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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 12, 1954, Part 3

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Welcome to Mexico…The Tourist Wonderland
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 5

Ensenada-Tijuana – In the extreme Southwestern portion of the United States, just across the border from San Diego, Calif., is a region of great tourist transformation in recent years to meet the exigencies of the traveler and the tendencies of the times.

The Northern portion of Mexican Baja California is on the Western side of that great range of mountains that gives California and especially San Diego its famous spring-like climate.  The mountains divide this slice of Old Mexico into two distinct climactic and economic areas.

The Eastern portion, with the busy city of Mexicali, the capital as its center, is largely arid desert land. At places it is below the level of the sea. These lands, reclaimed on both sides of the border through the harnessing of the Colorado River is now thriving under agricultural production.

Tijuana and Ensenada are familiar places to  most Californians and merit consideration from pleasure and rest seekers and sportsmen. To the long range motorist, especially those who come west to escape wintry blasts and summer heat, the attractions of these two resorts should appeal in the hunt for new fields of conquests.

In the past Tijuana was famous because of its licentious atmosphere and the gambling at Agua Caliente, the scene of the Agua Caliente Fiesta.

But that belongs to the past.  There is an active tourist bureau which efficiently co-operates with the travelers to secure accommodations.  Tijuana offers the shopper much interest because, since the Territory is a “free zone,” goods go there duty free from all parts of the world and can be brought back to the United States under liberal exemptions.

The beautiful bay within which Ensenada nestles is a famous fishing center and joined to Tijuana by a splendid 64 mile scenic paved highway, most of it running toward the ocean.

Like Tijuana, Ensenada has its history of romance and adventure.  Fishing has always been the dominating factor, because the great ocean has spewn forth for generations endless quantities of fish, lobsters, the rock-clinging abalone and other sea products.

Tijuana and Ensenada are vacation-lands for all to enjoy. They have the touch of Mexico and it is with the spirit of their traditional friendliness that the Tijuana delegation of the Mexican Federal Industrial Chamber of Transformation invites you to visit “Old Mexico.”

Lasker Lodge News
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 7

This Saturday, November 12th, is Lakser Lodge’s ‘Boom Nite.”  It will be held at the Veterans War Memorial Building in Balboa Park (Upas at Park Blvd.)

Exciting games, good food, and gayety will be the order of the evening.  This affair is open to the public and members are urged to ask their friends to attend and enjoy the fun. A valuable door prize will be offered.  This is the affair of the year … the one that all your friends will not want to miss.

Birdie Stodel Women Ask For Book Gifts
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 7

The B’nai B’rith Birdie Stodel Chapter No. 92 are hostesses at the U.S.O. dances at the Temple Center the 1st Wednesday of the month. Ada Most, chairman, and Lillian Berwin are always in need of cakes. If you care to bake a cake, and make the boys happy, call AT -4-2992 or BE-3-6909 and they will be most happy to pick them up.

Veteran Chairmen, Mrs. Hank Gardner and Mrs. Meyer Schneider, deliver fruits to the boys one day every month and have a party for them every other month.

Now that Chanukah is so close, Mrs. Morris Wax and Mrs. Milton Fredman, Hillel Chairman, would like to remind all those that would like a book placed in the College Library in honor of or in memory of a beloved person to please call for information.  In placing a book in the library you do a two-fold job—giving honor to the one in whose name it is place and giving a book to the students who can use it.  Call AT-1-8960 or AC-3-0775 for details.

Double Talk
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 8

There’s more excitement week by week:

Football, parties, friends galore
Homework, exams – things never bore
So here’s some news ‘specially for you.
Written by both of us; hope it will do.

Trying their darndest to keep Alan Friedman’s party a surprise were Susan Solof, Gary Naiman, Linda Zuckerman, Stan Breitbard, Carole Toole, Jackie Sharpe, Ronnie Doctor, Ruth Moskowitz, Eddie Naiman, Roberta Wyloge and the hostess, Dianne Fogelman. The kids said it was hard to keep the secret but they succeeded and it was a fabulous party.

Heading the winners box at Hoover High is Sherry Newman, newly elected president of the Senior Class.  Congratulations, Sherry.

Scavenger Hunt, Dancing and refreshments were the main features of a get-together given by Marcia Ruskin in honor of her thirteenth birthday. Those getting together were Jacke Wixon, Charlene Zeman, Rhoda Esenoff, Phil Brenes, Norman Kellner, Donny Aved and Raphael Levens. It was rated “tops” by all who attended.

Oooh’s and Aaah’s were shouted by the girls as they were seated at the luncheon table at Sheila Beth Smith’s eighth birthdayparty. The table was decorated with beautiful dolls that were given as favors. Helping Sheils celebrate were Susan, Anita and Julia Merkin, Faye Sarfan, Marcia Jaffee, Gale Raborn, Cheryl Sima, Donna and Sally Greeson, Barbara Squires and Cathy Beitcher.

Jewish Center News
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 8

Fiesta Club – Fiesta Club will hold a meeting on Sunday, Nov. 14th at 8 p.m. at the Ceneter. Young adults 25 years of age and over are invited to attend. There will be a short meeting, dancing and refreshments.

Winter Camp Jaycee—Mr. Leonard Zlotoff, chairman of the Day Camp Jaycee committee, announces that registration is now open for the Winter Day Camp Jaycee which will be held during the school vacation from Monday, December 20th, through Friday, December 31st.  Camp is open to all youngsters age 5 to 11 years, and will operate five days of the week from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. For purposes of programming and to make for more mutual interest and fun for all, the camp will be divided into specific age groupings. A varied interesting program is scheduled which will include swimming, roller skating, nature hikes and group projects. The fee for the program will be $10,00 per week for Center members with the usual discount for 2 or more children in the family.

Tuesday Evening Dance Class—Young adults ages of 18 to 30 are invited to participate in the Latin American Dance Class now being held on Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m.  Fee for Center members is $3.00 for four lessons and for others, $4.00.

Junior High Schoolers Organize Clubs—The “Gents” the newly organized boys’ club, elected Marty Freedman, president; Melvin Brav, vice-president, Randy Selten, secretary, and Sonny Baranov, treasurer.  This club meets every Monday evening at 7 p.m. and is planning a varied program of activities. The first special event will be a roller skating party on Monday, Nov. 22nd at 7 p.m. at the Palisades Gardens.  All 12 or 13 year old boys are invited to attend.

The newly formed Girls’ Club elected Debby Schulman, president; Roberta Schwartz, vice president; Linda Hess, secretary, and Leslie Martin, treasurer.  Monday at 7 p.m. is their meeting time and interesting and stimulating activities for its membership are being planned.  Miss Ettie Mallinger is the club advisor.

Bay City B.B. To Have “Big Payoff”
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 8

Members of the Bay City B’nai B’rith expect the “big payoff” with two affairs planned for the month. The Donor Dinner-Dance scheduled for Sunday, November 14, at 6:30 p.m. at the Mission Valley Country Club will constitute a “pay-off” to those members who have so diligently worked to earn their Donor. Mrs. Ralph Schwartz, chairman, urges those who have not already done so to contact her or her co-chairman, Mrs. Sydney Rose, immediately for their reservation.

Mrs. Jack Meyer, president, announces that program chairman Mrs. Max Felsman is planning a big surprise program based on the “Big Payoff” TV Show for the next meeting to be held Monday, November 212 at Tifereth Irael Center at 8:15.  Presentation of Membership Awards will also be made at the meeting and Thanksgiving refreshments will be served.

As the Psychologist Sees You
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 8

By Irving R. Stone, Psychological Consultant

The Assets of Your Personality

Each week we learn of some new fundraising campaign to aid some organization in its financial need.  We hear of corporations issuing stock or of a municipality floating a bond issue to improve their financial condition.  All of them hope that these measures will make their assets show a more favorable picture. But, we humans cannot go to outside sources to improve our psychological assets: we must make the most of what assets we possess.

The Assets of Your Personality are like those of philanthropic organizations, corporations, or municipalities in that they represent the extent to which we can carry on our business of living, but whatever help is needed to improve our personality picture must come through our own diligent efforts. Like other assets, they must outweigh our liabilities and must be available when we need to use them to best advantage.

Personality is never something that we can have in storage for then it does us no good. We draw upon it constantly, showing it to our public, and aiding us in our daily living.  It is never a static, unchanging commodity, but is constantly in need of consideration and improvement.  We are not born with it but rather develop it as we grow older.

Too often we present the best merchandise of our personality for general consumption, whenever we meet strangers. We forget that the value of our most treasured form of our personality lies in its use at home.  Because we imagine that the home represents the place where we can be ourselves, perhaps relaxing, that we need show only the last valuable or favorable qualities.  Perhaps this is our true personality, and the other is only some trimmings that we use to brighten up our merchandise to confuse the public.

Too often we do not make the most of the assets of our personality.  It is like merchandise that is in its raw state, a commodity that has potentialities.

Let’s put our personal business organization in a solvent state. Our net worth lies in the excess of our assets over our liabilities.  The value of the assets of our personality lies in the buying power of our merchandise, whether it be at home, on our jobs, or among friends.  It can bring us a return for our investment in happiness, acceptance and love.

Tercentenary Books Shown At Library
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 8

The San Diego Public Library will feature a display of Jewish books from Nov. 15 to Dec. 3 observing two occasions.  First, and most important, the dates celebrate the 300th anniversary of the landing of the Jews in America; and second, it is Jewish book month.

The exhibit, which will be in the Literature and Language section of the Central Library, 8th Avenue and E Street, will include books by outstanding Jewish writers in all fields—fiction, drama, history and others.

The display is under the auspices of Tifereth Israel Synagogue with Mrs. Arthur Gardner as Cultural Chairman.

Jewish Couples Club Prepares Surprise Party
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 12, 1954, Page 8

The Jewish Couples Club is celebrating Thanksgiving with a surprise party which promises to provide members and visitors alike with lots of fun and intrigue.

The big surprise is top secret but other details can be had from Betty Kress, HO-6-8074.  Wear jeans if available. Remember, all are invited. The affair will be held in the new building of the Tifereth Israel Synagogue on Saturday, November 20th at 8:00 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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