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Time has absurd notion that Israelis don’t care about peace

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By Rabbi Ben Kamin

Rabbi Ben Kamin

SAN DIEGO — The cover of the current issue of TIME Magazine offers the absurd title, “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace.”  The story itself, written by Karl Vick, is built on the premise that with “observing two and half years without a single suicide bombing on their territory, with the economy robust,” Israelis “have moved on” and just don’t focus anymore on the Palestinians and the resolution of the issues that have existed since 1948. 

As if anyone but the people of Israel, who have not had a single moment of quietude and have endured invasion, terrorism, suicide bombings, and the world’s contempt for decades, have ever longed for anything but peace. 

The cover text is an affront to the most deeply-head Israeli emotion—and I can speak to this as an Israeli native whose extended family all still live there.  For over sixty years, since the United Nations partitioned the British mandate of Palestine into two states, one Arab and one Jewish, the people of Israel have been trying to broker a peace between themselves and the Arab nations.  In declaring its independence on May 14, 1948, Israelis formally reached out to their neighbors:  Within the very text of Declaration is written:

We extend our hand to all neighbouring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighbourliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land. The State of Israel is prepared to do its share in a common effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East.”

Where is there even a remotely similar outreach or pronouncement in the archives of any Arab state or in the Palestinian Charter?  All that is offered from that side is the hope of destroying Israel, eliminating its population, drowning its children in the Mediterranean Sea.

Hoping desperately for peace, taking unheard of risks for it, Israel remains the only party in the conflict to have ever returned land (as in, the Sinai, twice), or even enter repeatedly in discussions with its sworn enemies that begin with the notion that Israel must divvy up its own capital city?   

At this very moment, the Prime Minister of Israel has entered (yet again) into multilateral talks with the Palestinians—flanked at the White House by the leaders of Egypt and Jordan as well.  The photo-ops captured the irony and the truth:  Israel, alone, singular, at risk, among a roomful of Arab leaders who have not accomplished together what the Jewish state has done better than all of them combined—gather in exiles, plant trees, and pray to bring its children-soldiers home at last.

Rabbi Kamin is a freelance writer based in San Diego


Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, February 4, 1955, Part 3

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Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

As the Psychologist Sees You
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 5

Irving Stone

By Irving R. Stone, Psychological Consultant

New Hope for the Mentally Ill – Much has been written about the important field of mental hygiene and the great strides which have been made toward the prevention of mental illness.  Yet, not enough has appeared in print about an important consequence of the work in the field of psychiatry.  I refer to the great strides that have been accomplished in the area of rehabilitation.

Too often we have given the impression that we are accomplishing great improvements in our techniques of prevention but once the patient enters a mental hospital there is little hope for him, anhd his family should expect him to remain there for the balance of his life. This is far from the truth and I should like to dwell on this “New Hope for the Mentally Ill.”

During the period of 1926-33 the expected rate of recovery was between 39 and 41%, with some illnesses being quite high on the recovery rate and others extremely low in either recovery or improvement.  Today, the figures are far more encouraging with some illnesses that formerly had only a 50% improvement rate now being as high as 760 to 80%.  Moreover, these results were achieved within a period of two to three months of starting treatment.  In many of the illnesses the recovery rate has been almost doubled.

The trend throughout the nation is to shorten the stay of patients in mental hospitals and to strive for either early discharge or else to place the patient either on a leave status, where he returns to the community under supervision or else to place the patient in a sheltered work placement.  The latter is an intermediate step between the hospital and his own community. Through the introduction of special treatments such as electric shock therapy or insulin therapy and psychosurgery, as well as the more conventional techniques of psychotherapy, group therapy, and play therapy, much has been accomplished.  New drugs are being studied and they offer some promise of being of value in further treatment.

Perhaps the major factor in the recovery rate has been the early diagnosis and treatment which was not possible in past years. Research has shown that the recovery rate and hospitalization stay is much more satisfactory when treatment is started early in the onset of the illness. We have come a long way in our task of giving new hope for the mentally ill. The future looks even brighter.

Hadassah Plans Fun
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 5

Be a Winnah!  Pay that woman in the balcony… The Hadassah Luncheon meeting, February 16th, 12 o’clock, will be an afternoon of fu with cash and handsome prizes available to all.

Hadassah Supplies (which will be in charge of this luncheon meeting) were formerly aided and abetted by “baby or linen showers” and the contributions were sent on to Israel.  Now, in view of the fact that Israel buyi8ng power can produce far greater results, the “showers” have been discontinued for fund raising devices.

Hadassah supplies chairman, Mrs. R.W. Smith and Mrs. D. Horowitz, promise something different in the way of a luncheon, which will be a catered affair.

A beautiful handmade white and silver stole, made by Mrs. Libby Smith, will be offered as the “prize de resistance” of the afternoon.

Please call in your reservations to Mrs. Lenny Pearl, AT 1-3289.

Bring your friends for a truly enjoyable afternoon.

City of Hope Holds Installation Feb. 12
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 5

The 27th Installation of officers of the City of Hope Auxiliary will be held at the S.D. Club on Tuesday, feb. 12th, at 12 noon.  Rose Bertram, National Director of Auxiliaries, will be our Installing Officer and a young Hollywood starlet who appeared on the “Margie” TV program will be our guest artist.

Mrs. Jeremiah Aronoff, Chairman of our Installation, urges everyone who wishes to attend the Installation luncheon to phone in their reservation as soon as possible with one of the following: Esther Schwartz, JU 2-1846; Bertha Rassin, JU 2-2029; Jennie Siner, AT 1-1136; Ruth Aronoff, CY 6-3225.

Officers and Chairmen who will serve in 1955 are: Hon. Pres, Mrs. Louis Addleson; President, Mrs. Elias Berwin; 1st Vice-Pres, Mrs. Sol Gotkin; 2nd Vice Pres., Mrs. Bill Schusterman; 3rd Vice Pres., Mrs. Zel Camiel; Treas., Mrs. Sam Resnick, Record Sec’y, Mrs. David Schwartz, Social Sec’y, Mrs. David Friedman; Financial Sec’y, Mrs. Herbert Borner; Councilor, Mrs. Jennie Siner; Publicity, Mrs. Zel Camiel; Public Relations, Mrs. Sam Brooks; Luncheon Chairmen, Mesdames Wm. Tappan and Isaac Barr; Tel. Chairman, Mrs. Wm. Tappan; Trustees, Mesdames Sylvia Adler, Jeremiah Aronoff, Becky Bard, Jennie Bloomfield, Rose Briskman, Harry Douglas, Anna Epstein, Niel Himmel, Benjamin Kilkey, Goldie Kitaen, Louis Lazarowitz, Abe Miroff, Morris Penn, Paul Roth and Max Strauss.

(Mind Mortgage)
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 5

Any person who accepts favors from others is placing a mortgage on his peace of mind.

Women’s Auxiliary Home for the Aged
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 5

At the next regular March meeting of the Women’s Auxiliary nominations for officers will be accepted from the floor. Election of officers will take place in April.

An innovation was tried at the Home for the Aged recently. Guests are being entertained in private homes. They had a lovely time at the home of Mrs. Morris Fried, at Pt. Loma.  Mrs. Paul Cudney has already invited the old folks for their next “going-out party. If you wish to extend your hospitality contact President Frances Moss and she will be happy to make all arrangements.

A reminder to those who wish to honor or commemorate an occasion… Five and Ten-Dollar Bricks for the new Home may be purchased through Flora Barze, CY 8-3164.  The new building will be completed by the end of the summer.

Charles C. Dail
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 5

Councilman Charles C., Dail, candidate for mayor, has been a resident of San Deigo since 1935 and a member of the City Council since 1942.

Dail is 46 years old and was born in Kansas Cityk, Kansas.

Charitable institutions have always found a warm response from Dail, who was stricken with polio at the age of five, and as a result of which was found physically disqualified during World War II.

Always active in Civic affairs, Dail’s real interest in San Deigo has been its growth.  He has served as president of the Council of Chambers of Commerce and Civic Clubs. He was president of the San Diego Exchange Club in 1951, and is at present president of the park West Civic Club. He is a Mason and belongs to the Silvergate Lodge, F. and A.M.

Dail is owner of the Charles C. Dail Co. established in 1941—a general insurance agency at 2406 FRifth Avenue.

(Judging People)
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 5

People cannot be judged by what others say about them, but can be judged by what they say about others.

Beth Jacob Youths Plan Installation
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 6

The B.J. Y.L. decided to change the age limits of the group to 14 for the girls and 15 for the boys until high school graduation. At this meeting, the elections of officers took place.  Newly elected officers and appointed chairmen are: Dick Bart, Pres; Louie Lewkowicz, V. Pres., Sonia Weitzman, Corr. Sec; Ruth Moskowicz, Rec. Sec; Pierre Lewkowicz, Treas; Shelly Hafner, Sgt. At Arms; Margie Lowitz, Program Chairman; Bunny Brisker, Refireshment Chairman and Elaine Berman, Decoration Chairman.

A snow party is being planned for Feb. 13, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  The price will be $1.25 for members.  Bring your lunch and meet at the Beth Jacob. Everyone within the new age limits is urged to come in and join the fun. For reservations, call CY 6-2905 so a seat on the bus can be reserved for you.

The installation of officers will take place on Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. at the Beth Jacob Center. Adults as well as teen-agers are cordially invited to attend. Refreshments and dancing will follow the installation until 11 p.m.

Temple Teens
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 6

The Temple Teens, of Beth Israel, are having a Valentine Ball. Their members extend an invitation to all the Teens in Town regardless of which Temple or Synagogue you go to.

The time is 7:30 until 10:30 p.m…. the date is Feb 5. .. the place is Beth Israel’s Temple HNouse … dress sport …with extra special refreshments.

Dr. Harris Talks to Couples Club
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 4, 1955, Page 6

The next meeting and social of the Couples Club will be held on Saturday, February 19th, at 8 p.m. at Tifereth Israel Center. Dr. Daniel Harris, Psychologist, will give another talk before the Couples Club. His topic will be “Jealousy in the Home.”

In conjunction with this talk, they are planning a Valentine Party. A warm and sincere welcome is extended to and awaits all newcomers. For further information concerning the above social call Abe Sandler CO 4-6743.

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