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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, December 10, 1954, Part 1

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Jewish Center Plans Big Invitation Dinner
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Pages 1, 6

“You can help make a dream come true” will be the theme of the invitation on behalf of the Building Fund of the Jewish Community Center on Saturday, January 8, 1955, in the Don Room of the El Cortez Hotel.  In announcing the meeting, Harry Wax, campaign chairman, also stated that Rodin Horrow has accepted the chairmanship of the event.

Sidney Rose

Mr. Horrow is an active member of the Center board of directors.  He is also a director of the United Jewish Fund, the Federation of Jewish Agencies; the Hebrew Home for the Aged; and Beth Israel Temple.

An outstanding program is planned with Mr. Robert Levison of San Francisco, national vice president of the National Jewish Welfare Board, and former president of the San Francisco Community Center, as the principal speaker. Assisting Horrow in planning of the dinner are Leonard Zlotoff and Al Solomon.

John Ruskin

Horrow and his committee anticipate that by the time of the dinner meeting, more than $100,000 will have been secured in pledges for the building fund.

“The members of the board of the Community Center,” Horrow said, “have done an outstanding job I giving. They have demonstrated to the community that they are willing to back up their belief and their faith in the fact that San Diego Jewry can have a community building by giving generously. The only way that there will be a community building in which our children and ourselves can actively participate under Jewish auspices is that interested members of the Jewish Community participate in making it possible by giving.

William Schwartz

While money is being raised for the center, the building committee is continuing its work with center architect, George Lykos.  William Schwartz, Sidney Rose, John Ruskin and Maury Novak as well as all key people in the building committee have been meeting regularly in order to implement the needs as expressed by the various committees that met during the community Center survey.

A thorough and complete report both of the population study and center survey will be release to the community in the very near future.  It will contain a complete outline of the facilities that will be needed in the Jewish Community Center.


City-Wide Observance of Tercentenary Set for Dec. 12
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Pages 1, 6

The American Jewish Tercentenary will be observed in San Diego by the entire Jewish community in conjunction with the 21st annual meeting of the United Jewish Fund this Sunday evening, Dec. 12, 6:00 p.m.  diner at the House of Hospitality, Casa del Rey Moro restaurant in Balboa Park, Fund President Louis Moorsteen and Doctor A.P. Nasatir, Chairman of the San Diego Tercentenary Committee announced.

The joint program was approved by the fund board and has been planned under the direction of Milton Roberts who has been designated as the chairman of the annual meeting. Morris Douglas, First Vice President, will serve as Chairman of the evening.

Mr. Roberts announced tha an original narration in prose and music dramatically telling the story of the 300 years has been written by Mrs. A.P. Nasatir and will provide the main entertainment of the evening.  Appearing in “Roots in This Land” are Mrs. Nasatir, Mr. Alan Soule, Mr. Roberts and Albert A. Hutler.  Music will be by Cantors Julian Miller and Joseph Cysner, and Bruce Dennis.

Greetings on the observance of 300 years of Jewish settlement in America will be brought to the meeting form leading religious, political and civic leaders of the San Diego community.  They include Honorable John Butler, Mayor of the City of San Diego, the Honorable James Robbins, Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, Bishop of San Diego, Dr. Leland Cook, President of the San Diego Council of Churches, Gerald A. Mokma, Consul General of the United States, and Rear Admiral T.C. Miller, District Chaplain, 11th Naval District, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Beth Israel Temple and Rabbi Baruch Stern, Beth Jacob Synagogue, will participate in the program.

The nominating committee chaired by Mr. Carl M. Esenoff and consisting of Morris Douglas, M.D. Goodrich, Eli H. Levenson, Sol Price, Victor Schulman and Ruben Umansky will present the following names in nomination for the board of directors for a period of two years, 1955-56.  David Block, Mrs. Ted Brav, Zel Camiel, Mack Esterson, Manuel S. Fisher, Mrs. Dora Friedman, Irving Friedman, Arthur Goodman, Ben Harris, Harry Mallen, Jerome Niederman, Maury Novak, Dr. Walter Ornstein, Sol Price, Seymour Rabin, Mrs. Abe Ratner, Dr. Joshua Rittoff, David Sapp, Harry Sugarman, and Harry Wax.

Awards from the United Jewish Fund and the local community will be presented to outstanding community leaders for their services in 1954.

An award will also be presented to O.W. Todd Jr., business and civic leader, for his leadership of the Christian committee in the 1954 combined Jewish Appeal.

Business of the meeting will be kept at the minimum and will include election of the Board of Directors, voting on an amendment to the by-laws and whatever reports are necessary.

“We urge every member of the community to plan to attend the important community dinner and assembly,” Mr. Moorsteen said. “This will be one of the only citywide obsrvances of the significant anniversary of the 300 years of Jewish settlement in America to be held in San Diego and we sincerely hope that every member of the Jewish community will participate.”

Members are urged to attend the dinner if they possibly can at 6:00 p.m., but if they cannot, they are cordially invited to attend the meeting which will start at 7:45 p.m. sharp.  Reservations for the dinner, which will cost $3.50 per plate, may still be made by calling BE 2-5172 or AC-3-8223.

B’nai B’rith Asks Bus Card Comments
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Page 1

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has placed 100 car cards in the San Diego Transit vehicles in this area.  The cards have been produced by the Institute for American democracy.

Comments on this project are wanted by the B’nai B’rith. It is also suggested that viewers write complimentary letters to the Transit System encouraging such cards.

University Gets Gift From Local Resident

Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Page 1

Irving Salomon has made a gift to California Western Univeristy which will enable the fast growing campus on Pt. Loma to remodel its Little Theatre. The  theatre will be called the Irving Salomon Hall and will be dedicated later this month.

Irving Salomon, a member of Temple Beth Israel, resides at Rancho Lilac in Escondido.  Currently, a representative of the Ford Foundation, he is a member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Educational Television in California.


Fund Appeals For Cash
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Pages 1, 8

A reminder that pledges to the Combined Jewish Appeal made in 1953 are now overdue, and a plea for payment of 1954 pledges was sounded by Harry Snyder, Treasurer of the United Jewish Fund.

“Not only are the funds desperately needed so that our community can pay the allocations which have been promised to the various agencies included in the campaign, but also,” Snyder said, “everyone should take advantage of the provisions of our income tax law which makes charitable contributions up to 30 percent under certain circumstances by individuals deductible for purposes of computing income taxes.” This rate applies to individuals filing tax returns.

Snyder also pointed out that payments must be received this year if they are to be deducted from income taxes for the year 1954.

It was emphasized that the United Jewish Fund has been unable to make any payments recently to the many national agencies included in the annual campaign, because of lack of cash.

In March, the Fund borrowed $75,000 as an advance to the UJA as part of the refunding loan of $75,000,000 undertaken by the Jewish communities on behalf of Israel and thus far has not been able to make any repayment on this loan to the bank.  Payments must be met semi-annually for a period of five years.

“The United Jewish Fund,” Snyder continued, “will also be expected to make payments shortly to the various national, overseas and local agencies that depend on these grants for continued operations. They can only be paid if pledges are paid so that funds are available.”

Takes Helm
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Page 1

Max Zemen has been elected president of Tifereth Israel Synagogue, it was announced today.  He succeeds Edward Breitbard who served during the past year.  Mr. Zemen has been active in the Synagogue for many years and has pledge to continue to develop the programs and activities of the Synagogue and its affiliated groups.

Other officers elected are Irving Goodman, 1st Vice President; Robert Cheron, 2nd V.P.; Moss Addleson, Rec. Sec.; Joseph Finkleman, Fin. Sec., and Joe Kader, Treas.


Morris W. Douglas Named New USO-JWB Chairman
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Pages 1, 6

Morris W. Douglas , outstanding community leader, was elected Chairman of the San Diego armed Services Committee of the National Jewish Welfare Board in a meeting of that group at Temple Center this week.  Henry Weinberger, who has been chairman for the past seven years, was elected Honorary Chairman, in which he joins Mrs. Rose Neumann and Judge Jacob Weinberger.

Other officers elected included Mrs. Sidney Newman, Vice Chairman; Milton Fredman, Representative to the National Jewish Welfare Board Council; and Messrs. Henry Weinberger, Fredman and Mrs. Rose Neumann, JWB Representatives to the San Diego USO Advisory Council.

Mr. Douglas immediately appointed the following sub-committee chairmen for the year 1955: Senior Host and Hostess, Mrs. Rose Neumann and Mrs. Samuel Friedman; Home Hospitality, Mrs. Sidney Newman; Religious, all rabbis plus Joseph Spatz; Junior Hostess-Senior Sponsor, Mrs. Joseph Kaplan; Military Relations, Alex J. Newman; Program, Julie Abraham and Mrs. Tom Turner; Community Liaison, Harry Mallen; War Records, Mrs. David Frank.

Elected to the Armed Services Committes were Mrs. Marcy Berwin, Mrs. George Katz, Mrs. Joseph Kaplan, Alex J. Newman and Chaplain E. H. Rickel.

With the advent of the new administration, the Amred Services Committee voted a special commendation to its executive Abraham Friedman, for his work since his arrival two years ago.

To See or not To See
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Page 2

By Berenice Soule

Death on an Island – Anyone interested in building a mountain lodge, a summer home off the coast of Devon, or  rustic house near a stone quarry, should contact Robert Jillson.  Jillson, set designer-technical director for the Globe’s Ten Little Indians, has dressed up a beamed ceiling living room featuring a raised-hearth “natural stone” fireplace so attractive that through all the blood and gore of the Agatha Christie mystery it remains charming and inviting.

Eight corpses are stackled neatly (at least the audience assumes that the 2 remaining “Indians” treated death with respect and stacked them neatly) in the den (the glimpse of book-line walls off-stage rt, seemed attractive, too) in the last scene.  By this time many kinds of murder have been done, screams have torn the darkness and, in the words of an 11 year old friend who viewed it opening night, “It’s better’n Dragnet!”The “Ten Little Indians” refer to the ceramic Indian figurines on the mantel and the ten guests called together by a mysterious host in a house on Indian Island, off the coast of Devon. The guests are all accused of some form of murder and then are knocked off, one at a time.  It wouldn’t be cricket to divulge which cast members were “done in” early in the play, but we lost some of our best actors that way.

Most fascinating is Ava Carmichael, new-comer to the Globe – almost the makings of a young Katherine Cornell—that awkward gracefulness and mobility of expression. The cast as a whole is exceptionally well
balanced and capable. Due for particular mention are Mickey Kohut, Herb Cherin, Bernis Kennedy, John Murphy and Charles Turley. Also doing well are Burt Miller, Velma Jones, Jack White, James Howell and Fred Welch.

Because of the holidays, the show will run only through December 18.

Talk Pays Off—Our “Adventure in Living” man – John Robert Clarke—had been placed under the management of Edna Stewart, considered one of the top booking agents of New York and Beverly Hills. Clarke, in his fifth San Diego series of lectures, said he was “not expecting this to happen.”

He’ll be travelling among some of the best Miss Stewarts “Celebrity Management” handles, among others, Jose Greco, Lowell Thomas, Senator Paul Douglas, Drew Pearson and Eva le Gallienne.

This new sponsorship will not affect his current local series of lectures; engagements this winter will be limited to the southern California area. He expects to soon start a Hollywood “Adventures in Living” series but it will not interfere with his Tuesday night talks here.

This personable young man found himself in San Diego completely by accident, but it has been a fortunate accident. Three years ago John’s yacht with himself and three friends sailed out of San Francisco headed for Ensenada. Due to slight miscalculations—just something trivial like losing a day or two—they entered San Diego harbor. John has stayed ever since, living on his yacht, tied up at Pot. Loma landing.

Whether people know how to communicate with one another, will be his subject on December 14th when he speaks on “Finding Friends in Babel’s Towar” at the House of Hospitality, 8:00 p.m.

Talent and Red Hair
–Don’t know if a raise in “pay” went with this promotion –but Eifi Schwitkis, who has been the Globe’s make-up artist, has now been made head of their art department. We’re not sure what the art department does, but doesn’t it sound good?  Maybe it’s because of all that gorgeous copper and enamel jewelry she’s been making.—Theodor Uppman, baritone, due here in concert January 26, is a native Californian. He won a scholarship to Curtis Institute and was a winner of the Atwater Kent auditions. Before entering the Army, he studied music and drama at Stanford and after the war he appeared in operettas and operas in Los Angeles and with the San Francisco Opera Company. He has been called “mellow voiced,” “a resplendent signer” and “a fine figure of a man, withu a personality that matches his vocal prowess.”

And He’s Pretty Too

According to reports, no build-up is too big.

Famed Marionettes Here From Salzburg
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Page 2

Famed as a feature part of the Austrian village of Salzburg Music Festival, the Salzburg Marionette Theatre comes to San Diego to present three performances on Saturday, January 15, 1955, at Roosevelt Auditorium, Park Blvd at Upas Street. Two matinees at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. will show “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and the evening show at 8:30 p.m. will play the complete opera in English “The Fiedermaus” and “the Blue Danube” pantomime ballet.

Tickets are reserved for the evening performances only with prices of $2.76, $2.21 and $1.66. All tickets for the matinees are available at $1.66. It is suggested that patrons mail their orders immediately as Roosevelt Auditorium has a limited seating capacity.  Mail orders are accepted now by the deLannoy & Howarth box office, Room 230, U.S. Grant Hotel. It is thought that tickets to this interesting and exciting entertainment can very well serve as Christmas gifts for both adults and children.


Dr. Baxter To Give Readings At Globe

Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Page 2

As part of the extensive project whereby the University of Southern California is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee Year throughout the southland, the Globe Theatre will present Dr. Frank C. Baxter in a program of Christmas readings. There will be no charge for his two performances on December 16, at 4:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. in the Old Globe Theatre.

Besides having established himself as a leading television personality, Dr Baxter possesses many fascinating vital statistics.  He ranks among the eight most popular university professors in the U.S. Specializing not only in Shakespeariana, Dr. Baxter has made a study of the history of humor! Among his reading selections will be the works of such modern humorists as Ogden Nash.

The Old Globe Theatre takes pleasure in offering Baxter’s programs as a Christmas gift to its audiences. Free tickets may be reserved by calling the Globe Box Office (BE-9-9139) throughout the week of December 6-11.

(Immigration Laws)

Southwestern Jewish Press, December 10, 1954, Page 2

“My ancestors,” boasted the blueblood society woman to Groucho Marx at a party, “came over on the Mayflower.”

Groucho nodded, “It’s a lucky thing they did,” he said quietly.  “The immigration laws are so much stricter now.”

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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