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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, October 29, 1954, Part 3

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Barbara Taylor-Peter Haas Wed In Afternoon Ceremony
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 6

The marriage of Barbara Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Laycock of Germany, to Peter Haas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Haas, was solemnized at an afternoon ceremony Sunday, October 24, at Tifereth Israel Synagogue with Rabbi Monroe Levens performing the rites.

The bride’s traditional white gown was ballerina length and featured a jewel-collared jacket.  Her short veil was held by a tiny crown of net flowers and she carried a bouquet of orchids, mums and stephanotis.

Manon Haas sister of the groom, and the bride’s attendant was gowned in aqua featuring a ruffled skirt with matching hat and gloves. Rolf Haas was his brother’s best man and Eddie Davis and Jake Borushek acted as ushers.

A reception for 100 guests was held in La Sala Room of the House of Hospitality immediately following the ceremony.

Out of town guests were the bride’s grandmother, Mrs. Charles Thomas of Victoria, B.C. and Mr. Herbert Rona of Salt Lake City.

The young couple will make teir home at 3928 ½ Mississippi Street.

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 6

Miss Amy Slater of Hollywood is the subject of a four-page feature article in the November issue of Living For Young Homemakers magazine.  Miss Slater is the daughter of Betty and Leonard Slater of Hollywood and the granddaughter of Esther and Lou Moorsteen of San Diego.

The article is titled, “The First Four Weeks of the Life of a Baby” …. Miss Slater is seven months old.

New residents of the increasingly popular College area are Annabelle and Ted Mintz, who have moved into their newly build home at 4930 Gary Street.

Mr and Mrs. Joe Lamon are flying to New York on Nov. 3 to attend the Hotel Convention there.  But that is just a prelude to a two month’s tour of Europe, for the leave Nov. 12 on the luxury liner, The United States and will visit England, France, Italy and Spain. The Hotel Convention takes on an international flavor with its continuance in Rome, Italy.

A trifle belated, but nonetheless gala, was the 35th Anniversary Dinner given to Paul and Frieda Nestor by the Jolly 16.  A long, rose-decked table was set in the lanai of the beautiful home of host and hostess, Nate and Sally Ratner.  The menu was planned to please the honored guests.  After dinner there was time out for reminiscence and good wishes.

Mrs. Henry Bernstein, Mother of Mrs. Ratner, and her brother, Louis Bernstein of San Francisco, were also guests at the dinner.

If you see someone going by on a cloud, it is Ann Levin, who hasn’t come down to earth after her recent trip to Hawaii with husband Jules. There was plenty of champagne and good company aboard the Lurline Steamship to help celebrate their 20th Wedding Anniversary. With memories of the view from their room at the Royal Hawaiian, sailing with Lana Turner and a conversation with Madame Pandit, is it any wonder the Levins find it hard to settle down to the old routine.

Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Blumenfeld are hoping our weather won’t get “unusual”, at least while their houseguests, Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Eskow, of Miami Beach, are in San Diego.  Mrs. Eskow is a sister of Mrs. Blumenfeld and an old friend of the Abe Sklars.

Back in town and looking “fit as a fiddle” is Saul Chenkin.  Eve and Saul who usually have experiences such as sinking ships and grounded planes on their trips, came back from this vacation with othing more exciting than a nightmare of Eve’s. Saul had a rude awakening one night when Eve sleepwalking, shook him and told him to put on his life belt, because the “ship was on fire!” Saul who wasn’t sharing the nightmare and knew he was in a hotel room had to gently awaken Eve. Some people just can’t stand a quiet vacation.

Clara and Mike Zaks with children Robert and Sherry are now in their new home at 5047 Lyon Street.

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 6

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Frankston anounce the birth of their second child, Janet, born Oct. 8, weight 5 lbs, 14 oz.  This event was eagerly awaited by sister Susan, aged 3.

Materan grandpraents are Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Brust and paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frankston, all of San Diego.

Mr. and Mr. Theodore Colton of Sunland, Calif., announce the birth of a daughter, Laurie Ann, on Oct. 9, at 9:02 p.m. in the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles.  Big brother, Michael Alan, at 20 months, is delighted with his new playmate.

Grandparents are Mrs. Beatrice Blumer of San Diego and Mr. Alvin Colton of Los Angeles.  Great grandmother is Mrs. Fannie Schoenkopf.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Downing Hudson, Jr., announce the birth of their first child, a son, Steven Craig, weighting 8 lbs, 2 oz., on Oct. 14 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Grandparents are Mrs. Lee Cole of San Diego, Ben Cole of Miami, Fla, and Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Downing Hudson of Selah, “Wash.  Great grandmother, Mrs. Sam Brachman, resides in San Francisco.

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 6

Room For Rent – Private bedroom in fine home near transp.  North Park.  Male only.  Call AT 2-6274, JU 2-094.

Room, with kitchen privileges for 1 or 2.  $35-$45 mo. La Mesa, near buses, HO 9-4673.

Wanted—woman to hare large home.  Private room & bath, separate entrances, kitchen privileges.  Near Kensington bus.  AT 2-8179.

Room – with kitchen privileges for woman.  3930 Meade Ave. Call AT 2-6109.

Home & Furniture Repair.  Small or large.  Call BE 9-1798

(Hebrew Home)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 6

Application for admission to the Hebrew Home for the Aged may be made through the Jewish Social Service Agency, 333 Plaza, BE 2-5172.

The Jewish Center Drive (Editorial)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

This issue of the Jewish Press is devoted to the Jewish Community Center. There are some political overtones on several of the pages but mainly we are concerned with telling San Diego about the Jewish Center.

More than nine years ago some leaders thought they were ready to begin talking about a “Jewish YMCA.”  Now they are past the talking stage and doing something about it. The pictures and story spread on our pages tell in a graphic way some of the “Center Story”—but the real story will be told by the Community Survey which is just being completed.

Out of a total population of more than 6000, less than half are members of Synagogues. The Jewish Community Center will play a large part in eventually bringing these people under Synagogue and Temple influence.

91% of those questioned felt that recreational and leisure time activity should be provided by the Jewish Community and 81% stated that if the Jewish Community center was built on 54th Street and University Avenue, they and their families would use it. In addition, 89% pledged to support this Center if it were built.

The job of raising the capital funds needed for the erection of the Jewish Community Center has been entrusted to community-minded men who have done a great deal in the past for other organizations and institutions.  They need your help, now!

The goal of $269,000 can be reached only if everyone gives. This is an opportunity to give for yourself, your family, and your children. This is your chance to assure the future of San Diego as a mature community willing and able to take care of its own needs. This is your chance to do something for us, not for someone else. This drive is for us, the Jewish Community in San Diego.

Jolly 16 Club Set for Ruby Ball
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

Arrangements have been completed for the 40th Anniversary Dinner-Dance of the Jolly 16 to be held on Sunday, November 21 at the El Cortez Hotel.  Mrs. Carl Esenoff, chairman for the occasion will be assisted by Mrs. Theodore Brenner. Decorations Chairman;  Mrs. Milo Berenson, Ticket Chairman, and Mrs. Phil Kantor in charge of tables.

El Cortez’s new ballroom will be ready for this special event. Make sure you reserve a table for yourself and your friends. The hospitality mat will be out for newcomers to San Diego, as well as old friends.

For further information or reservations phone any member of the Club or Mrs. Carl Esenoff, at AT 4-7527.


City of Hope Aux
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

The City of Hope Junior Auxiliary have named the week of November 1-8 as their 3rd annual Fund and Fun Raising week.  All monies raised will go to help support the new leukemia wing for children at the City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, Calif.  Anyone interested in planning an affair for Fund and Fun Raising is asked to call Mrs. Mort Lieberman, CO 4-0972 for futher information.

Mrs. Seymour Okmin has promised an interesting program for the next meeting to be held on Nov. 9 at 8:15 p.m. at the new meeting place, Tifereth Israel Center. Friends are invited.

Council Presents Unusual Program
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

National Council of Jewish Women will hold its next regular noon luncheon meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at Temple Beth Israel.  

Clark and Marguerita Allen, well-known performers of folk songs of many lands will present a program of songs and dances.  Allen, perhaps better known locally as an artist, will have a group of his paintings on display.,

Honored guests will be Dr. W. W. Stadel, Superintendent of County Hospital.  Mrs. Alva Lowe, Superintendent of Nurses of the Pediatric Ward; and Mrs. Pearl H. Miller, Director of Medical Social Service. Dr. Stadel will speak on the part the Council of Women play in the Pediatrics Ward of County Hospital.

Knight Ignores U.N. Plea from Ike Graves Charges
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

Los Angeles, October 23—Richard Graves, Democratic nominee for Governor, charged today that “The refusal of Governor Goodwin Knight to observe an official request of the president of the United States and declare October 24th as United Nations Day is a graphic example of the divisive thinking characteristic of my opponent when he is away from his publicity agent.”

“Once again,” said Graves, who has been hospitalized here with a mild case of pneumonia, “my opponent has refused to take a stand on a broad question of public policy in order not to alienate his host of right-wing supporters.  Just as Goodwin Knight has never stood  up to be counted on the question of McCarthyism, now he has failed to state his position regarding approve of the country’s support of the United Nations.

“It appears that the only possible conflict of dates confronting Knight involved a request made by him by a group headed by Marwin K. Hart, hate-peddling associate of Gerald L.K. Smith,” Graves went on, “and my opponent personally made the decision not to program United Nations Day on the basis of pressures from this group.  Apparently,” said Graves, “Knight values the request of Marwin K. Hart a apostle of hatred, as highly as that of the President of the United States.

“Knight’s action was particularly ill-timed,” Graves said, “in view of California’s hope to have the United Nations General Assembly meet in San Francisco on its 10th anniversary.”

Masquerade Party To Be Held by Birdie Stodel B’nai B’rith Women At Luncheon
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

Birdie Stodel, B.B. Women have a pleasant and entertaining afternoon planned for their next meeting on Monday, Nov. 8, at Beth Jacob Center at 12:00 noon.

Mrs. Milton Fredman, program chairman for this meeting, promises that the Masquerade Party, similar to the “Masquerade Party” on TV, will be very exciting.

The panel of experts are Mrs. Elias Berwin, President of the City of Hope; Mrs. Jack Meyers, President of the Bay City Chapter, B’nai B’rith Women, Mrs. Milton Roberts, President of Hadassah, and Mr. Edward Breitbard, President of the Jewish Community Center.  Mrs. Morton Thaler will act as moderator.

A delightful luncheon is being prepared by luncheon chairman Marie Richards.  In keeping with the theme, waitresses will be in costume. Table decorations are being made by Dorothy Penn, aned Miriam Chadwick is costume designer.

May Dean has been appointed as the Americanism Civic Affairs Chairman and has been to Los Angeles and participated in a workshop.

For those interested in working with the BBG’s please contact BBYO Chairman, Jennie Penn, or their advisor Rose Aved. There is lots of room for more girls in this group, ages 14 to 18.

Women’s League Aid Local Activities
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

The Women’s League is taking an active part in the arrangements for the Eleanor Roosevelt lecture, sponsored by the Jewish Community Center. Sylvia Rose, president, and Thelma Selten are heading this committee. The B’nai B’rith Girls will usher at the evening lecture at the Russ Auditorium on Nov. 11.

Members will also help with the Jewish Welfare Board Conference to be held Nov. 12, 14 & 14.  Any woman who is a member of the Jewish Community Center is eligible to join this active group. Membership chairman Dorris Lipinsky, will be glad to give you any information.  Call her at AT 4-2332.

Ways and Means chairman, Ida Beck, and her committee are hard at work on an affair to be sponsored by the Women’s League, to be given Nov. 18.  Watch for further details in the next issue of this paper.

“Maisel Day” Slated for Nov. Third For Hebrew Home Group
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

The Women’s Auxiliary of the Hebrew Home for the Aged has announced that their second “Maisel Day” will be highlighted by a luncheon on Nov. 3 at the Mission Valley Country Club. MR. Max Maisel, through Frances Moss, president of the Auxiliary, extends an invitation to all to be his guest for lunch in celebration of the start of construction of the new Home for Aged.

Transportation from University and 8th Aves. Has been arranged for bus passengers. Cars will be stationed there from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will be plainly marked.

Mrs. Alex Newman, general chairman, has promised an interesting program with exciting door prizes.  Assisting her are Mrs. Paul Cudney, program chairman; Mrs. Morris Fried, membership chairman, and Mrs. Alex Cohen, decorations.

Reservations can be made by calling CO 4-8539, AT 2-6335.

Stands on Record, Says Senator Kraft

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

State Sen. Fred H. Kraft said this week that he stands on his record of performance in seeking re-election.  He gave this summary in a final statement to voters:

“Economy: Opposed to unnecessary additional taxes.  Has worked vigorously to balance budget while serving on Revenue and Taxation Committee so that California will live within its income.

“Water: Actively supporting study of proposed Feather River Project a potential future source of water for San Deigo Couty.

“Highways: Presently serving on interim committee on Highways, Streets and Bridges developing program and to assure San Diego County adequate road construction and improvement.

“Legislation: Author and co-author of important legislation furthering growth of San Diego County and its communities.

“Juvenile Delinquency: Chairman of Senate Public Health and Safety Committee which drafted strict laws covering narcotics and drug smuggling … now used as models throughout nation.”

Jewish Couples Club Prepare Social
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

The Jewish Couples Club will hold their next meeting and social November 20 at Tifereth Israel synagogue. The affair is not closed, and all invited and promised a stimulating evening. Details will be in the next edition of this newspaper.

The Halloween Costume Party Judges voted the Grand Prize to the Abe Sandlers for the most outstanding costume.  The Sandy Alters took the “most original prize, and the Hersch Segals “the simplest”, and the Bob Grossmans the “most humorous.”


James M. Edmunds Criticizes Opponent
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 7

James M. Edmunds, Democratic nominee for State Senator, criticized the Legislature in Sacrament for its lack of accomplishment.  Pointing to the description of the 1953 Legislature as a “do-nothing session” by Fortnight magazine, Edmonds sated, “we must have a well-planned program to meet our growing needs.  We should elect legislators who have the energy and desire to provide us with good government and a prosperous economy.”

Edmunds’ a World War II Navy veteran and resident of Chula Vista, cited as some of the things he will  for: an expanded industrial base; development of new water sources; more effect, anti-subversive legislation, improved narcotics control, and adequate liquor reforms.

Edmunds pointed out that “we are now seeing concrete evidence of how deep corruption has gone in the liquor license scandals.  My opponent has a record of being absent or voting against the proposed liquor reform measures.

“One of the big jobs facing the new session will be passage of sound liquor legislation. We must put an end to laws that invite bribery and corruption.


“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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    This is what I love about San Diego: No matter how many times I explore the city and its culture, there’s always more to it. Great article and really fun to see the historical perspective!

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