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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 26, 1954, Part 3

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Free Jewish Press Makes Better Jewish Community
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 5

(Jewish Communal Leader in Los Angeles)

It is not enough for the Jewish business or community leader to insert an occasional “greeting” in the independent Jewish newspaper. They must, instead, recognize their economic soundness is the only solid foundation upon which a newspaper’s editorial freedom can be built.

Without support from the business community, to augment that of the readership, the free press cannot expand in terms of more service to the community.  More expansion, of course, means more readers who will be informed, integrated and made aware of their Jewish heritage and its values for today.

Such support will provide more direct contact, on a genuine readership level, with a vast and growing audience whose cultural and spiritual heritage is both Jewish and broadly American.

Such support will return extra dividends to both advertisers and the community in the form of alert and loyal readers.

Pioneer Women Plan Bazaar and Carnival
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 5

The annual Bazaar and Carnival of the Pioneer Women Negba Club has been set for January 30, according to Rose Brooker, chairman.  She is assisted by Rose Abrams and Goldie Kitaen in the task of encouraging members to collect and make articles to be sold. Proceeds from the Bazaar will be used for Pioneer projects in Israel.

Pioneer Women have launched a collection of Chanukah gifts for children in Israel, with clothing the most needed item.

An interesting program has been planned for the next regular meeting of the Negba Club on Thursday, Dec. 2, at noon, at Beth Jacob Center.

Harmony Homes Offers ‘College View Estates’
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 5

Harmony Homes is showing one of the finest community of homes ever to be offered in San Diego.  “College View Estates” was planned and designed by Charles and Arthur Schreiber, nationally known architects who are associated with Harmony Homes in this development.

College View Estates will be open to the public for the entire month of December and is reached by driving out Montezuma Road to 55th Street and then turning north.

Israel-Arab Problem At Open Forum Dec. 5th
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 5

The San Diego Open Forum, 1541 Sixth Ave., will present twin speakers on Sunday, Dec. 5, at 8:00 p.m. at the Unitarian Church. This will be the first pro and con discussion held at the forum in many years. The topic, “The Israel-Arab Conflict” is one of the world’s most controversial issues.

Dr. Guy Davis, Professor of Religion at Chapman College, has recently returned from Israel and the Arab states.  Many people in the community have heard him and know of his sympathetic interest in the new state. Taking the Arab side will be Dr. John Boles, a Moslem, who is professor of Economics at Loyola University, formerly with the U.S. Government in Saudi Arabia.

Admission is free to the public after 7:45 p.m.

Birdie Stodel Hold A.D.L. Workshop

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 5

An open board meeting in which all members are invited is set for Dec. 6 at noon by Birdie Stodel B.B. board members. Cake and coffee will be served while members become better acquainted with the function of the board.

An Anti-Defamation League Committee Workshop under the direction of Mrs. Ted Brav will be held on Dec. 2 at 590 N. Vermont, Los Angeles at 10:30 a.m.  As Southern Area Americanism Chairman, Mrs. Brav has announced “Our Concern and Responsibility in Public Education” as the subject for discussion. For further information regarding attendance at the Workshop, call AT 4-3434.

As the Psychologist Sees You
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 6

Irving Stone

By Irving R. Stone

Childhood Fantasies—The late Fanny Brice is remembered for her many roles but that of her later years as Baby Snooks stands out in our memories as being one of her most beloved.  Among the many atnics of Baby Snooks was the telling of fanciful tales about lions jumping in the window or elephants walking about the room.  Her exaggerations, perhaps, were real to her just as to the young child, calling out in the middle of the night, “Mommie, there’s a bogey man in my room,” it may be as real as the atomic bomb is to adults. It is a threat that is not easily banished.

Childhood fantasies often are a source of irritation to adults because they seem to be so far from reality that they are without basis of fact and not even containing an ounce of probability. As a result, they scold, scorn, and shriek at the children because they believe that the youngster is “making it up,” trying to get attention or doing it to get out of some disliked activity such as going to bed.

Fantasy to the child is as real as taxes, germs and the need to make a living. What we know has been the result of our experiences and as we grow in age, so do we grow in experience.  The ability to differentiate between fantasy and fact is possible only when the store of experiences reaches the point where reality outweighs fantasy.

The child sees Captain Jet, Superman, and Space Patrol as being entirely within possibility because they have no other yardstick of measurement. When the younger child plays house and fills the role of father, mother or baby sister, she is using the one means of instruction open to her, the daily experiences in her own home.  How she behaves is merely how she sees the household and its members.

The child who swaggers around in a cowboy suit feels like a real cowboy, and attempts to act like one. Too often we are prone to criticize him because we view his antics through adult eyes, forgetting that the child sees thing on another level of experience. Let him have his moment of childhood for too soon will he have to face reality. As he grows older there will be a gradual shift so that fact will become greater than fantasy.  Only the emotionally immature remain in that childlike state where reality cannot be accepted and fantasy remains dominant.

Israeli Teacher On Exchange Visit Here
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 6

San Diego has an official visitor from Israel in the person of Haim Dagan. For the next month, Mr. Dagan will be the guest of the City Schools on a grant from the Office of Education, to participate in the Teachers Education Program of the Department of State and the U.S. Office of Education.  Mr. Dagan specializes in the field of administration and supervision.

The visitor, who lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and daughter, is a supervisor in the youth bureau in the Ministry of Education and will spend his time in San Diego studying the City Schools and the recreation features in our community.

To give Mr. Dagan an opportunity to meet the Jewish community, plans have been made for him to live with different families during his stay,.

Jewish War Veterans

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 6

It is expected that Hy Weitzman, Dept. of California Commander will shortly confer with JWV leaders  in San Diego concerning the sale of tickets which is a statewide project to retire the Department debt.  Tickets are offered by all Post members.

The next meeting will be at the War Memorial Bldg., Balboa Park, December 1st.

Jewish Center News
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 6

Ballet and Creative Dance Classes—Classes are now being held at the Jewish Community Center for juniors, ages 5 to 10, in ballet and creative dance and arts and crafts. Mrs. Irene Timen, dance teacher, has had many years of teaching, both classical and modern ballet.  She has studied with Mikhail Mordkin, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, Jose Limon and Pavley and Oukrainsky.  Classes are divided according to the age group.  Miss Ethel Mallinger, J.C.C. staff member is in charge of the Arts and Crafts Classes.

Winter Day Camp—Two weeks of guaranteed fun are available to all youngsters participating in the Winter Camp JC program sponsored by the Jewish Community Center beginning Monday, Dec. 20th and continuing for 10 days through Friday, Dec. 31. Parents are urged to register their children ages 5 to 11 before Dec. 15, as registration will be limited.

Among the special events scheduled are roller skating, swimming, hiking and trips to interesting local sites.  Several member of the summer day camp JC staff including Dave Anfanger, Dorothy Hess, Mike Soule will assist in the program. Limited pick-up and delivery service will be provided. The fee for the two weeks is $20.00 to Center members with an additional charge for pick-up and delivery.  For further information, call the Jewish Community Center, AT 1-7744.

Rhythmic Exercise Class—An opportunity for all women to relax is provided on Tuesday morning 10 a.m. and Wednesday evening 8 p.m. in the rhythmic exercise and modern dance classes held under the leadership of Mrs. Eugene Berger at the Jewish Community Center. Baby care is provided for the housewife on Tuesday mornings at a slight additional charge.  All women are ivnited to participate in the stimulating activity.

An Invitation to Good Living (Advertisement)
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 6

The Foreign Club Restaurant Café and Hotel in Tijuana Old Mexico offers your family and friends the best in food—fun—entertainment.  International dishes, Mexican specialties, Italian food. Courteous and rapid service. Nice atmosphere.  Plus the finest in drinks, in our most modern bar. Fifty spacious rooms, modern in every respect. Good music for your pleasure.  Dancing to make your evening a gay one. We solicit your patronage.  We invite banquets, weddings, club meetings and conventions, plus your personal private parties… You will enjoy every minute you spend in Old Mexico.  Our location is … 364 Revolucion Ave. (Next to Capri Restaurant).

Nathan Golden and Simon Silvershotz, Props.
For Reervation Phone in San Diego, the Jewish Press, Belmont 3-8992.  Tijuana phone 1701-1305. 
We wish you one and all a happy Chanukah.

Baja Opens 15-Day Festival of Freedom
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 7

A 15-day fiesta opened in Baja California Saturday with continuous day-to-day entertainment scheduled at Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada and Tecate.

The fete was announced at Mexicali today by Gov. Braulio Maldonado, first elected governor of Baja California. The start of the statewide celebration was set for Saturday—Mexico’s Labor Day – as a salute to labor, the governor said.

The fiesta then will continue through Dec. 5 in commemoration of Baja California’s first year as a free Mexican state, and in recognition of Maldonado’s first year in office.

Events schedule3d include a 24-hour telethon, or TV broadcast in which funds to be contributed to the Committee for Social Assistance, which is headed by the Governor’s wife.

Sra. Maldonado reported all funds realized from the telethon and the two-week fiesta will be earmarked for construction of a hospital for victims of tuberculosis.

Events planned at the four cities include parades, carnival attractions, street dancing, fun rides for youngsters, athletic contests including boxing and wrestling matches, and dog and horse races. There will be an international yacht race Dec. 2 from Newport-Balboa, north of the U.S. Mexican border, to Ensenada.

On Dec. 5, bull fights and a Governor’s Ball are planned at Tijuana.

Hollywood movie stars have booked for many personal appearances. Gov. Knight and several other American officials have been invited to participate in one or more of the statewide events, according to Frank Leyva and Herman Prujan, fiesta directors.

Seven Danger Signals

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 7

According to the American Cancer Society, the 7 Danger Signals are (1) Any sore that does not heal; (2) A lump or thickening in the breast or elsewhere; (3) Unusual bleeding or discharge, (4) any change in a wart or a mole; (5) Persistent indigestion or difficulty swallowing; (6) Persistent hoarseness or cough; (7) any change in normal bowel habits.  They may not mean cancer, but they should always mean a trip to your doctor.

(Efficient Transportation)

Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 7

When the Chicago subway was being dug a drunk stopped beside the excavation and called down to the man at the bottom of the pit, “Shay, watcha doin’ down there?”

“We’re building a subway,” the workman responded.

“How long is it goin’ to take to build it?”

“Three years,” came the answer.

“Three years! (hic) To heck with it, I’ll take a cab.”

Promotes Good Will
Southwestern Jewish Press, November 26, 1954, Page 7

Popular Frank A. Thornton, Collector of Customs, Port of San Diego, has been in that position for two years. In that time he has made many friends on both sides of the border. As far as the Mexican nationals are concerned, he has sold America and San Diego to them.  The U.S. Government has a brilliant and loyal servant in this thrifty Scotch-Irishman.

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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