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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, October 29, 1954, Part 4

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Bay City B’nai B’rith Women To Hold Donor Dinner Dance November 14th
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29,1 954, Page 8

Mission Valley Country Club will provide the setting for the Fifth Annual Donor Dinner-Dance sponsored by the Bay City B’nai B’rith Women on Sunday, November 14th, 6:3-0 p.m.  Mrs. Ralph Schwartz, donor chairman, announces that more than 150 reservations have been received with additional attendance expected.

Highlighting the evening will be Hollywood entertainment featuring Lucille Smith, who is currently appearing in “Brigadoon” and “Living It Up” and Robert Domino who has appeared as vocalist on all major radio networks as well as coast-to-coast on NBC-TV with the Comedy House.  Dance music will be provided by Earl Fisher and his orchestra.

Serving with Mrs. Smith on the donor committee are Mesds. Sidney Rose, co-chairman; Ben Elvove, Eugene Sacks, Seymour Okmin, Bernard Lipinsky and Jack Schindler. Acting as official hostesses will be the past-presidents Mesds.  Harold Gavin, David Schloss and Sanford Sack.

For reservations call Mrs. Schwartz at AT 2-9125.

John E. Hunter Asks Election to 80th
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29,1 954, Page 8

John E. Hunter, Democratic Nominee for the 80th Assembly District, had proved his ability for leadership in many ways. A former 6-time president of the AF of L Carpenters’ Union,, he is currently serving his second year as a member of the El Cajon Valley School Board.

An ardent Democrat, he firmly believes in the principles of the Democratic Party and favors a tax based on the ability to pay rather than a sales tax hitting the lower income groups.  He is endorsed by all Democratic Party organizations and all facets of organized labor.

T.I. Sisterhood Holds Rummage Sale
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29,1954, Page 8

Tifereth Israel Sisterhood begins its Annual Rummage Sale on Monday, November 1, at the Synagogue Recreation Area. The Rummage Sale, a major fund raising event for Sisterhood, will continue through Friday, November 5.

Rummage is urgently needed announced Betty Feller (AT 2-7344) Chairman and her Co-chairman, Pearl Herd, (AT-4-5499).  Please call the above numbers if you have any rummage that will help put this sale over the top. Anything and everything will be accepted such as clothing of all types, shoes, china, furniture, toys, books, pots and pans, jewelry and antiques.

Beth Jacob News
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 8

Beth Jacob Congregation this year inaugurates a new Oneg Shabbat series, starting Friday, Oct. 29, at 8:15. This series of 10 sessions is planned to give participants a dynamic and interesting panorama of the 10 great books and authors in Jewish literature and culture.

Each Friday session will deal with a different subject. They are the Hebrew Bible; the Talmud; Rashi’s Commentaries; the Kusart; Maimonides’  Guide for the Perplexed; the Zahar; the Shulchan Aruch; Graetz’s History of the Jews; Ahad Ha-am’s Essays and Bialik’s Poems.  Call Rabbi Stern for more information, AT 4-1706.

Beth Jacob Youth League presents “This is Show Business”.   November 12 is the big date, at 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Beth Jacob Center.  A show sparkling with talent will be presented, which you won’t want to miss.  Admissions 50c.  Dancing and refreshments will follow.

Double Talk

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 9

By Janet and Susan Solof

Hi Gang.

Getting right into the swing of the Halloween spirit at a g-h-o-s-t-l-y good party given by Phil Brenes and Norman Kelner were Don Aved ‘n Janice Asner, Steve Ross ‘n Louise Gelman, Norman Bard ‘n Linda Schulkins, David Janowsky ‘n Frankie Hutler, Buzzy Lippet ‘n Ruth Schwartz, Raphael Levens ‘n Marcia Ruskin, Arnold Korey ‘n Jackie Wickson, Gary Fine ‘n Hymie Bobroff, Phil’s date Marjorie Lowitz and Norman’s date Sharlene Zeeman (sic, Zeman).  The kids danced and joined in on the traditional Halloween games with loads of fun involved.

Seen swirling around the dance floor of the magnificent De Molay formal were Jerry Mendell ‘n Robin McStroll, Larry Strauss ‘n Rosalind Steffel, Bob Glassman ‘n Susan Solof, Susie Hutler, Leani Leitchtag and Adrian Cantor and their dates. It was a terrific affair.

David Glower, David Gordon, Michael Paul Blanc, Buddy Kitaen, Bobby Faguet, Jerry Newman, Jerry Solof, Lee Allen Kidder and Paul Levine were really entertained by Johnny Ruden with a party in honor of his birthday.  Johnny also entertained the gang with some really good magic tricks before “nashing” a delicious Hopalong Casidy cake and then to a show.  This was really “living” said all the kids.

The T.Y.L.  got off to a good start with the “hello Hop.”  Their next affair will be November 7, an interfaith discussion with dancing and refreshments afterwards.  All of you get to the T.Y.L affairs and see how much fun they really are. Scoop: Scoring for touchdowns for Hoover High is Gary Naiman. Good work, Gary.

Joan Borenstein and Eleanor Cohen say “hi” to all the gang.  They came home for the weekend from Anockia School which they attend.

Bye now –CY 5-0679.


Dan Rossi Makes Contribution to Home
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 9

Dan Rossi, Supervisor for the 4th District, issued the following statement to the Jewish community: “At the recent groundbreaking exercises of the San Diego Hebrew Home for Aged, it was my privilege to present the cornerstone of the project institution which the Jewish Community is building for their aged.  My long association with the Jewish community has always been a point of pride with me.  My organization, the Southern California Granite Company, has tried to serve the religious needs of the Jewish people faithfully.  I hope our association will continue for many years to come.”

Mr. Rossi is seeking reelection as the 4th District Supervisor in the November 2 elections.  He has served in that office for the past 10 years.

Chaim Weizmann Branch, Poale Zion
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 9

Installation of officers was held on Oct. 23 with Chaver Leon Elkind acting as master of ceremonies and Chavera Lillian Marks of the Los Angeles Zionist Council acting as the installing officer.

New officers and committee heads for 1954-55: President, Joseph Olsher, first vice-president, Isaac Domnitz; second vice-president and recording secretary, Phillip Abrams; corres. Sec., Samuel Bloom; financial secretary, Bertha Veitzer; treasurer, Joe Richlin; publicity chairman, Bess Borushek; delegates to the S.D. Zionist Council, M.S. Berlin and Meir Barach; Social Chairman, Anna Mallen.

Knight Chairman Calls For Rousing Campaign Finish
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 9

“All advocates of sound government must be on the firing line for Gov. Goodwin J. Knight in the closing days of the campaign.”

This call to action was sounded by Edgar B. Hervey, chairman of the County Knight-for-Governor Committee.

“More than 1,700,000 voters in the primary said they wanted Goodwin Knight for Governor. It is our task now to finish the job,” Hervey said.

“We must demonstrate that California wants the dynamic leadership and the progressive sound program that the Governor has given us during his first year in the State’s highest office.  Our slogan is “Knight is Right for California” and you couldn’t express our belief better.

Both Political Parties Endorse Prop. 5

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 9

Proposition 5, the maritime measure which reaffirms a 40-year-old law twice previously approved by the voters to maintain California shipping on an even keel with that of other ports and nations, has “gained widespread support,” the State Committee for Proposition 5 announced today.

“Proposition 5,” the Committee of prominent citizens declared, “probably enjoys as much, if not more, widespread, non-partisan backing than any other measure on the November ballot.”

“The Republican Party and the Democratic Party have endorsed Proposition 5.”

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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