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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, October 29, 1954, Part 5

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Temple Sisterhood Holds County Fair
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 10

Plans are underway for a gigantic County Fair to be given by the Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood on Sunday, Feb. 65, at the American Legion Hall, 2691 B. Street. Mrs. Richard Lustig is chairman and her co—chairmen are Mesdames Donald Pogrell, Byron Sharpe and Irving Hertz.

The Fair will serve a delicious buffet supper continuously from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  Booths selling “Originals” will feature gift items, hand made original creations of talented members. Games will be provided for the children and fun for the whole family.

A county Fair directory has been mailed to each member of the Temple and the Sisterhood, and work on “Originals’ has already started by individuals, neighborhood groups and Temple House  “Kaffee Klatches”.  Anyone interested in working with these latter groups may contact Mrs. Samuel Friedman at AT 4-7830.

Cottage of Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 10

The completed list of officers and committee heads for the Cottage of Israel are as follows: President, Seymour Gates; Vice President, Dr. Hy Parrell. Rec. Secy, Martha Feiler; Fin. Secy and publicity chairman, Bess Borushek. Treasurer, Philip Abrams.

A reminder is made of the Annual Fiesta of the House of Pacific Relations  to be held in the House of Hospitality in Balboa Park on Saturday, November 6, at 8 p.m.  There will be an interesting variety program throughout the evening with dance music by Edmund’s Luminal Orchestra.  Tickets may be had from any officer of our cottage or at the door.

J.W.V. Post 185 to Mark Sixteenth Year

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 10

On November 3, San Diego Post 185 and its Auxiliary will celebrate 16 years of service in San Diego. The first meeting of the post was held at the Temple Beth Israel Center, November 3, 1938 with Harry Apelman as the first commander.

Bud Samuels, present Commander announced that the November 3 meeting to be held at the War Memorial Bldg., Balboa Park will be designated as “Past Commanders Night” at which time the following Past Commanders will be honored:  Harry Apelman, Joe Tobias, Samuel Rose, David A. Frank, Adolph Brodman, Marshall H. Roth, Ralph J. Feldman, Manuel S. Fisher, Harry G. Aronoff, Allen Lame, J. David Brooks, Stanley S. Yukon.

Post records reveal that many of its Past Commanders have also found time to head other organizations in San Diego such as in B’nai B’rith, Synagogue Men’s Clubs, Jewish Welfare Committees, Civic Committees and in high offices for the American Legion, both city and statewide.

Hadassah Plans “Heart to Heart” Luncheons
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 10

A city wide project to indoctrinate all new members of Hadassah into the workings of the chapter and to introduce each member to the officers and board members has been instigated by Mrs. Edward Kitaen, chairman, and Mrs. Howard Hoffman, co-chairman, at the first of a series of Hadassah’s get acquainted brunches at the home of Mrs. M.S. Berlin on October 28. These successful “get-togethers” will continue throughout other sections of the city.

Hank Adams Is Endorsed by Senator Douglas
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 10

Henry J. (Hank) Adams, former undersheriff and one-time FBI special agent, who has just been promoted to full colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, has received many endorsements and tributes during the last phase of his campaign for the next sheriff of San Diego County.

Adams’s dynamic program, for the control of juvenile delinquency and elimination of the vicious narcotics problem has won wide support from people in all walks of life as well as numerous editorial endorsements.

One of the most unqualified endorsements of any candidate for public office came from U.S. Senator Paul H. Douglas, one of the great leaders of the Senate, who sketched Adams’ illustrious background as “the one Man Army of Tulag!” in the South  Pacific with the Marines when he killed 15 enemy soldiers single-handed, his distinguished service with the FBI, and later as Under-Sheriff.

Unusual Film Shows At U.N. Dinner
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 10

Guests at the Annual Dinner of the S.D. Chapter of United Nations were given a preview of an unusual and stimulating film, “Come In, Jupiter!” produced by Ettilie Wallace, former newspaper woman.

Painting with light would be the best way to describe this new art medium dubbed “Kaleidolight” by Miss Wallace.  The idea was originated seven years ago to amuse children at holiday time. Two years later the process was attempted with film and gradually developed to its present professional state.

Those fortunate enough to have viewed this film saw what might easily develop into a new medium in motion pictures.  Its possibilities for use in theatres and schools are limitless.

“Come In, Jupiter,” opened with a message from Albert Einstein. It was produced with the capable assistance of Clyde Grant, designer at Hollywood Paramount.  Emily Rose (Scott) Romano wrote the script.  Lloyd Van Haden of Vista composer and director of the music; John Theobold, English instructor at S.D. State College, and a poet in his own right, who was narrator for the film, and Robert Barkley, who handled the camera work. University of Southern California helped with the final laboratory work.

New Subscribers
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 10

Robert Goldfarb
Larry Kane

Allocations Committee To Hold Hearings On Funds
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 29, 1954, Page 11

Major Jewish national organizations were invited to present their agencies’ needs to the members of the Allocations Committee at a meeting on Sunday, November 7, at the San Diego Hotel.

The “open hearing” of the committee, beginning at 10 a.m., will be a preliminary to the study by the committee of the needs of agencies requesting funds from the United Jewish Fund.

Co-chairman William Colt and Leonard Drogin announced that the following national agencies and organizations have been invited to participate: American Association for Jewish Education, American Friends of the Hebrew University, American Fund for Israel Institutions, American Jewish Congress, American Technion Society, B’nai B’rith National Youth Service Appeal, City of Hope, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Hebrew Theological College, Jewish Committee for Personal Service, Jewish Labor Committee, Memorial Hospital, National Community Relations Advisory Council, National Jewish Welfare Board, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Weitzman Institute, Yeshiva University, Yiddish Scientific Institute and the United Jewish Appeal.

The 1954 Allocations Committee, chaired by Colt and Drogin, has a wide representative base of the Jewish community. The committee consists of Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Morris Douglas, Manuel S. Fisher, Milton Fredman, B.B. Margolis, Dr. Walter Ornstein, Sol Price, Seymour Rabin, Harry Snyder, Albert Steinbaum, Samuel Sussman, Ruben Umansky, Harry Wax, Abe Abramson, Mrs. Leo Beck, Mrs. Ted Brav, Jay Levine, Henry Price, Mrs. Sanford Sack, David Sapp, Mrs. Victor Schulman, Norman Seltzer, Henry Stein and Stanley Yukon.

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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