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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 12, 1954, Part 2

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3

Betrothal Announced

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Solomon announce the engagement of their daughter, Barbara, to Harold Hoffer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hoffer of New York City.  Barbara is a graduate of UCLA and is working at present as a school psychologist with the San Diego schools. Hal is a graduate entineer of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., and is current engaged as a me hanical design engineer at the Rohr Aircraft Company. 

An early wedding is being planned.

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3

Edythe and Abbott Segal had a big weekend in Hollywood celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary and visiting with their nephew, Dr. Gerald Vale.

Back home from a wonderful 10 days in Honolulu are Sidonie Stitzel and Shirley Rebuf.  They haven’t been able to decide which was more delightful – the trip or the parties given for them by their friends prior to their departure. But they’re thankful for both.

Talented Sonia Weitzman is busy these days fulfilling requests to appear both as singer and pianist. She recently sang for the Labor Zionist Organization and last Sunday entertained with piano selections at the Army-Navy Y.

An “aren’t you the Addleson girls” surprised Mary Gordon and Sadie Breitbard while in Las Vegas for a four day vacation.  The questioner was a school chum of the former “Addleson girls” whom they hadn’t seen in umpteen years.  Mary and Saidie with husbands, Herb and Will, and Tillie Gordon had a delightful time seeing all the “big” shows.

Mrs. Max Podell of Great Neck, L.I., has a dual allegiance these days. Her one month visit to San Diego was devoted to her grandson, Conrad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gleich.  We predict that it won’t be long before she is back again.

Visitors to San Diego are Mr. and Mrs. Barney Schreiber and Charles Schreiber, of Phoenix, Arizona.  The Leonard Drogins and the George Martins are showing them some San Diego hospitality.

Jr. Charity League

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3

June Sosna and Esther Moorsteen were hostesses to the Junior Charity League at Mission Valley Country Club last Monday. Plans were made for the Annual Valentine Party to be held in February.  Mrs. Frances Moss has been named chairman of the affair.

Esther Moorsteen has been appointed secretary to fill the unexpired term of Miriam Goldfarb who has left the city.


Noted Speaker To Tell Of H.M.O. At “Have A Heart” Luncheon Nov. 17
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3

The San Diego Chapter of Hadassah will hold its monthly luncheon on Wednesday, Nov. 17, at Temple Beth Israel.  “Have a Heart” will be the theme to dramatize the vast program of Hadassah’s Medical Organization.  Highlighting the afternoon will be the appearance of Mrs. Max Schenk, National HMO Fundraising chairman.  Mrs. Schenk directs the activities of 1200 chapter and group chairmen throughout the country in raising an annual quota of $3,000,000 to finance Hadassah’s comprehensive program of healing and research in Israel.

According to Mrs. Al Slayen and David Block, co-chairmen of HMO, this is an inspiring opportunity for all members and guests to learn first hand from an authoritative speaker of Hadassah’s most important projects, HMO.

Assisting Mrs. Slayen and Mrs. Block are Mmes Bernard Arenson, Louis Bickman, Martin Ernest, Jack Gross, Robert Freedman, Julius Levin, Bernard Lipinsky, David Miller, Charles Silverman, Ray Smith, David Starr, David Sapp, Sigmund Stein, and Lawrence Weiss.  Mrs. Louis Sosna will sing Israeli songs accompanied by Cantor Joseph Cysner.

Reservations are necessary and should be made with Mrs. John Ruskin, AT-1-6802; Mrs. Al Slayen, HO-9-4434.

Gala Evening Planned for Jolly 16 40th Anniversary Dinner- Dance
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3

The members of the Jolly 16 recognize the fact that a good time depends largely on the individual, but they are going all out to do their share to see that on Sunday, November 21st their 40th anniversary celebration will be well supplied with the ingredients that go into a “good time.”

El Cortez Hotel has promised a palate-tempting dinner to be served in the new, large ballroom.  One of San Diego’s leading orchestra will play for dancing all night.  This is the nigbht to greet old friends and meet new ones.

Make reservations thru any member or phone Chairman MRs. Carl Esenoff, at AT-4-7527, or Mrs. Milo Berenson, at CY-5-4629.

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3

A young man who is destined to become the most spoiled baby in the county made his appearance at 3:40 p.m. on November 1.  He is Michael Lawrence, weight, 6 lbs., 10 oz., and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tepper (Dee Wyner).

Undoubtedly doing the most “doting” is grandma Mrs. Jack Wyner, aided and abetted by grandpa Jack.  Paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tepper are equally delighted with the new arrival as is his great-grandmother in Denver, Colo.

Debra Faye, third child and first daughter, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Belenzon, on November 8. She weighed 7 lbs, 8 oz. David, almost 5, and Bobby, 3, will make ideal escorts for the young miss in a few years.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Max Belenzon of San Diego and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Friedman of Long Beach.


Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3

WANTED—couple or lady to share very nice home. Near bus. Call before 11:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m.  JU-2-7332.

WANTED—woman to share large home. Private room and bath, separate entrances, kitchen privileges.  Near Kensington bus.  AT 2-6179.

ROOM, with kitchen privileges for 1 or 2.  $35-45 mo.  La Mesa, near buses.  HO 9-4673.

HOME & furniture Repair.  Small or large. Call BE 9-1798.


Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 3


12th-14th—Jewish Welfare Board Conference—El Cortez Hotel.
12th—Lasker Lodge B.B. “Boom Nite” – War Memorial Bldg.
14th – Bay City Donor Dinner—Dance-Mission Valley Country Club – 6:30 p.m.
18th—J.C.C. Women’s League Bingo Party – Jewish Community Center – 1:30 p.m.
20th—Jewish Couples Club—Thanksgiving Party-Tifereth Israel Center—8:00 p.m.
20th—Beth Jacob Youth League —“This Is Show Business” – B.J. Center – 8:00 p.m
21st—Jolly 16 –40th Anniversary Dinner Dance-El Cortez Hotel – 7:00 p.m.
21st—Jewish Labor Committee-Dinner and Concert—Beth Jacob Synagogue
25th—Beth Israel, Tifereth Israel, Beth Jacob Synagogues .  Joiint Thanksgiving Services – Tifereth Israel Synagogue – 11:00 a.m.
26th—Joint Tercentenary & Thanksgiving Service – Temple Beth Israel—8:15 p.m.

12th – UJF 21st Annual Meeting –San Diego Hotel –6:30 p.m.

Freedom and Education (Editorial)

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 4

American Education Week will be observed by cities throughout the nation from November 7 through 13.  San Diego plans to join the celebration with an extensive program of special activities geared toward the theme “Good Schools ARE Your Responsibility.”

The 34th annual observance of American Education Week here will highlight a precious heritage the fruits of which we have all enjoyed—free education freely given to all, regardless of race or religion.

Knowledge of the foundation stone of our democracy. The relationship here is simple: the yuth of today are our leaders of tomorrow. Apprised of this fact, it becomes douobly clear to us that American Education week’s theme places an unusual burden upon our civic consciousness which we must gladly accept and vigorously implement.

It is for us to assure the development and progress of our schools: they are as good or as poor as we help to make them. Except for a few minimum standards set by the state, the scope and character of their programs are determined by us.

Inevitably, therefore, the quality and horizon of public education standards which we help mold serve to delineate the type of intelligence and awareness developed by our youth during their school days.  The extent to which we accept the responsibility of preserving and advancing this precious heritage is the extent to which we guarantee the future of our democracy.

A never-ending lesson we must learn is that a free society needs men unhampered by the shackles of self-imposed ignorance, who are actively engaged in governing themselves. National Education Week will serve to remind us that the public school is an especially important area where free men must toil ceaselessly in the name of human progress. Effective citizenship as a goal of education is more important now than it has ever been in our history.

San Diego Faces A Problem (Editorial)
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 4

November 13-23 is Retarded Children’s Week and it is a good time to take stock of one of the last of our social ills which has been kept hidden in a medieval garret of our minds. We are, at last, breaking through a false stigma of shame which as surrounded it, to uncover some of the true facts about retardation which affects the shocking number of an estimated 3 percent of our entire population.

The brushing away of the cobwebs of ignorance and the dust of indifference are revealing:

(1) that most retarded children can be trained to certain degrees that will make them, in most instances, wholly or partially self-sufficient. Dr. Leonard A. Scheele, Surgeon General of U.S. says, “Three-fourths of these children and adults can be rehabilitated” and

(2) common sense is proving again in this problem as in so many that pennies expended for training and education actually can save dollars of public money in the following years.

The piecemeal makeshift “leave it up to private charity” outlook with which all of us have regarded the retarded in the past is definitely the costlier way … and wasteful of public money eventually.  When the school door is closed to the retarded youngsters .. when  there is failure to provide any means whatsoever of guiding them or developing their capabilities on matter how limited… they are thrown back on the meager knowledge of their families. And there they can constitute a continuing emotional and financial drain until the breaking point is reached… when the state must assume the burden of their care.

Which is the better way?  There’s no question about it. Every citizen has a charitable, moral and financial interest in the betterment of the lot of retarded children.

Success Drive Nears Goal With $1,179,199
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 4

Campaign leaders of the Second United Success Drive for $1, 370,000 set their sights this week on achieving their goal by Thanksgiving. Chairman George A. Scott said, “There’s no question but what we’ll make that goal in time. But we want to make it quickly and know the community would be happy to see that success realized.”

“There are many signs,” he added, “that point to success. Our Pace-Setter Division with a quote of $378,000 has less than 9 percent to go. The Commerce and Industry Division with $480,000 to raise has brought in all but 6 percent.  Coronado and La Jolla are almost within reach of their quotas. The northeastern section of the county is over the top.”

Letters To the Editor
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 4

Dear Mr. Kaufman:

We plan to live in Oakland for some time, and therefore ask that you cancel our subscription until further notice.  Maybe at some future date, we will again be living in San Diego, and when and if we do, we would not think of living there without subscribing to the Jewish Press; have enjoyed reading it from cover to cover for a number of years, it’s a paper you can be ride proud of.  Lou joins me in saying “Thanks” for all courtesies extended, and with kindest personal regards to you, and Julia and family, I am … Sincerely yours, Mrs. Lou Schissell


Dear Mr. Kaufman

If you have space in your next issue, I’d be very grateful if you would include the following statement:

“While I hope to have a chance to thank personally those who worked in my behalf during the recent campaign, until that time will you please accept this expression of my sincere appreciation.  I am grateful indeed for your interest and help, and I hope my efforts will continue to merit your support.

“To all voters I renew my pledge of earnest hard-working sincere representation at the State level.  I am humbly grateful for the trust you have given me and for the opportunity to continue serving our country in Sacramento.”

My thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.

Kindest personal regards,

Cordially, Fred H. Kraft


New Subscribers

Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 4

Mrs. George Starr
Mrs. Al Brav
Robert Waller
Jack Rittoff
Elaine Silverstein

Study and Survey Group To Issue Report Soon
Southwestern Jewish Press, August 1, 1954, Page 4

The Study and Survey Committee continue to work on the Center section of the Community study directed by Myron Blanchard, national director of the Jewish Welfare Board’s Survey and Study Department.

During the next two weeks, the building and facilities committee will meet with Dr. Blanchard and the Center architect, Mr. George Lykos, to draw its report as to what the first section of the building should contain to meet the immediate needs of the entire Jewish community today but are being based, according to Sidney Rose and William Schwartz, building committee  chairmen, on projected needs for the next thirty years.

Besides the chairmen, members of the building committee are A.J. Bard, William Breitbard, Zel Camiel, James Effron, Mack Esterson, Milton Fredman, Irving Friedman, Norman Gelman, Herbert Haimsohn, Maury Novak, Henry Price, Max Rabinowitz, John Ruskin, Al Solomon, William Starr, Leonard Zlotoff, William Carter and Arthur Goodman.

Other committees which will be meeting with Dr. Blanchard include personnel, internal administration and budget and finance.  Members of these committees are as follows; Personnel—Maxwell Kaufman, Bernard Arenson, Dr. Milton Schwartz, Allan Lame, Norman Gelman, William Schwartz, Jerry Freedman, Edmund Herman, Mrs. Ruben Aved, Mrs. Robert Strauss, Mrs. Edward Janowsky, Mrs. Eugene Tucker, Mrs. Paul Belkin, and Mrs. Edward Merkin.  Internal administration –John Ruskin and Edward Schwartz, co-chairmen; Irving Friedman, Henry Price, Jack Fine, Morris Wax, Mack Esterson, Zel Camiel, Manuel Huffner, David Sapp, Mrs. Maxwell Kaufman, Mrs. Leonard Zlotoff, MRs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. Harry Felson, Mrs. Sam Bennett, MRs. Lewis Solomon, Mrs. Leon Solomon, Mrs. Eugene Berger and Mrs. Victor Selton.  Budget and Finance – Rodin Horrow and Mrs. Sanford Sack, co-chairmen; Leo Beck, Harry Mallen, Maury Kraus, Marshall Zucker, Seymour Rabin, Jack Rittoff, Harry Snyder, Leonard Zlotoff, Carl Esenoff, Mack Esterson, Charles Silverman, Manuel Fisher, Al Solomon, Harry Wax, Mrs. Milton Roberts, Mrs. Victor Scnhulman, Mrs. Joseph Kwint, Mrs. David Schloss, Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, and Mrs. Ted Brav.

It is hoped that the final report will be studied and written by the Study Committee before the end of the year and that it will released to the general community sometime in January.

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

  1. August 18, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Debra Faye, third child and first daughter, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Belenzon, on November 8. She weighed 7 lbs, 8 oz. David, almost 5, and Bobby, 3, will make ideal escorts for the young miss in a few years.

    Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Max Belenzon of San Diego and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Friedman of Long Beach.

    Hi, my Dad’s name was Irvin, and my brother Bobby (Robert) wasn’t 3 until November 17th. It was cool finding this though. thanks

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