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San Diego Jewish World will pause for Rosh Hashanah

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SAN DIEGO—Along with most of our readers, the staff and contributors to San Diego Jewish World will pause for Rosh Hashanah on Wednesday evening (U.S. Pacific Coast time), September 8, and will resume their work after sundown Thursday, Sept. 9.  (Some of us will observe a second day of the Holy Day as well.)

Co-publishers Donald and Nancy Harrison extend to all their readers, to fellow writers and contributors, and to the Jewish community at large a fervent wish that this new year will bring peace in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, and that, on a more personal level, the New Year will be for all of us—Jew and Gentile alike–healthy, happy and prosperous.

L’shana tova!

Obama says progress made in first round of Mideast talks

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From Left: Mubarak, Netanyahu, Obama, Abbas, Abdullah (White House photo)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJC)–Following a first round of direct talks between the Israeli and Palestinian leadership, US President Barack Obama said that parties were making progress on the Middle East peace process. He also said the talks were productive, but gave no specific details.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ended Thursday’s meeting in Washington with an agreement to talk again on 14 and 15 September, and every two weeks thereafter, fast-tracking a peace push that is one of Obama’s top priorities. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordanian King Abdullah were also in the US capital to take part in the direct talks, the first since Prime Minister Netanyahu took office 18 months ago.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged both sides to overcome the final obstacles to peace, saying their new talks may be a last chance to end the conflict. Clinton told reporters that skepticism and suspicion could not be allowed to derail the talks as has happened so many times in the past.

“It is clear to me that the forces of growth and positive energy are in a conflict with the forces of destruction and negativity. And the United States wants to weigh in on the side of leaders and people who see this as maybe the last chance for a very long time to resolve this.”

Clinton has in the past described the rising risks both sides face, saying “the dynamics of demography, ideology and technology” threaten to produce more extremist groups with better weapons dedicating to a violent solution to the conflict. She said it was important both sides now take concrete steps to improve conditions on the ground, particularly in areas where Palestinians and Israelis come into direct contact. “So the checkpoints, the roadblocks, all of the daily challenges that we know affect the Palestinians, are certainly on the agenda,” Clinton said.

“I think the political negotiations need to be matched with changes on the ground, and confidence-building and interactions between Israelis and Palestinians.” Clinton acknowledged the challenges ahead for both Abbas and Netanyahu, but said both leaders realized the imperative for their peoples to find a solution. “These two men, perhaps for different reasons, may be the two who can actually do this,” she said.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that his Yisrael Beiteinu party would try to block any extension of the moratorium on construction in West Bank settlements. Lieberman said the Israeli government must keep its promise to voters that the ten-month building moratorium, declared last November, would end as scheduled at the end of the month. “A promise is a promise,” Lieberman told ‘Israel Radio’.

“We will not agree to any extension. I promise that if there’s a proposal that we don’t accept it will not pass,” he added. However, in a sign that a compromise was possible Lieberman told the newspaper ‘Yediot Ahronot’ that he would not quit the coalition even if he does not get his way. “We will not leave or bring down the government. We will fight from the inside for what we believe,” he declared. He also voice skepticism regarding the possibility of a peace agreement within the next twelve months.

Meanwhile, President Abbas has made it clear that he would not continue with peace talks if Israeli settlement construction resumes.

Preceding provided by World Jewish Congress

Germany’s President Wulff inaugurates Mainz synagogue

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MAINZ (WJC)–German President Christian Wulff has inaugurated a new synagogue in the city of Mainz, on the very site where Nazis destroyed the previous one more than 70 years ago.

“Exactly 98 years after the opening of the last major synagogue in Mainz, the Jewish community once again will have an architectural and religious center,” Wulff said at the official ceremony.  Wulff spoke of “a small miracle.” The ”revival of Jewish life in Germany is continuing” thanks to the new synagogue, he said, calling it a “blessing for our country, a blessing for Germany.”

Cologne architect Manuel Herz designed the US$ 13 million modern structure, which seats some people, and inscribed five Hebrew letters forming the word ‘Kedushah’ (holiness). The previous synagogue was burnt during the ’Kristallnacht’ pogrom in November 1938.  Mainz was considered a center for Jewish culture for centuries, and some 2,600 Jews lived there in 1933, when Adolf Hitler rose to power. More than half of them perished in death camps. 

Preceding provided by World Jewish Congress

Lauder lauds Jewish revival in Germany

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LEIPZIG, Germany (WJC)–Two Orthodox rabbinical students have been ordained by the Rabbinical Seminary Berlin in the eastern German city of Leipzig. Both men were trained at the seminary, located in the German capital and supported by the foundation of World Jewish Congress.

The seminary is the successor to the institution founded by Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer in 1873 in Berlin and shut down by the Nazis in 1938. “Judaism is alive and well in Germany,” WJC President Ronald Lauder said during the ceremony. The head of the German Jewish community and vice-president of the WJC, Charlotte Knobloch, praised the contribution of eastern European Jewish immigrants to Jewish life in Germany, which was now there to stay.

Shlomo Afanasev was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where he studied financial management and accounting. He will be working for the Jewish communities in the state of Brandenburg. Moshe Baumel’s family immigrated to Germany from Lithuania in 1991. He will be rabbi and director of Jewish studies at the Zwi-Peres-Chajes School of the Jewish Community of Vienna, Austria. In addition to pursuing ordination, Baumel has studied art history and antiquities.

Preceding provided by World Jewish Congress

Mass shofar blowing on Tuesday will call for peace

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LA JOLLA (Press Release)–Members of the San Diego Israel Coalition will gather at Congregation Beth El Tuesday for a 10 a.m demonstration that the Jewish community supports peace in the Middle East.

The theme will be sounded with a mass shofar-blowing in the courtyard of the Conservative congregation at 8660 Gilman Drive.

“The shofar is the most common symbol of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year and beginning of the High Holiday season, which begins at sunset Wednesday September 8,” said Audrey Jacobs, a co-chair of the San Diego Israel Coalition. 

“Jews blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah as a spiritual and intellectual ‘wake up’ call to examine our actions, and commit to personal improvement in the new year.  The SDIC ‘Shofar for Israel’ gathering is a symbolic call to all people of goodwill here, in the Middle East and around the world to renew our commitment and efforts to pursue peace in the Middle East in the coming year. ”

Preceding based on material provided by the San Diego Israel Coalition

Abbas tells Palestinians he won’t give up their principles

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By Ira Sharkansky

Ira Sharkansky

JERUSALEM –Israeli media are quoting comments made by Mahmoud Abbas, that the Palestinians will not give up any of their principles in dealing with the Israelis. Among the items he considers cardinal are refugees, the 1967 borders, and the presence of Israeli civilian or military personnel in Palestine. Pressure on those issues, he says, will cause him to walk out of the talks.  

Mr Abbas should know that Israelis also have some principles. The most prominent may be the Land of Israel, a principle that has been in existence for something like 3,000 years. The Palestinians have thought of themselves as a nation for about 100 years. However, one wonders about the solidity of that concept due to fighting between political factions, clans, Muslim extremists and others, as well as the pressure of Muslims that turned Christian Palestinians into a stream of outward migrants.
Like all principles, the Land of Israel has its problems, but it is not hard to find interpretations that it does not leave much room for Palestine, or too many Palestinians.
Israelis have pretty much given up any insistence on their monopolistic control of the Land of Israel. The point is, they expect Palestinians to be equally flexible about what they claim to be their principles. If not, there is little purpose in negotiating. The coming year, which is the Obama administration’s idealized timetable, will not be an exercise in Israeli surrender, or Israeli flexibility and Palestinian steadfastness.
Israelis generally recognize that as the stronger power they are expected to be more forthcoming than their weaker neighbors. But within limits. 
There will have to be a better deal for those 50-60,000 Jews living in the West Bank beyond the security barrier  than for the 8,500 Jews withdrawn from Gaza in 2005. The Palestinian response to that move has not made many Israelis keen to move tens of thousands.
And those refugees who claimed to have been pushed out by the Israelis in 1948, as well as their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren will have to get use to living where they are, or go someplace else. A few may be let back in as a gesture when everything else is settled, but by that time there won’t be many of the original refugees left. There is not much inclination to make gestures toward those claiming to be descendants of refugees. 
There will be some who say that Abbas’ comments are meant for home consumption. He must know that he will have to be flexible with Israel under the eyes of the American and European observers.
Such an excuse is just as troubling as his comments. The Palestinians have been investing in the demonization of Israel for more than 60 years. Incitement continues in their schools and mosques, and may enjoy only occasional pauses in the mass media controlled by Fatah when it suits party leaders. If there is no preparation of the Palestinian public about the need to rethink their principles there will be little prospect of a deal anytime in the near or not so near future.
Other signs suggest that this appears to be an ideal time for negotiations. They include Netanyahu’s strength, the lessons of flexibility he has learned, plus the support for accommodation that appears among some of his leading party colleagues and even more so in the parliamentary opposition, plus the persistence of Barack Obama, and the relative prosperity in both Israel and the West Bank. 
Without Palestinian flexibility, the stars may not align so favorably for many years. This might be their last chance. 
Some years ago Anwar Sadat indicated that the last Egyptian had given his life for the sake of Palestine. While Palestinians figure prominently in the mantras recited by rulers throughout the Muslim world, they have not had significant military help since 1967. The Yom Kippur War of 1973 was not aimed at helping Palestinians, but at regaining Syrian and Egyptian territory. Occasional efforts coming out of Lebanon and Gaza have resulted in devastation in those places rather than in Israel. The aid provided by the United Nations, Europeans and Americans is best described as political lip service and a level of welfare assistance that has reinforced a culture of helplessness.
Palestinians should recognize that most nations do not have their own state. There is not much between their present condition and that of the Kurds, Druze, Basques, Catalonians, Welsh, Corsicans, and who knows how many African tribes who maintain their own languages, but are powerless outsiders in countries ruled by others. 
Bombast will not give the Palestinians their own state. Political savvy would be better. 

Sharkansky is professor emeritus of political science at Hebrew University.

Research sub Nautilus to explore Mediterranean floor

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HAIFA (Press Release)–A unique and first of its kind project has set sail from the coast of Haifa. The Nautilus – a research ship owned by oceanographer Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the RMS Titanic – has set out on a voyage to research the sea floor off the coast of Israel, in those areas in which Israel has rights (which reach beyond the territorial waters).

Heading this expedition are marine researchers from the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa.

Nautilus is a research ship fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for sea-floor research, and includes diving robots, elaborate control rooms and more. Taking Ballard’s place as captain of the ship on this voyage is Israel Prize winner and Director of the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, Prof. Zvi Ben-Avraham. He will be heading the ship over the coming two weeks, during which time the team will study the Mediterranean floor. Prof. Ben-Avraham, along with the School’s scientists, mapped out each and every step of this expedition.

“This unique collaboration gives expression to the central emphasis that the University of Haifa has decided to place on marine research, a resource that promises many discoveries in a variety of areas: economy, medicine, energy, biology, and more. The future is in the sea and this voyage is a first step towards understanding the mystery of a region that is so close to us yet still so far and unknown,” said Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, President of the University of Haifa.

Preceding provided by the University of Haifa

Jews Down Under~Roundup of Australian Jewish News

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Garry Fabian

Compiled by Garry Fabian

Ex PM’s love for Israel still steadfast

MELBOURNE, 2 September – Formet Prime Minister
John Howard was among firm friends on Sunday night at Lincoln of Toorak, delivering the keynote address at a tribute dinner for Isi and Naomi Leibler.

Acknowledged by Isi as “the statesman who displayed the greatest support for Israel of the time”, the former Liberal prime minister gave some insights.

“It is true that in my time as prime minister I stuck up for Israel  because I thought it was right to do so, because I thought the homeland established for the Jewish people is their right.

“It still amazes me how undeniably reluctant so many countries are to recognise the fundamental right of Israel to exist.”

The former PM was introduced by master of ceremonies Sam Lipski at a recent
community function as a public figure with “a Yiddishe kop [Jewish head on his shoulders]”, which he described as a talent for thinking laterally  and never giving up.

Australia’s second-longest serving prime minister recalled spending time with the Leiblers at a 1988 concert in Melbourne honouring Soviet Refuseniks, who Isi helped take to Israel.

And in a nod to recent political developments, Howard lamented he could no longer call himself “immediate past prime minister”.

Then he turned to the guests of honour.  ­ Naomi was feted for her world presidency of Emunah, particularly its Neve Michael children’s village in Pardes Chana, and Isi won plaudits for decades of service to Australian and world Jewry ­ and paid tribute to the couple as “two remarkable members of the world Jewish community”.

Earlier, Isi recalled his trip with the then Australian prime minister to Ramallah in 2000, when the Oslo Agreement still had currency.

Isi received an unwelcome embrace from Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat, whom he had railed against throughout his years as the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s terrorist chieftain.

Afterwards, Isi had privately expressed scepticism to Howard about those peace overtures, and was struck by the Australian leader’s “principled approach and friendship”.

“I will never forget John Howard’s response,” said Isi, quoting the former Australian leader.

“‘If Arafat reneges on his commitment,’ he said, ‘the people of Israel and the Australian Jewish community should rest assured that I will not let them down’.”

Seven decades in the blue

MELBOURNE, 3 September – A book celebrating the history of Habonim Dror in Australia will be written to capture 70 years of memories from the Zionist youth movement. The initiative was announced at recent celebrations held to mark the movement’s seven decades.

Judy Becher, a former Habo leader, explained that the idea for the book was born at the celebrations when the microphone was passed around for people to share their stories.

“It was so clear that there were generations of Habo stories and memorabilia that are languishing around in the community,” she said. “A decision was made to write a book celebrating the history of Habonim in Australia, and capturing these wonderful memories that were bursting out of the audience.”

Hundreds of people involved with the movement over its 70 years packed Caulfield Town Hall recently, among them Israeli Ambassador Yuval Rotem, local Members of Parliament and Jewish leaders.

Master of ceremonies John Lawrence called on the audience to raise their hands if they had married someone from within the movement, with Becher saying that about half the people in the room responded.

Co-founder Shmuel Rosenkranz mentioned this achievement when he spoke about the movement, which he established together with Isaac Roseby and Gedalia Perl.

“He said he had always thought that it was important to have a place where kids could go to connect with their Jewish ideals and with Israel, and that was the the aim of the founders. But at that evening, when he heard stories of the marriages and multiple generations in families brought into existence by Habo, and was congratulated on the community he, in effect, established, he remarked that the development of
a community was something he had never thought of before,” Becher said, adding that he was “overwhelmingly touched” by the notion.

The 91-year-old community stalwart recounted stories about the movement and its origins. Many in the audience were also from this first Habo generation, enjoying the night with their grandchildren.


AJAX Reaches for the ultimate prize

MELBOURNE,  3 September – AJAX football Club  has advanced to the second round of finals, courtesy of a resounding 11-goal win over Old Camberwell in the first semifinal 15.17 (107) to 6.5 (41) at Trevor Barker Oval on Sunday.

The Jackas put on a flawless display to brush aside the fourth-placed finisher, the likes of Warren Steinberg, Danny Weislitzer and Geoff Measey putting on a superlative display. The midfield returned to its attacking best with Ari Lewski winding back the clock, while Jake Lew and Jason Seidl provided plenty of options up
forward, kicking six majors between them. Ajax led the battle from the first siren, and will now face Beaumaris, which finished the regular season in second on the ladder, in a do-or-die preliminary final on Sunday.

Lew opened the scoring, thanks to a terrific assist from Jason Ritterman, and Eugene Routman quickly added another with a perfect left-foot snap. The Jackas controlled all the possession early and used the ball cleanly. Nick Marks converted from well outside 50, and Ajax might have streaked ahead further if not for some missed opportunities in front of goal. At the break, Ajax led by 15 points.

The Jackas lifted their work rate in the second term, kicking six unanswered goals in an excellent performance. Ben Hershan opened the floodgates with a great individual display, chasing, tackling and finishing truly. Lew slotted two for the quarter, and Ben Kalmus, Daniel Freed and Routman also added to the scoreboard, extending the lead to 59 points at the main break.

The midfield continued its dominance in the second half, winning most of the clearances and hitting up the forwards. Seidl took a couple of great contested marks, goaling twice from the boundary line, as Lew put through his fourth for
the day. Old Camberwell kicked two late majors, as the game began to heat up, with numerous scuffles breaking out around the ground.

The Jackas kept providing entertainment for the parochial crowd in the last quarter, Routman finishing off a great team play, and Freed roving a goal at full speed. Old Camberwell slotted late consolation goals, but tit was too little too late.

The Under-19s bowed out of their finals campaign, losing by seven goals to St Kevin’s, 6.7 (43) to 13.11 (89).

Stuart Fayman and Josh Berlinski attacked the footy hard all day, and Joel Gocs and Jesse Strauch put in solid performances in defence.

After putting through the opening two goals of the game through Matt Nissen and Michael Seltzer, St Kevins’ midfield started to get on top, kicking the next four. Josh Berlinski and Adam Caplan reduced the deficit in the second term, but at half time the margin was back out to four goals.

Richie Simons provided the only spark for the final term with a top mark and goal, as the side sank to a 46-point, season-ending loss.

Australia condemns West bank attacks

CANBERRA, 3 September – Australia’s Foreign Minister Stephen Smith used tough words to criticise this week’s Kiryat Arba terrorist attack.

“Can I condemn in the strong possible terms the brutal killings of four Israelis by terrorists in Hebron on 31 August,” he told journalists.

The Hamas military wing, the Kassam Brigades, claimed responsibility for the gunfire attack on Route 60, which killed four people from the town of Beit Hagai.

Smith, who spoke in the context of Australia’s long-standing bipartisan approach to the Middle East peace process during the current local political limbo, said the attack was aimed at disrupting the path to peace.

“Australia welcomes very much the resumption of the peace process with direct talks between Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu and President [Mahmoud] Abbas, but we condemn absolutely the senseless slaying of four Israelis, including a pregnant woman.”

New plots at oldest cemetery

MELBOURNE, 6 September – It was a plot sell-out at the Melbourne General Cemetery last week, after 12 new grave sites were released to the Jewish community.

The $26,000 price tag did not deter keen purchasers, eager to  follow family traditions and buy their place at the historic Carlton burial place.

“Victorian Jewry has a lot of history associated with the Carlton cemetery, it was heartwarming to see the response from our community, and we at the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha (MCK) were privileged to be able to facilitate the purchases,” MCK director Ephraim Finch stated.

MCK general manager Fred Grossman attributed the sell-out to the personal connection many purchasers had with the cemetery, having family members buried there or having lived in the Carlton area.

“People understood it was a scarce commodity, a once-in-their-lifetime opportunity,” Grossman said.

According to the MCK, enquiries are still being made with the Jewish burial society regarding the availability of plots at Carlton and other traditional cemeteries including Fawkner, Brighton and St Kilda.

The MCK received more calls than the 12 available plots and Grossman and Finch met with interested purchasers and took the opportunity to interview each to record their family histories in the MCK files.

“This is a unique service that we carry out for the Victorian Jewish community for all funerals we are associated with,” Grossman said, adding that Finch has been recording the community’s history for more than 25 years, including photographing numbered tattoos on Holocaust survivors upon their death.

The 12 plots were made available to the Jewish community after Carlton cemetery administrators made a small amount of extra space available in the Jewish sections. The Jewish burial sites were offered in a separate ballot to the general
community by arrangement between the MCK and Melbourne General Cemetery.


Wishing all readers of San Diego Jewish World a L’Shana Tovah, and well over the last. May the year ahead bring peace in Israel and  Jewish communities around the globe. All the best from “Down Under”

Garry Fabian
San Diego Jewish World Australia Bureau Chief


Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, February 18, 1955, Part 1

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Compiled by San Diego Jewish World Staff

Max Rabinowitz To Lead ’55 UJF Drive
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 1

Max Rabinowitz

Max Rabinowitz, long active in Jewish Community affairs, has accepted the post of General Chairman of the 1955 Combined Jewish Appeal of the United Jewish Fund, Morris Douglas, Fund president, announced.

Goal for the campaign in the amount of $220,000 was agreed upon at the last Fund Board meeting. The 25 percent increase over the amount raised last year is necessary I order to meet 1955 commitments.

Based on $220,000 distribution will be approximately as follows: local agencies, 24 percent; overseas and Israel, 67 percent; national 9 percent.

“I am very happy,” Mr. Douglas said, ”to report to the San Diego community that Max Rabinowitz has agreed to come out of his semi-retirement to once again accept top leadership for our Jewish Community Drive.  This is a very fortunate choice and under his dynamic leadership we may look forward to an enthusiastic and spirited campaign supported by the entire community.”

Mr. Rabinowitz agreed to lead the 1955 effort after a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Fun was presented to him a follows: — “The Jewish Community of San Diego and the Board of Directors of the United Jewish Fund join in urging Max Rabinowitz to honor the Fun by accepting the leadership of the 1955 Combined Jewish Appeal of San Diego: the Fund Board resolves that every member will support him with their finest effort and their best contribution.”

Active in the San Diego Jewish community for many years, Mr. Rabinowitz served as campaign chairman in 1947 and has been a member of the Fund Board for many years. An experienced campaigner, he has held every job from worker to top leadership I Fund drives.  Recently he was a leader in the Food division of the United Success Drive.

In accepting the general chairmanship of the campaign, Mr. Rabinowitz said:

“For nearly a quarter of a century, the Jewish community of San Diego raised funds for Jewish needs everywhere through the Combined All-in-one Drive. This drive is not merely another campaign but  supreme fund raising effort for some fifty agencies and institutions overseas, in Israel, in the United States and in San Diego.”

“Were it not for this United effort, there would be a multitude of campaigns which would quickly demoralize the entire community to the detriment of the many agencies we support through this one drive.”

Because of the incentive plan of pre-campaign allocations, explained further in this edition of the Southwestern Jewish Press, it is anticipated that local organizations having national and overseas affiliations will take much more responsibility for raising money in the 1955 campaign.

Famous Jewish Artists Here in Concert March Sixth
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 1

The Jewish Labor Committee will present a group of artists of the Jewish stage on March 6th, 7:00 p.m., at the Beth Jacob Center.  An evening of Jewish humor, songs and entertainment will reward those who attend.

Dora Kalinova is a famous European actresss-singer; Shmuel Faber, an outstanding character-comedian from Israel, and Pola Kadison, a well known concert pianist.  These talented artists are making every effort to keep alive the great traditions of the Jewish stage for the American Jewish community since the great centers of Jewish life have been wiped out.

For an evening of nostalgic Jewish humor, drama and songs, don’t miss this outstanding event,.

Make your reservations early by calling Ben Feinberg, BE-3-5525 or BE -2-3524; Morris Penn, HU 8-5906; Sandor Goldberger, AT-2-2244.

Fashion Show Slated By Council Of Jewish Women March 1st
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 1

“Through the Looking Glass” into a “Wonderland of Fashion” is the theme for the Fashion Show and Luncheon to be given by National Council of Jewish Women on Tuesday, March 1st, at 12 o’clock, noon, at Mission Valley Country Club.   Assisting will be Mmes. Ray Lieberman, Milton Effron (decoration chairman), Robert Kaplan, Ben Lemson, Hugh Wolfe, Wm. Kenton, L. Richmond and Allen Price; invitation chairman, Mrs. Morton Kantor.  Members of the Glee Club who will participate are Mmes Edward Merkin, chairman; Leo Sarfan, Sidney Silverman, Robert Beitcher.  Lyrics were written by Evie Greich, Dorothy Merkin and Ronda Furgatch.  Molly Morse will be commentator for the Fashion Show. Mrs. Burton Ross is in charge of the models who will be drawn from the Council membership.

Props used in the decoration were furnished through the courtesy of American Housing Guild; manikin was furnished through the courtesy of Chenkin’s Children’s Shop.

The luncheon will feature exotic Polynesian dishes. Make reservations now with Mrs. Fritz Lavendar, BE 9-6712.  Admission will be $2.00, with a bundle for the Thrift Shop, and $2.50 without a bundle.

Council has designated March as “Thrift Shop Month” and all proceeds from this event will be turned over to this project.  Chairman in charge of “Thrift” is Mrs. Alex Wise.

Overflow Attendance At Levenon Funeral
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 1

The Jewish Community mourned the passing of Morey S. Levenson, attorney, former city official and civic leader.  Services were held Sunday, Feb. 13, at Temple Beth Israel, conducted by Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, assisted by Cantor Julian Miller.

In addition to his many civic interest, Morey Levenson was chairman of the Jewish Community Relations Council; a member of the board of the United Jewish Fund; the Home for the Aged; the Federation of Jewish agencies and a past president of Lasker Lodge B.B.

He is survived by his wife, Gladys, his son Barry, his brother and law partner, Eli, and an uncle, Its Penter.

New Subscribers
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 1

Marvin Baranov
Ralph Cohen
Dr. Daniel Harris
John F. Kurbitz
Dr. Philip Rand
Roslyn Steffel

Labor Zionist Organizations To Meet With West Coast Regional Director
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 1

Rabbi Yosef Miller, western regional director of the Poale Zion Organization will be a guest in San Diego, from Feb. 17th to 20 inclusive.  His visit is being made in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Labor Zionist movement in the United States, the month of February having been designated as “Membership Month.”

The following program has been scheduled:

Friday, Feb. 18th—Beth Jacob Synagogue at 8 p.m. Rabbi Miller will conduct the services to be followed by an Oneg Shabbot planned by the Pioneer Women Organization in his name.

Saturday, Feb. 19th –Open meeting at the home of Mr. and MRs. George Alpert , 4044 Illinois St. at 8 p.m.  This meeting is being sponsored by the Ben Zvi Poale Zion.

Sunday, Feb. 20th – Chaim Weizmann Labor Zionist Branch will hold a cultural meeting at the Tifereth Israel Center at 7:30 p.m. Rabbi Miller will be guest speaker, the latest Israeli moving picture will be shown after which a social and refreshments will follow. There will be no admission charge.

Betrothal Announced
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 2

Shirley Mae Sarfan

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sarfan of 4660 E., Talmadge Dr. announce the betrothal of their daughter, Shirley Mae, to Jordan Norman Lansky, son of Mrs., Rose Domnitz and Sam Lansky.  The young couple plan a summer wedding.

Shirley was graduated from Hoover High and studied at Woodbury College, L.A.  Jordan was graduates from san Diego High and State College where affiliated with Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 2

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Applebaum of Sharon, Penna, were houseguests of Rabbi and Mrs. Morton J. Cohn.  Dr Appelbaum admitted that he was flattered when two former patients from the East, whom he hasn’t seen for over 15 years, recognized him in downtown San Diego.  Mrs. Applebaum, sister of MRs. Cohn, attended the National Sisterhood Convention, in Los Angeles, as a delegate from Sharon.

The Maxell Kaufmans unearthed a heap of old memories when they were packing to move recently.  One of these issuers there will be a “ten years ago today” column. The Kaufmans’ new address is 5715 Montezuma Rd., Apt. 1.

Visitors Feted – Mrs. Kate Silverglade, aunt of Gertrude Harris, spent three weeks with her niece in San Diego on a merry round of luncheons and dinners. Hostesses were Mesdames Harry Townes, Harry Rose, Geo. Solomon, David Millsberg, Joe Goldhammer, Ben Rothman, Wm. Gordon, L. Levitt, Harry Stone, Sam Solomon, Jane Drexler and Essie Ehrlich.

Mrs. Silverglade, who resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a member of theBoard of Directors for the City of Hope and will visit that institution before returning home.


Thank You – Mrs. Robert Miller wishes to thank her many friends for their kindness during her recent illness.
Mr. Victor Weiss wishes to thank his many friends for their thoughtfulness during his recent hospitalization.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Gotkin, Mr. and MRs. J.N. Medak and Mr. and Mrs. L. Backman wish to thank all the organizations and friends for their thoughtfulness during their recent bereavement over the deth of Mrs. Gotkin’s mother, Ida Sklar, at Ocean Park, Calif., on Jan. 28th.

Sought – Esther Grunbaum, Haifa, Israel born 1928 in Bacau, Roumania; daughter of Israel an Malka Grunberg; seeks a friend, Itsi9g Pinetzki, born in Radau, Poland. Believed to reside in California.  In 1947, Esther Grunbaum was in a camp in Italy with the person sought.

Stan Camiel brought three fraternity brothers home at the recent semester break, to meet his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zel Camiel, and enjoy some San Diego hospitality.

Mrs. Libbie Braverman, eminent author, lecturer and authority on Jewish Education, who flew West to attend the Convention of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, took time out to speak to and inspire the members of the Beth Israel Sisterhood at their last meeting.

Friends of Paul Kaufman will be glad to know that he has been accepted by Reed College, in Portland. He began his studies there on Feb. 1st, majoring in political science and journalism.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mandell plan to tour fifteen countries including Israel, during their six months’ trip.  They will sail on the SS “America” on March 25th.

Dr. and MRs Seymour Kuntz will attend the 50th Annual Convention of the Californioa Optometric Association, being held in Fresno on February 18th.

Hostess of the Month Chosen by USO-JWB
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 2

Dorothy Hess, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hess of La Mesa, was chosen “Junor Hostess of the Month” for February, it was announced by Mrs. Joseph Kaplan, Chairman of the Senior Sponsor-Junior Hostess Sub-Committee of USO-Jewish Welfare Board.

Presentation was made by AK An Kenneth Weiss, the serviceman who has attended USO-JWB affairs for the longest period of time. Miss Hess will further be honored by having her picture on a poster in the Temple lobby for the entire month.

Each month a Junior Hostess will be so honored. Junior Hostess service is open to young ladies in the age group 17 to 25.  Further information can be had by contacting the USO-JWB office at Belmont 9-3712, or Mrs. Kaplan at Atwater 2-5136.

Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 2

Wanted – Middle-aged woman to share nice apartment for companionship – North Park. Call AT 4-2798,

Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 2

21st – Mon., 8 p.m. – National JWVA Prexy, speaker at Meeting – War Memorial Bldg.

1st –Tues—Council of Jewish Women Luncheon – Fashion Show – Mission C.C.

5th—Sat, 7:30 p.m. – Pioneer Purim Ball – Beth Jacob Center.

6th—Sun, 7:30 p.m. – Jewish Artists – Jewish Labor Committee- Beth Jacob Center/

13th – Sun., 5:30 p.m. – Daughters of Israel Purim Dinner and Package Party – Tifereth Center.

27th – Sun, 6 p.m. – Annual Dance of Bay City B.B. Women – Mission C.C.

City of Hope Needs Your Discards
Southwestern Jewish Press, February 18, 1955, Page 2

Why don’t you rummage around through your drawers and throw those old things away that you have been saving and hoping to use perhaps on a rainy day.

“’Cause we got it right from the weather man’s mouth “it ain’t gonna rain no more!” .. and you’ll have more room for those other new things that you’re planning to buy at the store

We’ll pick up anything that others will buy … from Aardvarks to Syzzles –it’s true’  Just give us a buzz and we’ll be delighted to send someone to call upon you!

Phone Jeanne, CY-502566 or Sally, CO-4-0972.


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