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Merel’s on-line ‘Avinu Malkenu’ pleases reader

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Editor, San Diego Jewish World:


Cantor Sheldon Merel

I wanted to hear the music of the High Holidays and found a site by the current Cantor of Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, Canada. It took me back to when Cantor {Sheldon} Merel was the Cantor there, and did a search for anything relating to his music.

I’m listening to the online version of ‘Avinu Malkenu’ at your site, and it takes me back over 30 years! There is no better version than his. (And that includes Barbra Streisand’s version)

When I think of the Holidays, I  always think of Cantor Merel’s rendition of ‘Avinu Malkenu’ and all his other music song during his years at Temple. While I’m no longer a member there, I fondly remember him.

Rhonda B Cohen

Editor’s Note: After serving Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, Cantor Merel became the cantor at Congregation Beth Israel in San Diego.  He is now retired and living in San Diego.

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