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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 26, 1954, Part 1

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff 


 Al Solomon, Sidney Rose, Center leaders, confer with Edward Breitbard and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt

Jewish Center Drive For Funds in Full Swing
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Pages 1, 5

Almost $80,000.00 has been raised by various directors of the Jewish Community Center in the drive for building funds just opened, according to Edward Breitbard, President of the Center.

At the same time Breitbard announced that Maury Novak, Henry Price and William Schwartz have accepted chairmanships in the campaign which completes the leadership for the first building fund drive of the San Diego Community Center.

Price will head the young people’s division while Novak will lead the community division soliciting pledges from the entire community.

Center brochure “A dream is coming true,” which pictures the recreational and leisure time needs of the community; memorial gifts that may be made, and other pertinent material has just been completed and will be mailed in the very near future.

At the same time the study of the needs of the Jewish Community has continued.  Meetings of the committee on health and physical education; community relationships of the Jewish Community Center; facilities; internal administration; membership and budgets; and personnel have been held during the past two weeks under the direction of Dr. Myron Blanchard.

The preliminary report of the self study that has been made will be completed within the next two weeks, and then will be studied very carefully by the Study Committee before its issuance.

Leo Beck

A preliminary recommendation of the Building and Facilities Committee has recommended a cooperative nursery for 60 children, an auditorium seating 600; an adult and youth lounge, a game room; kitchen; gymnasium; library; swimming pool; health club; handball courts; seven meeting rooms of varying sizes; crafts room and offices for Jewish Community agencies.

Outdoor facilities will include parking lot nursery play area, basketball, volley ball, dance and skating areas, handball courts, patio with barbecue, outdoor stage and an outdoor camping area.

Invitations will be mailed for the Community Center Building dinner in the very near future. Rodin Horrow, co-chairman of the campaign, will chair the dinner meeting.  Other chairmen are Leo Beck and Louis Steinman.

United Jewish Fund Shows Allocation of Funds Raised

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 1

Funds raised in the 1954 United Jewish Fund Campaign will be distributed to over 36 National, Overseas and Israel organizations according to the report of the Allocations committee returned yesterday.

William Colt, chairman of the committee and his co-chairman, Leonard Drogin stated that though there was not enough money raised in 1954 to take care of the needs of beneficiary agencies, the committee felt that an equitable distribution had been effected after careful study.

In their recommendations to the Directors of the United Jewish Fund, the committee pointed out that the only new agency to be included in the 1954 report was the American Jewish Tercentenary Committee in New York.

Overseas and Israel Agencies  with the exception of the United Jewish Appeal will receive the  same amount as they did in 1953 when approximately 10 percent more was raised in the San Diego campaign, according to the chairman.

National agencies with the exception of Religious agencies and those which received $100.00 or less in 1953 were decreased by 10 percent I keeping with the decrease in fund income.

The United Jewish Appeal, Mr. Colt stated will again receive approximately 77 percent of the amount set aside for non-local distribution.

Overseas and Israel Agencies including the United Jewish Appeal will receive about 50 percent of the gross monies raised in the drive.

Jewish Telegraphic Agencie .. $100.00
Hebrew University …460.00
Weizmann Institute of Science … 280.00
Technion … 260,00
United Jewish Appeal … 78,755.00
(United Jewish Appeal)
(Joint Distribution Committee)
(United Service for New Americans)
American Jewish Congress…450,00
Jewish Labor Committee …540.00
Jewish War Veterans … 360.00
Joint Defense Appeal … 2,700.00
(American Jewish Committee)
(Bnai Brith ADL)
City of Hope Operating … 783.00
City of Hope building … 2,500
Jewish Com. For Per. Serv. ..360.00
Leo N. Levi Memorial Hosp. … 148.00
Hebrew Theological College … 849.00
(Union of Amer. Hebrew Congregations)
(Jewish Institute of Religion)
Jewish Theo. Sem and Eternal Light Properties …667.00
Union of Orthodox Cong … 100.00
Yeshiva University … 300.00
American Jewish Historical Society … 25.00
B’nai B’rith Youth Service ..720.00
Jewish Publication Society …50,00
Yiddish Scientific Institute … 100.00
Amer. Assoc. For Jewish Educ…. 180.00
Nat. Jewish Welfare Board … 2,250.00
Synagogue Council … 30.00


Attorneys-General of Nation Protest Meeting at Resort
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Pages 1, 6

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has protested to U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., against the plan of the National Association of Attorneys General to hold its annual convention at Camelback Inn in Phoenix, Arizona, according to a report received from Milton A. Senn, Director of the League’s Pacific Southwest Regional Office.

The League charged that the hotel maintains a restrictive policy which, with very few exceptions, bars accommodations to Jewish guests. Mr. Brownell is scheduled to be the parincipal speaker at the convention which opens on December 8.

“Because the membership of the National Association of Attorneys General is composed of the chief law enforcement officers of the nation and because we are convinced that the association would not want to give any sanction to religious bigotry, we consider it necessary to point out that Camelback Inn does violence to American principles of equality,” Henry Edward Schultz, the League’s national chairman declared in a letter to Brownell.

At the same time, New York’s Attorney general, Nathaniel L. Goldstein, advised the association that he will not accept accommodations at the Camelback because “I could not retain my self-respect as an American and as an individual if I condoned this hypocritical policy.”

The office of California’s Attorney General, Edmund G. Brown, also advised the League that he would not stay at Camelback because of its restrictive policy.  “Mr. Brown,” the statement said, “is opposed to any type of religious and racial discrimination in American life. There should be no local option on citizenship. Clinging to ancient prejudice can only provide comfort to the enemies of our democracy.”

Massachusetts’ Attorney General, George Fingold, likewise informed ADL that he will stay elsewhere. And Oregon’s Attorney General, Robert Y. Thornton, said he was “not at all in favor of the holding of a meeting at an establishment  which practices racial or religious discrimination.”  He promised to “make appropriate protest” at the convention and would “endeavor to make arrangements to stay in another “nearby establishment.”

Meanwhile the Travel Agents Committee to Combat Discrimination in the travel industry, a New York group representing 125 resort  and hotel booking agents, also protested to Brownell to do “all in your power” to have the association cancel out of Camelback Inn. At the same time it wired Attorney General Eugene Cook of Georgia, President of the association, urging a change in site.  “This hotel is notorious for its anti-Jewish policy,” the travel agents said.  Both messages were signed by the group’s co-chairmen, Alfred F. Schmeiss, James L. Sullivan and Karl Tausig.

Senn also stated that the League had received another letter from Camelback’s manager to which he refused “to define or interpret our policy to others.”  The letter asserted that “because of the nature of our business, it seems to us that the matter of selection of our guests must be a personal one … we feel it is best not to attempt to define or interpet our policy to others.”

Board of Education Hold(s) Dinner Meeting

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 1

The City Board of Education trying to get better acquainted with the community it serves, will hold the second of its series of after-dinner business meetings Tuesday, Nov.30, at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Education Center at Park Blvd at El Cajon.

U.J.F. Annual Meeting To Mark Tercentenary of Jews in America
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Pages 1,5

“You are invited to share in 300 years of American History, at the 21st Annual Meeting of the United Jewish Fund of San Diego, Sunday, December 12, 6:00 p.m. at the House of Hospitality, Casa del Rey Moro Restaurant, in Balboa Park.”

So stated the invitation, extended to members of the Jewish Community, to help in San Diego’s opening celebration of the Tercentenary of 300 years of Jewish settlement in America to which the annual meeting will be dedicated.

Joining in the celebration according to Mr. Milton Roberts, chairman of the meeting, will be many civic, religious, political and military leaders of San Diego. Acceptances have already been received from Mayor John Butler; Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, James Robbins; Bishop Charles Francis Buddy of the Catholic Diocese; Dr. Leland Cook, President of the San Diego Council of Churches; Admiral T.C. Miller, District Chaplain, 11th Naval District; Gen. James McQueen, Commandant of the Marine Recruit Depot; O.W. Todd, Jr.; A.J. Sutherland; Jesse Haugh; Charles Davies; Eward Goodwin and George Scott.

The short business meeting of the United Jewish Fund will include election of twenty members to the Board of Directors to serve a term of two years, 1955-56.  Those recommended by the nominating committee are David Block, Mrs. Ted Brav, Zel Camiel, Mack Esterson, Manuel S. Fisher, Mrs. Dora Friedman, Irving Friedman, Arthur Goodman, Ben Harris, Harry Mallen, Jerome Niederman, Maury Novak, Dr. Walter Ornstein, Sol Price, Seymour Rabin, Mrs. Abe Ratner, Dr. Joshua Rittoff, David Sapp, Harry Sugarman and Harry Wax.

An amendment to the by-laws will be voted upon in order to secure county tax exemption on real estate and personal property according to a law passed last year. During the business meeting awards for outstanding service to the community will be made.

The story of the 300 years of Jewish settlement in America will be presented in a dramatic narration by a quartet consisting of Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Alan Soule, Milton Roberts and Albert A. Hutler. The musical background for the narration will be furnished by Cantor Joseph Cysner and Cantor Julian Miller.


Jewish Community Begins Plans for 300th Year Observance
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 1

Joining other communities throughout the nation in observance of the three-hundredth anniversary of Jewish settlement in  America, San Diego is going ahead with plans for a mammoth Tercentenary Celebration under the leadership of Dr. A.P. Nasatir, noted historian and professor at State College. The first observance announced by the committee will be the Annual Dinner meeting of the United Jewish Fund on Sunday, December 12.

Plans are also included for a community wide affair in the spring; projects with the Council of Churches and the City Schools; and work with all of the Jewish organizations in helping to develop programs within each individual organization.

“Thank You America” Says Local Woman
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 1

San Diego State College was the recipient of a $5,000.00 scholarship from Mrs. Anna Silverman, 73, a Jewish resident of El Cajon.

The scholarship which provides for two men students at San Diego State College regardless of race, creed or nationality, was presented to the student council last wek “to repay in a small way what America has meant to me and my late husband.,”

Known as the David and Anna Silverman scholarship Fund, each scholarship will be worth approximately $125.00 per year. The only prerequisite set up in the fund is “integrity, character, need, and scholarship of the student.”

Three trustees of the fund are Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Dr. Harold Elden and Albert A. Hutler.

To See or not To See
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 2

By Berenice Soule

Channel 10 Gets Van
—Lionel Van Deerlin, ex-city editor of the ex-San Diego Journal and newscaster for Channel 6 for the past two years, has moved over to Channel 10.

His nightly news show at 11 p.m. will follow an NBC network program … a good spot in spite of the lateness of the hour. As before, and to quiet the fears of his fans (he’s had a consistently high rating) he’s been promised complete freedom on subject matter.

His “San Diego Exclusive” at 6:45 p.m. on Fridays should be a fun job.  It’s “an expose type thing.”  He’ll take a topic and “explore it from all angles.”  As subject matter—some have suggested “Call girls and Abortions,” other, “”Smog”—“but I hope it’ll lie somewhere in between.”

When asked if he felt he’d have competition from L.A. channel newscasters, Van came up with one of those lovely tidbits of statistics that’s nice to have handy—Quote: “Competition is really no factor. San Diego has the fattest audience.  85 % or more of the San Diego audience is always tuned to the three local stations.”

Van was vocal on the contrast between newswork for TV and for newspapers. “The essential outstanding difference lies in the fact that thre is no reaction – no rapport between even the byline writer and the reader.  In TV, the relationship is a much more personal thing. It must be because you, as a personality, come into their homes.”  His letters and phone calls have been 10-1 favorable – none of the “Dear Sir, You cur!” variety generally received by newspapers.  (Merchant of Venice revisited)… Now excuse me—off to become a TV newscaster.

As sure reaction-getters, Van lists in order: children (preferably mistreated or under-privileged), Navy dependents, pay, commissaries, medical care. Navy wives are a tremendous source of mail. But never a murmur or response on national or political issues.

But it isn’t all eulogy. The last heavy rain and wet car wires combined made him late for a broadcast and forced the announcers to stall for 12 minutes. In desperation they showed a short subject of a whip expert flicking a cigarette from between the lips of a pretty girl.  It was cut short with Van’s appearance. Once home, he was greeted by son, Jimmie.  “Why did you have to get there so soon. That picture was a lot better than you.”  Oh well.

He’s had his share of awkward moments too. During a Convention of Private Detectives here, he got a good-looking gal private eye for an interview.  During the TV-cast she showed a recording device that can record a two hour conversation.  Impressed Van remarked, “My heavens, it’s small enough to fit in your purse.”  With that, our girl tucked it in “here,” patted it, and replied, “Or here, and it kinda helps if you’re flat chested.”  And there Van sat with his cameras wide open.

Christie Mystery—Ten Little Indians, the Agatha Christie murder mystery that kills them off in wholesale lots, opens at The Globe Monday, Nov. 29.  If you haven’t seen it before we bet you don’t guess the murderer; but even if you do, it’s an entertaining show.

Players Present Comedy –Edith and Murray Schwartz are cast in Good Housekeeping, the University Players first production of the season.  Murray is last remembered as the German speaking Geneva-man in Globe’s

Stalag 17.

The University Players, a college-public dramatic group, is sponsored by the California Western University and will have its showing at Lomaland Hall on the campus Dec. 3 and 4. A former USC and UCLA drama instructor, Bud Coffin, is director of the domestic comedy.

Tercentenary Play—The third of four telecasts devoted to the Tercentenary Celebration will be presented on KFSD, Channel 0 this Sunday, 9:00 a.m. Trapdoor, an original television play, is the story of the secret tunnel under the Touro Synagogue in Newport, R.I.

This is presented as part of the religious series, “Frontiers of Faith,” that can be seen every Sunday at that time and is a public service of NBC.

No Cigar Boxes, These—
The combined value of the instruments played by the Griller String Quartet could make someone a nice little nest egg… although some prefer a bank account. The three violins, a Guarnerius, a Dtradivarius and a Guadagnini, and the viola, an Amati, together are worth $150,000. 

They will be seen and heard by members of the Civic Music Association this Sunday.

Guest Soloist to Open L.A. Philharmonic Concert Dec. 2nd

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 2

A young American pianist, who has been termed “one of the sensational finds of the generation” will be a guest soloist when the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra opens its current local season of 4 concerts Thursday evening , Dec. 2, in Russ Auditorium.

He is 25 year old Gary Graffman, winner of many distinguished awards, soloist with many of the country’s top orchestras and already a recognized master of his art.  His recent debut with the orchestra in Los Angeles brought him ovations from critics and music-lovers.

This year marks the 30th consecutive season for the famed 100 piece orchestra to play a concert series here, under auspices of San Diego Women’s Philharmonic Committee.

Alfred Wallenstein, marking his 12th season as musical director and conductor, will be on the podium for the opening concert.

Program for the Dec. 2 concert will open with Beethoven’s overture to “Fidelio.”  Young Graffman will be heard in Prokofieff’s “Concerto No. 5” and the concluding portion of the program will be Brahm’s “Symphony No. 1 in C Minor.”

Both series and single tickets are available at Palmer Box Office, 640 Broadway.

“Ten Little Indians” Next At Globe
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 2

When Director Craig Noel began to set up publicity shots for “Ten Little Indians,” baffling mystery comedy opening Monday, November 29, at the Old Globe Theatre, he ran into an unusual problem. The play moves so quickly, the unknown murderer strikes so often, that it was difficult to pose scenes in which all of the cast members were seen alive!

Among the bewildered victims trapped on the lonely isle are a gentleman-adventurer (James Howell) and an attractive secretary (Ava Carmichael).  A strong attraction exists between them till each begins to suspect the other of the murders. Among the striking character types sharing this terrifying adventure are a doctor (Charles Turley), a private investigator (Mickey Kohut), a narrow-minded spinster (Bernis Kennedy), a dignified judge (Fred Welch), a sports-car lover (Herb Cherin) and an aging general of the Army (John Murphy). Also in the cast are Jack White, Bert Miller and Velma Jones.

Playing every night but Sunday, this popular thriller will be limited by the Christmas holidays to a run of only eighteen performances.

World-Famous String Quartet to Play At Russ Auditorium

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 2

Now on its ninth American tour, the world-famous Griller String Quartet will appear Sunday, November 28, at 8:30 p.m. at the Russ Auditorium in San Diego. This is the third concert in the winter series presented by San Diego Civic Music Association.

This concert will be open to members of Civic Music Association only.


“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  


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