Burg, Minister of Posts, Telephone and Telegraph of the State of Israel will be in San Diego for conferences with community leadership and for Bond sales meetings to assure maximum participation by October 24th.

A cross-section of community leadership is working with Murray Goodrich in organizing dinner participation.

Co-Chairmen are Isaac Domnitz, Harry Snyder, Louis Moorsteen and Edward Breitbard, Dr. A. Nasatir.  With Domnitz, who also serves as Chairman of the Labor Zionist Committee for Israel Bonds, are Labor Zionist co-chairmen Reuben Umansky and Joseph Olsher.  Activating B’nai B’rith membership for the event is Chairman Edward Breitbard and his co-chairmen, Ralph Feldman, Harry Schloss and Morrie Kraus.  In the B’nai B’rith Chapters, Mrs. Natalie Meyers and Mrs. Morrie Kraus are marshalling forces for the dinner.

Forty Years of Service (Editorial Page)

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

“What is the Jolly 16?” is not an unusual question for newcomers to San Diego who do not know the forty year old history of this small group with the frivolous name and the long record of philanthropy in our city.

The original Jolly 16 Club was formed prior to the First World War, as a Sewing Circle, long before the advent of professional workers and organized charities in this city. Articles of clothing were made for the needy and food supplied wherever necessary. Service was rendered to refugees in Tijuana, awaiting admittance into the United States. Newcomers were given a head start with everything from lumber for homes to livestock, trucks or loans necessary to purchase merchandise for a start in business. Today, many of these families, their early struggles way behind them, are substantial citizens of the community.

During the First World War two orphans were adopted by the members and supported until they reached the age of 16 years.  Yearly scholarships, started many years ago, for worthy young people are still granted by the group. It was the Jolly 16 Club with other existing organizations, who formed the first Jewish Welfare Society in San Diego. The interest shown in the aged throughout the years, was the inspiration which gave the present group the courage to help found the S.D. Hebrew Home for the Aged, which is breaking ground for their new building this Sunday.

Individual members are well known throughout the community for their leadership and participation in community-wide activities, both in civic and welfare projects in San Diego, and the group as a whole assumes obligations that many a larger group would hesitate to undertake. 

The Community should be proud to help this organization celebrate their forty years of service in San Diego.

Decent Elections (Editorial)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

The political campaign of ’54 is on – Democrats and Republicans are out on the stump. The ational stake at the polls November 2nd are 423 House seats and 37 Senatorships.  In California, a Governor and Senator will be chosen. In San Diego, a Congressman and several local positions will be fought over.

Each party is trying to win control of the next Congress, while in State and local contests each party seeks additional  triumphs. However, there can be no victory—anywhere –unless both parties wage decent campaigns.

Our political competitions should be conducted just as we conduct our sports—fair and according to the rules. In politics the rule book calls for a campaign based only on legitimate issues. It rejects any attempt to win votes through low-blow appeals to racial and religious animosities.

The American people want this campaign to follow the rule book. They insist that all political candidates-Local, State and National – follow faithfully the principal of fair play as enunciated by Pres. Eisenhower and Adlai E. Stevenson.  Neither the Republican or Democratic parties will gain a victory unless the follow the rules of fair play.

Jews in American History~300 Years
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

By Dr. Philip L. Seman, University of Judaism

General Grant Order No. 11 on December 17, 1862 read: The Jews as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the department within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.  Post commanders will see to it that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners , unless furnished with permit from headquarters etc. etc.” by order of Major General U.S. Grant, signed by Assistant Adjutant General.

The order was based on the  fact that the Northom and Trans-Atlantic mills had turned away their working men for want of cotton; the Confederacy never possessed, even at the outbreak of war, enough of the stuff of survival; we are told by Dr. Korn. We learn further that here at this shifting line of battle through Tennessee and Mississippi were thousands of bales of “King Cotton,” for which the South had no use but which would fetch high premiums in the factory cities up North.  Speculators would  trade merchandise and arms for cotton and other Southern agricultural products and found men  in uniform who were eager to share in the profits.

It was during this profiteering that the most sweeping Anti-Jewish regulation in all American history was issued. It was known as General Grant Order No. 11 referred to above. To be sure, there may have been some Jews among this profiteering group but there were others than Jews by far who profiteered. During this period there was much discussion and questions were asked by Jews and non-Jews, why stigmatize the Jews since they were only a few among many others?  Dr. Korn seems to feel after a very careful examination that the Jews were used as a scapegoat, already prepared and identified, handed down from one age to the ext, hounded and hunted from one country to another, the Jews were a myth, a people branded as the purveyor of all manner of wickedness.  This we know, is an old story. The Jews were the natural scapegoat even in the United States and thus General Grant Order No. 11.

Some seemed to feel that during the controversy that the expulsion of the Jews had been foisted upon Grant by influential cotton buyers to pave the way for higher profits for themselves.  While there is no verification for suspicions or accusations, it is a fact that only Jews and not all traders were banished; cotton traders as a group were not expelled.  The question therefore, which was asked by many Jews and non-Jews alike, “Who stood to profit from the departure of Jews as the result of the Order?”  The answer seems evident that other traders and speculators, civilians as well as military, were among the greatest profiteers.   To be continued.

(Youth Building)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

A youth building for use by Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, FFA groups and other organizations is projected at the Southern California Exposition grounds, Del Mar.  During the Exposition it will be used for exhibits.

Opens New Shop
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

Ruth Brussels has purchased the House of Fascination located in the Granger Bldg, Room 220. She will carry a full line of sweaters, hose, costume jewelry.

Retarded Children Group Plans Activity
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

The San Diego Association for Retarded Children is making preparations for a publicity and fund raising campaign to coincide with National Retarded Children’s Week, Nov. 14-23.  The local association is an affiliate of the National Association for Retarded Children and the California Council for Retarded Children.  Our primary aim is to acquaint the public with the need of these children and of the help that can be given.  Few realize the number of lives that are touched by mental retardation.  Locally plans are in the process of completion for use of the old Valley View School on Mission Valley Road as a day care center and training unit.

Monthly meeting of the San Diego Association for Retarded Children will be held Oct. 21 in the Alice Birney School auditorium and will be devoted largely to work on the campaign. Time 8 p.m.

Cottage of Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

House of Pacific Relations will hold its Annual Fiesta at the House of Hospitality in Balboa Park on Saturday, Nov. 6, at 8 p.m. There will be an outstanding international variety program throughout the evening with dance music by Edmund’s Luminal Orchestra.

This is the single fund-raising event of the year which the House of Pacific Relations sponsors in order to meet their annual operating expenses. We urge our members and friends to attend. Donations are $1.00 and (tickets) can be obtained from president Seymour Gates, CY 8-6338.

In honor of the Succoth Festival, a holiday succah will be on display in the entrance of the Cottage of Israel.

New Books
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

Among the new books which have arrived recently at the San Diego Public Library, 8th Avenue and E Street, is “The Real Enjoyment of Living,” by Hyman Judah Schachtel, Chief Rabbi of the Congregation Beth Israel in Houston, Texas. However, the book is written for people of all creeds that they may gain more real happiness in their every-day lives.

The author emphasizes that three beliefs from the basis for enjoyment of life—belief in God, belief in yourself, and belief in mankind.

Beth Jacob News
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

Sunday and Hebrew School has opened with a record enrollment.  Classes are in full swing, but children are still being accepted for registration. This year both schools are operating with a professional staff, and will be in a better position to enhance the children’s knowledge of Jewish education and culture. A professional teacher has been added to the Hebrew School to augment its curriculum.  For further information call AT 2-2676.

Beth Jacob Plans Adult Study Course – Beth Jacob is very happy to announce the inauguration of a new service to its members and the Jewish Community by the formation of a Study Course on Wednesday, Oct. 27, at 8 p.m.

Then and every Wednesday thereafter the course will include the study of the Siddur, how to daven and understand the Hebrew prayer book.

In conjunction to learning how to read and understand the prayers, the history complementing the prayers will also be taught. If sufficient interest is shown, an expert staff is planned to enhance the course.

Two Local Men Honored by “Ampal”
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

“Ampal” – the American Palestine Trading Corporation – presented two San Diegans with the Bar Mitzvah Award of Honor at a dinner held at the Statler Hotel, Los Angeles last Sunday.

Recipients of the honor were Sol Price, prominent attorney, and Albert A. Hutler, executive director of the United Jewish Fund.

Both were selected for their efforts on behalf of “Ampal” which is an American-Israel Investment corporation promoting and financing such diverse industries as oil exploration, hotels and factories of all kinds.

Demo Candidate Charges ‘Big Business’ Republican Party

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 7

Dr. Ross T. McIntire, Democratic Candidate for Congress charged today that “Congressman Wilson and the Republican Party are being merchandised in the early tradition of American business—and there are o fair trade laws in political merchandising.”

He said he felt he has two jobs until election day: “First, to tell the people of San Diego about Robert Wilson as their congressman and about the Republican Party generally, and

“Second, to tell them about himself, about what I believe and what the Democratic Party stands for.” Then the Democratic candidate who was President Roosevelt’s personal physician and World War II surgeon general of the Navy continued:

“So let’s look at some of the things Robert Wilson claims to have accomplished in his two years in Washington – accomplishments he has read into the Congressional Record.

“There’s the F-102 contract which he claims to have brought to San Diego with little or no credit to Convair for developing the advanced and revolutionary design; the dredging funds for Mission Bay which in truth were crumbs from the senatorial table – a bit of pork, nonetheless welcome.

“If he could rightly claim credit for all of these items, then as doctor I would be justified in claiming credit for the low incidence of frostbite in San Diego County.

“I would rather talk about the Democratic Party and what it stands for and why I believe in it. It is the party of all the people. It represents no special interests. It puts the welfare of the whole nation above the welfare of any group.”

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  


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