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San Diego’s former Laurie Wohl is located in New York City

Editor, San Diego Jewish World

I recently asked for your readers’ help in locating a high school classmate of mine, Laurie Phyllis Wohl, who lived in the Kensington neighborhood of San Diego and graduated Hoover High School in 1960.  I know her mother was active in Temple Beth Israel.

I found Laurie!  I asked the Wellesley College Alumni Group to forward my contact info and I got an email from her today.  So first, thank you for your offer of assistance in locating Laurie.

Second,  you and your readers may want to visit her professional website to see her magnificent work as a world renowned textile designer.  She has incorporated elements of her Jewish faith in some of her works and has a very impressive list of commissions and showings  around the world.  She graduated Sarah Lawrence College and Colombia Law School and lives in New York City with her husband, Stephen Schulhofer, a professor of law at NYU.   Some of your readers may remember Laurie and her parents from their years here in San Diego.

Thank you again for responding to my request.  This has been a wonderful day for me!

Linda Mohr Crogan

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