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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, January 21, 1955, Part 1

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Men Will Show Fashions For Hadassah Youth Aliyah
Southwestern Jewish Press, January 21, 1955, Pages 1, 7

Youth Aliyah comes of age next Wednesday night, January 26th, at the Mission Valley Country Club, when Hadassah holds its 2nd annual Youth Aliyah Dinner. Minyon Captains will head the reception committee at the door under the Chairmanship of Mr. Harry Snyder.  Mr. Harry Felson will act as president pro tem.  Mr. Lewis Solomon will be Master of Ceremonies for the evening’s festivities.  Mr. did we say? That’s right because the evening will be devoted to, presented by and featuring Men.Modes for Males is the program theme, and Solof’s Ltd will present the very latest in male attire. Gladys Scott Smart Shop will offer a sprinkling of feminine fashions to add luster to the exciting show presentation.  To date models include Mr. David Sapp, Dr. Carl Hoffman, Mr. Arthur Goodman, Mr. Murray Goodrich, Dr. Richard Disraeli, Mr. Louis Steinman, Mr. Frank Black, Charles Fuerseig (sic, Feurzeig), Don Solomon, Mr. Sheldon Golden and Mr. Harry Snyder.

Feminine mannequins include Mmes. Melvin Wasserman, Robert Epsten, Morrie Naiman, Harry Farb, E.M. Sims, Alfred Bobrof, and Misses Janet Solof and Dorothy Hess.

Mrs. Lewis Solomon, Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah Chairman, is in charge of all arrangements and is being assisted by Mrs. Rudolph Hess as Co-Chairman.  The entire community is invited to attend this event which features a delectable dinner at $4.00 per person. Reservations must be made with Mrs. John Ruskin, 4308 North Talmadge Drive, San Diego 16, California, accompanied by your check.

Another entertainment highlight will be Young Israel models personified by Misses Ettie Mallinger and Phyllis Mollick and Messr. Herbert Gross.

What man will dare to commentate this turnabout fashion show?  His name won’t be disclosed until the very last minute as he assumes his position on stage. 

A most exciting addition feature of the evening will be the drawing of one lucky number for one lucky guest who will be present that evening and who will win a $110.00 man’s suit from Solof’s Ltd.  Through the courtesy of Louis Solof and William P. Goldman of the Three C’s Clothiers, New York, this valuable door prize has been made possible. Only those men present will be eligible to share in this offer.

Mrs. Morton Thaler, Program Chairman, is busily completing plans for the event and promises a fun packed evening.  She is being assisted by Mrs. David Schissell as Co-Chairman and an energetic committee of Mrs. Harold Lasher, Mrs. Morrie Naiman, Mrs. Victor Selten, Mrs. Al Slayen, Mrs. Alfred Bobrof and Mrs. George Wixen.

Jose and Harry, hair stylists, will create a sensation when Mr. Jose presents the latest in hair coloring style. He will fashion the color of the hair to match the feminine models, and everyone may look forward to seeing a pink haired beauty looking delightful in her pink champagne formal.

Be sure to get your reservations into Mrs. Ruskin now.

This is one of the social highlights of the year and you won’t want to miss the gala festivities.

Fox Lodge Installs Prexy Tues. Night
Southwestern Jewish Press, January 21, 1955, Pages 1, 5

Samuel I Fox Lodge, B’nai B’rith will install its 8th President at Beth Jacob Synagogue on Tuesday night, January 25th at 8:00 p.m.

The newly elected officers for the year 1955 are David M. Schloss, President; Irving Small, 1st Vice President; John Kuchin, P.P, 2nd Vice President; Stanley Yukon, P.P., Chaplain; Ralph A. Cohen, Treasurer; Adolph Brodman, Secretary; Joseph Spatz, Warden; Joseph Gelman, Guardian, and as its Trustees, Meyer Goldberg, Manuel Rosenthal, Jacob Rosenthal and Solomon Briskman. The Grand Pres. Representative is Harry M. Mallen.

The Installing Officer will be Maurie Kraus, Executive Board Member of the District Grand Lodge with Henry Weinberger, Past Grand President of District No. 4 B’nai B’rith as Assisting Installing Officer.

After the installation members of Hillel at State College will entertain with Hebrew songs and dances.

Instead of the usual pre-installation dinner, Entertainment Chairman Stanley Yukon and his committee will serve buffet style deluxe food to the guests and friends of Samuel I. Fox Lodge. 

The Lodge cordially invites all its friends and neighbors to attend the Installation and enjoy a very entertaining evening.

M.W. Douglas Elected to Head United Jewish Fund
Southwestern Jewish Press, January 21, 1955, Pages 1, 3

Morris W, Douglas

The United Jewish Fund elected Morris W. Douglas president of the Board of Directors at its first directors meeting of the new year last week. 

Mr. Douglas becomes the 6th president in the 21-year history of the local fund, joining the ranks of community leaders which includes Judge Jacob Weinberger of the U.S. District Court, Nathan F. Baranov, Eli H. Levenson, Victor Schulman and Murray D. Goodrich

At the same time Mrs. Gabriel Berg, William Colt, Mack Esterson, Carl M. Esenoff, Maury Novak, Seymour Rabin and William Schwartz were elected to serve on the Executive Committee.

The newly elected president has an excellent background as preparation for his new honor. A member of the Fund Board for many years he has served as a vice president for four of them; has been a campaign chairman for the U.J.F. drive, and has chaired many committees including the allocations committee.

At present, the chairman of USO-J.W.B., his preparation also includes the past presidencies of Temple Beth Israel, the Jewish Social Service Agency and Lasker Lodge of B’nai B’rith. 

Because of his leadership in Jewish community affairs Douglas knows the value of strong central organization. In accepting the presidency he said, “it will be my earnest effort to continue strengthening the concept of strong central organization and the primacy of the United Jewish Fund as the central and major arm of Jewish Fund-Raising for San Diego.”

“In 1955,” he continued, “every effort will be made to meet the requests of all beneficiary agencies of the Fund campaign by increasing our giving 25% and again bringing the amount raised to over $200,000.”

Mr. Douglas pointed out that the Fund is the hope of over 42 local, national, overseas and Israel organizations in continuing to aid Jews in distress throughout the world.

“Last year,” he said, “we raised $175,000, of which overseas received 49%; local agencies, including year around administration and campaign, 34% and the balance went to National Agencies and Bonds of Israel.”

Locally the Fund supports the San Diego Federation of Jewish Agencies in its financing of deficits for the Jewish Social Service Agency; Hebrew Home for the Aged; Jewish Community Center; Jewish Community Relations Council; and the San Diego program for care of Jewish immigrants.

Planning is now underway for the 1955 Combined Jewish Appeal.  It is expected that leadership will be selected in the near future and announcement of plans, dates and goal will be forthcoming.

The new president’s first act was the appointment of a committee on Multiple Campaigns which ha been asked to study the problem of too many drives and to report its findings to the next meeting of the Board.

Milton Roberts will chair the committee eon which Albert Steinbaum, Sol Price, Manuel Fisher, Harry Snyder, Victor Schulman, Eli H. Levenson, Louis Moorsteen, M.D. Goodrich, Carl Esenoff, William Schwartz, Rodin Horrow, Seymour Rabin and Morris Douglas, ex officio, have been invited to serve.

The committee will meet with several overseas and national agencies to determine the value of pre-campaign budgeting as well as to discuss the question of campaigns in the local community.

Beth Israel To Dedicate New Temple House at Friday Services
Southwestern Jewish Press, January 21, 1955, Page 1

Beth Israel Congregation will dedicate the newly completed Temple House and celebrate the completion of the remodeling of Temple Beth Israel on Friday evening, February 4th.  Mr. Mack Esterson, President of the Congregation, and Rabbi Morton J. Cohn extend an invitation to the entire community to attend the services and visit the new Temple House.

 Mr. Morris W. Douglas, Chairman of the event announces that Family Service Nite will be held one-half hour earlier, at 7:30 p.m.  At the completion of the Service a program has been arranged for the children at the Temple House with entertainment and refreshments.

The Dedication Services at the Temple will include awards to newspapers, including the Southwestern Jewish Press. Other awards will go to Sam Hamill, architect, for his advice and counsel during construction and remodeling. Special plaques will be presented to families who have given rooms in the Temple House.

Following the service, there will be a social hour with refreshments.

Jewish Center Drive Ends with $100,000; reopens July
Southwestern Jewish Press, January 21, 1955, Page 1

Thirty thousand dollars was added to the Jewish Community Center Building Fund at the “Make A Dream Come True Dinner,” according to Rodin Horrow who chaired the meeting.

Total for the Building Fund Drive now exceeds $100,000, Harry Wax, Chairman, reported.

At the dinner Mr. and Mrs. David Sapp donated the Arts and Crafts Room and joined Louis Steinman, William Starr and the Breitbard family in specifying a “living memorial.”  Several others have also pledged enough for rooms but as yet have not specified.

“The Center experimented in a short campaign,” Wax said, “to gauge community response. Very often there is a great deal of talk about a center but no money with it. However, response of those who have been contacted to date have been encouraging and satisfactory.”

The chairman reported that 125 families have contributed and that on the basis of the response center leaders are convinced the building program can be pushed forward to 1956.

This phase of the Building Drive will close today in keeping with the agreement made with the Federation in order to permit preparation for the 1955 United Jewish Fund Drive to get underway.

Edward Breitbard, president of the Center, stated that a full community campaign will be reopened in July with the hope of building in early 1956.

Leaders in the campaign besides Wax, Breitbard and Horrow were Sidney Rose, Al Solomon, Leonard Zlotoff, William Schwartz, Morry Novak, Henry Price and Morris Douglas.

“Monte Carlo Nite” Has Fun and Prizes

Southwestern Jewish Press, January 21, 1955, Page 1

The Men’s Club of Tifereth Israel Synagogue will hold the long awaited “Monte Carlo Nite” on Sunday, January 23, starting at 2 p.m.; there will be games, food and fun for the entire family.

The “Monte Carlo Nite” committee is headed by Al De Sure, assisted by Moe Hershey, Its Penter, Zel Greenberg, Si Rich, Arnold Gale, Barney Korey, Lloyd Green and Jerry Weissman. All affiliated organizations of the Synagogue, such as the Daughters of Israel, the Sisterhood, the Young Couples Club and the Men’s Club are combining their efforts to make this the biggest affair of the Winter season.

There will be door prizes, game prizes and loads of fun for those that attend.

Don’t forget the date! Sunday Janaury 23rd-“Monte Carlo Nite” at Tifereth Israel Center.  

New Subscribers
Southwestern Jewish Press, January 21, 1955, Page 1

Jack Stern
Sarah Rosenbaum
Mrs. Sidney R. Silverman

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.

  1. September 20, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    Thank you Gert-this was a fabulous walk down memory lane, and I am not sure I ever properly thanked you for writing it on behalf of my generation. In 1955 I was 3 years old, but I grew up on Mesita Dr. in San Diego; my elementary, Montezuma School, was 5 houses down my street, my 4 sisters and I all graduated from Crawford High, attended services, religious school and had our confirmations at Tifereth Israel Synagogue on 30th St. back then, and my wedding was officiated by Rabbi Monroe Levens on June 9, 1974-and of course written up in The Heritage-our wonderful Jewish Press. We even drove our first child, Valerie Estelle Frankel, the then 10 hour drive back “home” to San Diego for her baby naming, for which Rabbi Leven’s came out of retirement to officiate!

    I read every issue of your column in The Heritage from the time I was 9 or 10-as these were my friends older siblings celebrating their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, later it was weddings, their parents celebrating special anniversaries, or their grandparents who were being buried. Even today as I reread this lengthy combined column, I recognize so many names-from Addison & Belenson to Zanville, Zlotoff and Zybelman-and all those in between. After your columns ended, Mrs. Sussman took over writing the Social Column and after I married, my mom would save them and mail them up to me. How else could I keep track of my friends from San Diego BBG, JCC (I was a camp counselor and kept track of what my campers and the other counselors were doing) and Synagogue News. As SDSU Hillel president, I made sure our activities were published-as did my older and younger sisters-when they were presidents of Hillel.

    Soon after I married and moved to my new community in Silicon Valley, I saw that the Jewish Press here had no social column-so why bother getting the paper if it was a rehash of old news (the paper came out once a month-not weekly) and obituaries of people I never knew. I proposed having a Simcha Column in the paper, was told if I wanted it I’d have to write it for free. I took on the project, basing my column on all the ones I had read in the Heritage that you and Mrs. Sussman had written. It was a hit-the papers were selling, I spent many hours calling people to glean their simchas-babies born, engagements, weddings, photos, Shul doings, and then the Jewish Federation Paper started paying me a small stipend to write. I wrote for 10 years and found an added benefit was falling in love with my new community and getting to know a great many people. A frustrated writer, I had always put out a family Rosh Hashanah News letter, lengthy journals and diaries, and long snail mailed letters to friends and relatives-now mostly emails. I am the daughter of a teacher and writer, and the proud mother of a prolific writer-at age 32, daughter Valerie has 17 published books and has sold enough to start paying substantial income tax on them. She tells me her goal is to be famous, her many books will be her legacy and the residuals her retirement.

    As I read through these columns of yours, the history of my childhood city resonates with me. This is part of your legacy, long after you are gone, the words will remain.

    Thank You and Bless You,

    Donna (Kanter) Frankel, daughter of the late Harry and Phyllis Kanter

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