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Haitian earthquake victim to receive prosthetic feet in Israel

Sounlove, in wheel chair, and sister Baranatha await El Al flight at JFK

NEW YORK (Press Release)–EL AL, the national airline of Israel, recently hosted 19 year old student Sounlove Zamour on a flight from New York to Israel.  Sounlove is a double amputee victim of the horrific earthquake that took place in Haiti this past January.

Sounlove is in Israel to continue with the next stage of her recovery process.  She is being treated at the premiere high-tech rehabilitation center of the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital. 

The plan is to fit Sounlove with prosthetics and have her walk again, as has been done with many previous patients.  Her sister Baranatha is accompanying Sounlove in Israel for the four month long stay where they are guests of the Friends of Sheba Medical Center, a foundation based in Los Angeles.
EL AL has a history of providing humanitarian assistance during times of need. In keeping with this tradition, two EL AL aircraft carried more than 80 tons of supplies, dozens of medical personnel, search and rescue teams as well as a canine rescue squad from Israel to assist with the relief efforts in Haiti. 

Preceding provided by El Al Airlines

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