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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, December 24, 1954, Part 2

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staffSouthwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 3

City of Hope Your Help in Campaign

Two weeks ago a young non Jewish woman from this area entered the City of Hope Medical Center T.B  Hospital.  She was despondent about her condition and worried about the two small children she left at home.

This week a friend of hers received a letter telling how grateful she is to the people who helped found such a wonderful place.  In her own words, “she feels like she is in a private hospital – that nothing is being spared for her comfort and welfare, and she knows that she is going to get well!”

The campaign we are now engaged in is to enlighten those who are not of our faith about this great humanitarian place of healing and research which is open to all regardless of race or creed, and make them aware of the financial obligation they should assume in helping their unfortunate brethren.

Dan Lawrence Ad Agency Has Phenomenal Growth
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 3

Well known and nationally publicized is the utterly fantastic growth of the San Diego Area.  Since 1945, 133 new industries have come into the area; and the county’s population has soared from 575,000 in 1947 to the present 729,600.  As the pulse of local industry quickens most businesses are recognizing the importance of expansion within their firms to keep pace and to be able to offer assistance to industry’s sound development.

A case in point is the Dan Lawrence Advertising agency which recently announced the establishment of a complete Industrial Advertising Department.

Although the Dan Lawrence Company has been operating successfully for more than eight years, the growing need for specialists in the industrial field prompted the addition of new personnel with industrial training.

Established eight years ago as a “one-man” agency, today’s firm boosts a staff of eighteen specialists who have brought their talents from all parts of the country, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Canada.  Offering its clients the services of well-equipped Merchandising, Co-op, Public Relations, Publicity, Research in Marketing, Timebuying, Art, Creative and Industrial Departments, the agency handles all media. It also offers specialized advertising and merchandising needs such as organizing  of sales meetings, internal displays, direct mail, etc.

The agency’s present client list includes Automotive, Department and Specialty Store, Food, Clothing, Paint, Brick and Clay Products, Restaurant, Hotel and Motel accounts in addition to numerous consumer accounts.

The Dan Lawrence Company’s growth, outstanding in such a short period, can well be termed a “success story” … a success that rests wholly on forethought and faith in the San Diego area as a strong, continually growing community, not merely a wartime “boom-town.”

Convair-San Diego Open Golf Tournament
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 4

Starting January 20, the four-day, $15,000 Convair-San Diego P.G.A. Open Tournament gets underway at nearby Mission Valley Country Club.  A field of approximately 150 professional and amateur champions from all over the golfing world is expected to start in the fifth annual open over the 72-hole route. (18 holes each day).

Pre-tournament favorite at Mission Valley will be Defending Champion Gene Littler.

Also entered is an old timer, Olin Dutra, the 1934 National Open Champion, who has returned to the golf wars after a sojourn in Mexico. Now a home pro at the Mission Valley course, he recently won the San Diego Country Pro Tournament against a classy field. Another Mission Valley pro, Frank Rodia, also is expected to give the younger stars a battle over the 6,800 yard tournament course.

In addition to $15,000 prize money, with $2,400 going to the winning pro, bonus money will be added for daily low rounds, breaking course record (currently 63) for holes-in-one and eagles.

The San Diego Open is underwritten by Convair Division of General Dynamics Corporation on behalf of the San Diego Society for Crippled Children.  John Jay Hopkins, President of the International Golf Association, which sponsors the U.S.-Canada team matches, is chairman and president of General Dynamics.

Lasker Lodge B.B. Wins ADL Award

Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 5

Lasker Lodge, B’nai B’rith was awarded the ADL Lodge Award for the year 1954 for southern California because of “its contributions and service to the community of San Diego.”  The efforts of the lodge have been in the field of Anti-defamation work.

This is the first time such an award has been made in Southern California and the presentation will be made at the ADL Council meeting which will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Southern California Council of B’nai B’rith, Dec. 29, in Los Angeles.

Ralph Feldman, president of Lasker Lodge, also announced that Milton Fredman will receive an ADL award for outstanding achievement.

Food Care Urged by Health Dept.
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 6

“If you cannot keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold, do not keep them long,” Dr. J.B. Askew, city-county health director, warned San Diegans preparing for parties. He explained that foods left standing at room temperatures are the chief sources of food poisoning.  “Food poisoning can be very serious and sometimes cause death. Even the mild cases cause great discomfort.”

Serve food immediately after cooking or preparation.  Otherwise, store immediately under refrigeration and keep it there. If necessary to reheat, do so just before serving and reheat thoroughly, serving piping hot. Cold dishes should be kept and served cold.  Custards and cream filled pastries must have refrigeration at all times until eaten.

Persons wishing additional information on how to prevent food poisoning cn get “Food for Thnought,” a department publication, by writing or calling the Bureau of Public Health Education, S.D. Dept. of Public Health, Civic Center, tel. BE-9-7561.

New Life Club
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 6

Carl Friend was reelected president of the New Life Club, San Diego, at a meeting Sunday, December 12 in the Beth Jacob Center.

Other officers elected for 1955 were Charles Tennen, vice president; Fritz Lavender, treasurer; Toni Colm, secretary; Abraham Sonabend, Max Lercher, Edith Lavender, Fanny Mark, board of trustees.

A Chanukah Party will be held at Beth Jacob Center Sunday, December 19, 5 p.m.

Israel Delegate To U.N. Speaks Jan 5

Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 6

Arthur Liveran, Israel’s permanent delegate to the United Nations will attend a dinner in his honor before speaking at the Florence School, 1st and University, on Wednesday, Jan. 5th.  He is scheduled to speak at 8:00 p.m.  Mr. Liveran has been a resident of Israel since 1953 and served as first secretary of the Israeli embassy in Washington in 1951.  He has been at his present post since 1952.

The San Diego Zionist Council has arranged three speaking engagements for Mr. Liveran at San Diego State College, January 5. On Thursday, he will address the student assembly at Cal Western University and then will be guest of Rabbi Morton J. Cohn at a Lions Club luncheon.


(Chanukah gift)

Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 6

For Chanukah – Give a year’s subscription to the Jewish Press. Call BE 4-4353.

“This And That”
Southwestern Jewish Press, December 24, 1954, Page 7

By Fred Taylor

Are you one of the many San Diegans who is forever lamenting this fair city’s need for a decent after-theatre eating spot?  Saturday evening we had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening of the answer to that very problem. …”The Imperial Bar-B-Q Drive In, located at 2480 Imperial Avenue. Whether you desire a full course dinner, a quick snack or food to go … this is it.

David Sugarman and Bob Carter, co-owners of this unique eatery, are not unfamiliar figures to the Jewish people of San Diego. Mr. Sugarman has been active locally in the Lasker Lodge, the Community Relations Council and has been first vice president and chairman of the Anti-Defamation League. Mr. Carter has served many local Jewish people as an insurance underwriter and advisor. He was also a cooking instructor at the Naval Training Center in Farragut, Idaho, during World War II.  We wish Bob and Dave smooth sailing in this new enterprise and urge you do stop in, to say hello and become better acquainted.

Last week the Jewish Press ran a most unusual offer for the Maryan Dance Studios… a special course in ballroom dance instruction for teenagers. We understand that the response has been very good and, for the benefit of those who  may have missed this offer, it has been repeated in today’s edition. Have you been looking for an ideal Chanukah gift for the particular teenager in your family?

Speaking of food (you are to learn that food is our favorite thought) who has not dreamed of that place where the cooking is real home cooking. But why dream.

Wednesday evening we had dinner at the Café del Rey Moro. Ahhh! To meet the girl who could equal that delicious treat. Helen Thomson, our gracious and charming hostess, seemed to enjoy our ferocious appetites as much as we.

For those very few unfortunates who do not know. .. the Café del Rey Moro, House of Hospitality, Balboa Park.  Hours, noon till eight p.m.

While on the subject of Wednesday evening … did you see the Old Globe Theatre’s production of Ten Little Indians? We did and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening as most evenings devoted to a Globe production are. We were particularly impressed with the bad, mad Sir Wargrave who, in real life, is Mr. Frederick Welch. Among his many contribution to the theatre, Mr. Welch somehow finds time to direct the “Hollywood Gateway.”  His extensive background as a dramatic, vocal and speech instructor is almost without parallel. The Hollywood Gateway Studio is located at 2891 University Avenue.

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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